Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 4)


Principle office
Principle: what is these u come here to study not to fight
Swara: sir I am sory the fault was of his
Laksh: sir she is a big lair all these is her fault
Principle:just shut up(in loud tone) before also u both had many fights I warned u but I want to meet ur parents right know call them here
Laksh and swra gets tensed hearing these
Laksh(in his mind oh no if bade papa comes to know about it he will eat me raw what to do)
Swra(oh shut because of these idiot I am in trouble I can’t call ma or dadaji here what shalli do)
Principle: have u not heard call them hear right know
Swra(gets an idea): sir can I call my sister my ma and dadaji will not be able to come
Principle:ok u call her
Laksh will u call ur dad or shall i
Laksh: sir my dad and bade papa r out of town for some meeting I’ll call my bhai
Principle: ok just leave now
Laksh calls sanskar and informs him everything
Swara calls ragini and tell her what happened

Sanskar and ragini comes to clg they move to Principle’s office ragini came a bit early she is sitting in Principle’s office just then sanskar comes with laksh both r shocked to see eachother
Sanskar: she is ur sister
Ragini: yeah
Sanskar sits their
Principle: I think u both came to know what they both did
Ragini: sir I am sure swra has a reason to do so and she informed me that this boy before also tried to filrt with her
Sanskar: excuse me what do u mean by that ha my brother don’t filrt
Ragini: sir wo’s brother is a big flirt the I am sure the brother would be more than him
Laksh and swara were shocked to hear that
Sanskar: I am sure he can never with ur sis
Principle: what do u mean by that mr.sanskar I think u both know eachother before itself
Sanskar: sir who’s elder sis is balck belt in karate do u except that any boy can misbehave with her sis
Swara in her mind how came he know that
Ragini: sir plsz tell these man to not talk about me we came to talk about our silvlings not about us
Sanskar: exactly then no one right to question me also
Ragini: I am saying only truth
Sanskar: I am also saying the same
Ragini: mr.sasnkar u have no right to talk about me mr.sanskar
Sanskar: ragini enough is enough u r speaking verymuch
Principle:enough u forgot that u r in my office know I can see that because of ur hatred ur silblings r fighting just stop u both can leave
Sankar: laksh comes lets move
Ragini: swara chaolo
They both go from their
They were fighting so much loudly that all students were standing near Principle’s office
Sanskar and laksh enters mm
Sanskar Is in anger he quickly goes to his room
Ap: sanskar what happened
he didn’t listen to her
ap:laksh what happened
laksh: badi ma bhai had a fight with a girl
ap: what who’s that
laksh: badi ma I’ll talk to u later
Ragini swra and swayam comes in
Dada: ladoo what happened
Ragini: dadaji time has come let everyone know who is the MD of karama industries
Dada:is everything ok
Ragini: nothing is ok how dare he question on me and talk about my past
Dada:ragini listen cool down ragini listen…………
Ragini in anger goes to her room and quickly lock her in
Swara: dadaji what happened to di why she is in so much anger
Dadaji: don’t worry I’ll see that
Ragini’s room
Ragini calls her PA and tells yes for the interview I’ll do that at GM

Arav comes their
Ap: arav beta what happened to him
Arav: mami don’t worry I’ll talk to him
Ap: don’t know this much anger
Arav: laksh I need to talk to right now come with me
Laksh tells arav everything
Laksh: arav bhai I don’t know why bhai reacted in that way
Arav: u don’t worry I’ll see for that

