Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 38)


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at karma industries
ragini was really every angry what was happening know she was doubting sanskar because of his behaviour during meeting he was acting very normal as if nothing happened she was worried for him
at MM
all had dinner and were resting in their respective rooms
the next day
all were having break fast in moring sanskar was busy in staring ragini arav noticed that
at hall all were sitting when adarsh came
adarsh took everyone’s blessing
sanskar In mind: why he’s here
adrash:how r u sanskar
sanskar: I am fine by the way who r u
laksh: he’s adarsh
sanskar: adarsh r u rajlakshmi’s husband
adarsh: whose this rajlakshmi
sanskar: ragini’s twin sis
adasrh: what u have a twin sis pointing towards ragini
ragini was pleading him to be quite
adarsh: yeah twin sis
sanskar: so u don’t know rajlakshmi
adarsh: I just came to know now
sanskar: how do u know ragini
arav: he’s ragini’s frnd and u met him remember
sanskar: oh I think I forgot any ways nice to meet u
sanskar left for his room
adarsh was talking with ragini in garden sanskar was secretly observing from his them room window arav noticed his presence
at garden only adarsh and ragini were their
adarsh: ragini r u fine
ragini: yeah
adarsh: whose rajlakshmi
ragini explains him everything
adarsh: seriously u r facing so much because of him
ragini: its ok I am doing this for him
adarsh: I still suggest he forgot u, u can leave this unwanted relation no one will question u
ragini: adasrh plsz keep ur suggestion with u only I am here because I love him and yeah thank u for u sympathy but I am happy doing all this
adarsh: I was just saying
ragini: plsz if u want to talk anything against him I am not interested
adarsh: just ur not interested
ragini: ur my frnd don’t say anything for which I’ll regret later I can’t hear a single word against my husband
adarsh: I am sory I didn’t mean that
ragini: then what u mean ha
adarsh: I am just saying he don’t remember u then what’s the use staying here
ragini: see adarsh u r frnd so I was listening to all this if their was some else I only don’t know what I must done to him by this time

adarsh: ragini
ragini: I think u should leave know
saying this she went in
adarsh in mind: u have to pay for this he left MM
at sanskar’s room
sanskar was worried
sanskar in mind: can’t she stay quite don’t know what was the need to tell all that she’s risking her life I am happy she said all those for me but this stupid girl has invited trouble for herself he was smiling thinking about the conversation
arav entered he saw him smiling
arav: sanskar
sanskar: ha he was still in his dream world
arav screamed: sanskar
sanskar: ha he came to his sense arav u here something importnat
arav: ha shall I ask u something
sanskar: what
arav: u like rajlakshmi
sanskar: what no
arav: don’t lie u were staring at her
sanskar: wo actually after I met ragini I feel something strange
arav was happy that he was gaing his memory back some symptoms were like that : what
sanskar: r they really twins I mean so different ek sherani and dosari gayi
arav: ha……. (he was shocked by this statement)
arav in mind: what a guessing ragini should hear it and if he had not got any memory loss and asid this for sure ragini would have killed him
he was giggling thinking about it how ragini would have chased him
sanskar: arav what happened
arav: ha wo nothing just thinking about something
sanskar: what
arav: about u r condition if u said this in fornt of ragini in low tone sanskar heard it
arav: nothing just leave it
sanskar: why r u behaving strange
arav: me no not at all ok will u come for shopping with me
sanskar: I don’t do this girl’s stuff
arav: plsz yaar
sanskar: no I have to meet ragini about project
arav: what
sanskar: why ok I am leaving
he came down he saw ragini
sanskar: rajlakshmi we have to go to meet ragini
ragini : what
ragini in mind: how can I meet myself
laksh was also their
laksh: why bhai
sanskar: for some project hurry up we have to go
ragini: wow o I can’t come
sanskar: why
laksh: we have some work
sanskar: she’s my PA she has to come
ragini: I can’t u go alone
sanskar: what’s ur problem she’s ur sister an
ragini: sister
laksh: actually they both have some problem so they don’t meet each other
sanskar: ok by professional means u can meet
ragini: yeah um…… did u ask wheter she’s in office I mean any appointment she’ll be busy
sansakar: I asked swayam she’s their only and she has only called for this meeting
ragini in mind: what I have done kudh ke pav par kudh hi kuladi marli ph god what should I do
sanskar: what r u thinking I have to meet ragini
ragini in mind: how u meet ragini until rajlakshmi is here
sanskar: what r u thinking again
ragini: wo nothing plsz I can’t come
sanskar: fine do one work for me go to office and complete this file u can do this for me na
ragini: ha I’ll do that
sanskat leaved
laksh: bhabi hurry up
ragini hurriedly took the car she was driving very fast
sanskar was too drivning his car ragini was worried if he caught their lie she was worried for him as little stress can harm him in background golmal song was playing
(Dal me kala, ya phir kale me dal
I m a kayamat baby, i m a kamal
Bachke reh, bachke reh – (2)
Dil choree ho naa jaye, rakhna khayal
(Golmal o o… golmal o o….. -golmal)

