Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 39)


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The next day
Dadaji had invited everyone for lunch at GM
All maheswari’c came their even kushi’s family was their all were having great time
Sanskar: where’s ragini
Swara: wo ragini di went out for some meeting
Sanskar: oh
All were having lunch a ragini and swara were serving all after that they too joined them ragini was sitting just beside sanskar a peanut dish was brought kushi served that to everyone
When she was serving that to sanskar he thanked her and she even served that to ragini all were unaware about peanuts present in that
Sanskar had a bite
Sanskar in mind: why I am feeling its taste different he had another bite and recognised peanuts present in that then something flashed in his mind ragini allergy towards that but before he could do anything she ate it
He was panic know she started ti breath heavily all rushed to her
Sanskar : ragini ragini open ur eyes
She was half unconscious by know
Ap: what happened to her
Sanskar: their was peanuts in that dish
Kushi: oh no she’s allergic to that
Swara: jiju plsz take her to room
Sanskar picked her in his embrace he carried her to her room
He placed her on bed
Arav: call docter
Laksh : I’ll call
Sanskar: it would be too late
Kushi u know where she kept antidote for this allergy
Kushi: no
Swara: yeah it must be in cupboard let me check
Sanskar: hurry up
Swara was searching for it she got a box
Swara: but I am not understanding which one it is
Sanskar rushed to her
Sanskar found it
He quickly injected it to ragini after some minutes she got consciousness
All got relief
Sanskar: how r u feeling know
Ragini: better
Laksh: but bhai how did u know about antidote
Ragini: ha sanskar how do u know that
Sanskar: wo just when kushi said u have allegry from peanuts I just thought about antidote
Just used my scientific knowledge

Ragini: r u sure
Sanskar: ha rajlakshmi I just guessed
Ragini in mind: how much u’ll lie u called me ragini ur eyes r telling how much u love me the fear of losing me can be clearly seen on ur face
Sanskar in mind: I hope she didn’t doubt me but I am afraid of losing u I love u ragini but I can’t say that to u I have to hurry up I can’t waste anymore time I have to get those profs fast as much I am delaying I am risking ur life
Both were having eye lock it was showing how much pain they both were going through
Swara: but how did peanuts come in that dish
Sumi: all dishes were made by us and we didn’t add them
Arav: I think by mistake it may be added
Dadi: its not possible we don’t have peanuts in our house we don’t even use them as we know how much they r dangerous they r for ladoo
Sanskar: or some one did that intentionally
Swayam: I think by mistake only we should forget about it
Swara: di r u fine
Ragini: umm sory because of me our lunch got spoiled
Ap: nothing like that beta
Dadi: ladoo nothing to worry u r fine na that’s enough
Sujitha: ha chori u take rest
Dp:ok come lets go u have rest
All left sanskar too left he was just seeing her
Sanskar in mind: I want to hug u today again I was feeling has I would lose u I was worried about this only I have to be careful u r surrounded by many problems I should keep u away from those
Sanskar eyes were almost teary he was just staring at her ragini was too seeing in his eyes they had a cute eyelock sanskar left
Ragini in mind: today u again saved me by u called me ragini today u remembered about antidote u fear of losing me by this I am sure u r just acting but why I don’t know but know I want to know and I’ll get the truth out of ur mouth just be ready see what I do know be ready sanskar maheswari u’ll except that u know me u’ll recognise me soon

Precap: ragini making plan to expose sanskar
Sanskar in trouble

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Swayam gadodia: karn vahi swara’s twin brother
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

Credit to: poonam

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