At sankar’s room
Sanskar is sitting holding a dairy which has ragini’s and his photo in that
Arav come their he see’s sanskar lost in his thoughts
Arav: bro r u ok
Sanskar closes the dairy
Sanskar: yeah I am fine
Arav: is she the same girl
Sanskar: yeah
Arav: omg sanskar u met her and that also with that clash
Sanskar: before that only we had fight so because of frustration all that’
Arav: when how
Sanskar tells him everything except that she was about to cancel deal
Arav: why u went to meet her and that also in her office
Sanskar: woh………………… u leave that I was angry on what she said me at ur office so
Arav: so because of ur anger u made things more complicated right
Sanskar: u know everything then why this question
Arav: r u out of ur mind till know no one has met her no one means no one even they know Karama industries MD as rag nothing more than that about her family also less information and u
Sanskar: what do u mean by that
Arav: bro now she will not sit quite and u tried to black mail her by u both’s past
Sanskar: I had no other option that time
Arav: yeah u had no other option
Arav gets a call he attains that
Arav is shocked after what he heard
Sanskar: what happened
Arav: she is bringing herself in front of world she is going to give a live interview today
Sanskar: what
Arav: yeah she is upto something big know
Sanskar: I need to talk to her
Arav: not know plsz it I’ll make it even more complicated wait what she tells in interview then we’ll decide what to do
Sanskar: we can’t wait
Arav: we have to no other option

Ragini’s PA comes to GM
Dada ji: why r u here
PA:sir ragini mam has asked to arrange for the interview here at GM which she deined first
Dada: ok u do arrangements
Dadaji comes to ragini’s room
Dadaji: why all these ragini
Ragini: to show them that what I am at present to warn that sanskar
Dada: what he done know
Ragini: tells him everything but she doesn’t tell that he tried to black mail her
Dada ji: ragini relax ok u go for interview I am with u
Ragini: thanks a lot to support me
At evening all arrangements r done for interview it is live telecast

Laksh calls everyone especially sanskar to see interview
They all r watching it

Anker: today is a special guest in btw us the MD of karma industries whom we alknow by rag I welcome ragini gadodia hear ragini comes their the anker greets her

Durga parsad is shocked to see her that she is MD of karma industries he looks towards sanskar
Sanskar to looks towards him
Dp: did u meet her
Sanskar: ha……
Dp: anything happened
Sanakra: ha
Ap: ji what’s happening
Dp: sanskar I need to talk to u right know(in loud tone)
Arav: mamaji relax let we see what she tell at present that’s important
Dp agrees to that

Anker: mam till today u didn’t come in front of world then why today this sudden decision
Ragini: to tell somepeople that who am i
Anker: mam I would like to congrats u for ur success one hr ago we got information that ur company is ranked among top 10 companies of india would u like to say anything about it
Ragini: I am ahppy for thati thank all my workers and everyone who worked for it I am grateful to all
Anker: mam whom do u feel ur biggest competitior
Ragini: I don’t consider anyone my competitor I am biggest competitor to all
Anker: mam at young age of 17u handeled the company with ur grandpa and mom how was that experience
Ragini: it was really tough I am geratful to my mom and grandpa that they supported me and the most important the person who ever responsible for my family’s such condition
Anker: mam would u like to say anything about them
Ragini: no but ha I’ll give them my message that what ever they do I’ll success in my intensions
Anker: mam would tell us anything about ur recent clash with mr.sanskar maheswri
Ragini: I would wish to avoid that question
Anker: would u tell us anything about ur journey of success
Ragini tells them about her experience, education and everything
Anker: mam u and sanskar sir completed ur MBA from same clg in London what bond u share
Ragini: if u ask anything professional I’ll be happy to answer but no personal questions plsz
Anker: thank u mam for interview u r legend to all the women’s this show’s women empowerment
The interview is over

Dp:can know we can talk
Arav , sanskar and dp move to study room their sanskar tells him everything
Dp is tensed after knowing everything
Sanskar calls his PA and tells them to inform that their’s a relation btw him and ragini
Sanskar calls ragini
Sanskar: what r u upto
Ragini: do u don’t know I don’t wish to repeat golden words
Sanskar: u have to pay for that
Ragini: we’ll see that

PRECAP: ragsan nokjoh in front of media their past is revealed
New entry ragini’s best frnd……………………………..

Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam de
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Gues plsz plsz……………………………..comment……………………….

Credit to: poonam

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