U run and put da money………..

ragini took shortcut she reached her office however falling ruuning she imdeately changed her clothes to office wear sanskar too reached their on one side ragini was getting ready and on other side sanskar was moving towards her cabin
(Naa dil hai bura naa ham hai bure
Yeh duniya buree toh ham kya kare) – (2)
Usee kee sikhayee, usiko sikhaye
Thoda sa kar le dhamal
Golmal o o… -3 golmal) – (2)
On time ragini sat on her chair as if she was working sanskar entered
They had meeting
Sanskar left ragini was again worried as he was going to maheswari’s office rajlakshmi
While leaving MMshe assigned that work to arav she has to leave she took car keys and dorve to maheswari’s office
(Dal me kala, ya phir kale me dal
I m a kayamat baby, i m a kamal
Bachke reh, bachke reh – (2)
Dil choree ho naa jaye, rakhna khayal
(Golmal o o… golmal o o….. -golmal)

U run and put da money………..

She was so hurry again she changed to saree she was so worried all was up and down
The screen splilt into one side ragini was worried to reach fast and other side sanskar was clam as if nothing happened and golmal song in background
This time sanskar reached first she saw him she hurriedly followed him
He was searching for arav but she thought as if he was searching for her
Ragini called him
Ragini: sir
Sanskar turned
Sanskar: ragini I mean rajlakshmi u here
Ragini: yeah
Sanskar: so fast
Ragini: what I am not understanding
Sanskar: ok leave it the work is finished that I gave u
Ragini: ha that file is with arav sir
Sanskar: ok he left
Ragini in mind: don’t know till when I habe to continue this god saved me today otherwise don’t know what must have happened why he forgot only me idiot once he gains his memeory see what I do with him but their’s no fault of him plsz god do something hope he gains his memory back soon I can’t do this golmal anymore I am tried she sat on chair
Sanskar in mind: she so fast seriously I am feeling pitty for her bechari how much trouble she’s facing ragini to rajlakshmi and rajlakshmi to ragini so much golmal but I am enjoying troubling her he was similing thinking about her
Swara and kushi came to meet ragini they all moved towards her cabin arav and laksh were also with them they came to ragini
Laksh: what happened bhabi
Ragini: don’t ask me what happened
Arav: everything is fine
Ragini:seeing me u feel I am fine
Swara: di waht happened
Ragini: all happened beacsue of u why u got this of wrin sister
Kushi: will u tell
Ragini: because of this twin sister how much I had to run u know
Ragini explain what and all happened
All were laughing
Ragini: laugh laugh I swear if he had not got any memory loss na I would have beaten him so much for all this
Arav: beachara sanskar
Ragini: who he’s beachara for him I am doing so much circus and all this is also because of all those stupid ideas that u people got
All were still laughing
Kushi: ragini relax
Ragini: first control u laugh
They all laughed
At night at MM
at sanskar’s room
sanskar got a call
caller: hello we have to meet
sanskar: know is everything fine
caller: no I got some information its really important
sanskar: ok I am coming
caller: at secret place
sanskar: done I’ll be their in an hr after all sleep
caller: fine
it was 12.30 am of night ragini was unable to sleep she was moving form here and their
ragini to herself: I don’t know till when I have to do all this plsz god give his memory back other wise I’ll become mad for sure
sanskar got out of his room he was heading out
ragini saw some shadow
ragini: who can that be
she came out and followed him
she saw him
ragini: sanskar what he’s doing and that too at this time what’s happening
he went out of MM ragini followed him
he took his car and ragini followed him in her car
but somehow she lost her way
ragini: oh no where he went
with disappointment returned back to MM
she was waiting for him
it was 1:46 am that he returned
ragini was hiding and seeing him he headed towards his room
ragini in mind: should I ask him will he tell me truth no he can lie also what’s happening why I am feeling that this memory loss is just a dram nothing more he’s acting if he’s acting or not I have to find it
precap: will sanskar get expose?
Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi swara’s twin brother
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

Credit to: poonam

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