Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 40)


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Ragini was at GM
That night sanskar was restless what to do he couldn’t take risk of leaving ragini alone he called swayam
Sanskar: how’s ragini
Swayam: relax she’s fine
Sanskar: what relax having so much security he planned this he can do anything we can’t take any more risk
Sway am: I understand but we have to handle it calmly
Sanskar: what calmly my wife’s life is in danger and u r saying me to calm
Swayam: she’s my sister I am too worried for her as much u are
Sanskar: I am sorry
Swayam: I understand u but plsz understand that our one wrong step can create worse to her plsz
Sanskar: ok did u meet him
Swayam: still not but dadaji and me r trying our best
Sanskar: I trust u ok I’ll talk to u later
At ragini’s room
She was thinking about what to do
Ragini in mind
Why he’s acting I am understanding anything if he’s doing so then he must have a strong reason how can he forget just me if he really lost his memory or I am thinking so much I should conform once before doing anything did he really lose his memory or he’s just acting I should get a strong proof so that he can’t deny and accept that he was acting but what should I do ha idea yeah know wait mr.sanskar maheswari what I do
The next day
Ragini returned MM
She was trying to talk to sanskar but he was avoiding her she was feeling weird
At sanskar room
He was sitting alone doing his work we was sitting on couch ragini entered he looked towards her before he could react she locked the door
Sanskar in mind: did she get doubt oh no what she’s up to
Sanskar: what r u doing he stood form his place
Ragini: can’t u see locking the door
Sanskar: why
Ragini: so that u can’t escape
Sanskar was feeling feared because of her what was she up to
Sanskar: why ………. why should I escape what u want
Ragini: u
Sanskar: what
Ragini: u should answer all my questions
Sanskar: why should I do so
Ragini started moving close to him
Ragini: u have to u had no other option
Sanskar was moving back ragini was coming close to him finally he hitted wall ragini blocked him by her hands he was struck their sanskar heart beat were rising seeing her so close to him he didn’t knew what to do or how to react only one thing was running in his mind that he should escape before she catches his lie he was losing control on himself seeing her close to him he was avoiding eye contact with her
Sanskar: what r u doing
Ragini: what (she said giving naughty smile)
She moved her finger on his face he was numb if he had not done this drama of memory loss then for sure he was not going to leave her control sanskar control he was saying in mind
Sanskar: what r u doing just
Ragini: why what happened to u , you r sweating
She cleans his sweat she was coming more close to him
Sanskar: ragin…………..rajlakshmi stop it
Ragini: why Ur not enjoying it has she gave him teasing smile
Sanskar: areh kuch thoh sharam karo u r married u r troubling a single boy what will ur husband think about u , ur family my family why u want to spoil my reputation
Before he could say anything she placed her finger on his lips
Ragini: shh………….. how much u speak do u don’t get tried
Sanskar removed her finger
Sanskar: let me go
Ragini: why should I
Sanskar: what a girl u r I thought u r innocent but ur
Ragini: what I am
Sanskar: seriously u r too much
Ragini: ha ok I’ll leave but answer my question
Sanskar: what
Ragini: why r u avoiding me from morning
Sanskar: no I am not and if I am then why it bothers u who r u to me
Ragini: it bothers me know say why r u doing so
Sanskar: why it bothers u
Ragini: answer my question why r u doing so
Sanskar: I don’t remember anything like that
He frees himself he moves from their but ragini comes in front of him and blocks him
Ragini: where do u think u r going ha
Sanskar: leave my way
Ragini: not so soon darling
Sanskar tries to escape but he fails she was about to hit a corner of table he quickly pulls her holding her wrist while doing so ragini falls on him with force they both fall on bed sanskar was top of ragini she was shocked by this they were having cute and romantic eye lock her hair strands were on her face sanskar tucked them behind her ear they were lost in each other he leaned close to her he was about to kiss her when his phone beeped he realised that what was he about to do he got up picked the phone and he rushed out before she could react or do anything
Ragini was happy
She sat on bed folding her legs
ragini in mind: so its conform that he’s acting know I should except that from his mouth let me start my plan be ready mr.maheswari u r going to except that u didn’t forget me and u love me
ragini: I love u sanskar
at garden
sanskar was smiling thinking about his stupid wife
sanskar in mind: this girl will surely turn me mad what was she doing I was going to lose my control oh god I should be away from her she can do anything
be ready sanskar beta she’s not going to leave u so easily
his phone again ranged
caller: hello why didn’t u pick my call
sanskar: because of ur sis ragini
caller: matlab
sanskar: I think she got doubt on us
caller: oh no
sanskar: I am worried about it why did she doubt
caller: I am sure because of u only she must have doubted u
sanskar: me what I have done
caller: don’t be so innocent I know u must have done something by which she doubted u
still our actual plan has not started and she already doubted u can’t u control urself I know u love her but for her sake we r doing this
sanskar: see it’s not time to fight did u meet him
caller: ha but still it’s not conformed we need to go hongkong the person who can help us can’t come here it would be risking his life and he may get doubt that we r planning something
sanskar: ok I’ll go
caller: why
sanskar: if I go no one will doubt me I have memory loss I forgot my wife
caller: ok but how
sanskar: I’ll manage that
caller: ok what about di what will u do
sanskar: try to avoid her
caller: so that she doubts u more
sanskar: then what u want me to
caller:I mean ok avoid her but in such a was that she doesn’t doubt u
sanskar: ok know u’ll only tell me how can I do that
caller: that also I should say ok make her busy in work
sanskar: ok’ll see to that
caller: ok take care
he cuts the call
Precap: sanskar trouble increases
Ragini’s plans

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Swayam gadodia: karn vahi swara’s twin brother
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

Credit to: poonam

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