Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 37)


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at hall
ragini: laksh think something
laksh: bhabi I am thinking but I am getting no idea
just then sanskar scream he calls mom badi ma laksh
laksh: why bhai is calling alll rush to his room
at ragsan room
laksh: bhai what happened
sanskar: why all this stuffs r in my room pointing towards sares and all
arav: wo this all stuffs r of rajlakshmi
sanskar: what r doing in my room
laksh: actuaaly bhai when u went to London bade papa gave ur room to her
sanskar: why they gave my room we have guest room right then why my room
arav: go and ask bade mamaji about it
sanskar: leave it I want all this stuffs out from my room

ragini: I’ll take it
sanskar: do it fast
ragini: it will take some time
laksh: bhai u come with me
sanskar: do it fast
saying this he goes with laksh
at laksh room
arav and laksh tells him about their relation with gadodia about Shekhar and all but except that he’s married to ragini
sanskar: so know I get why dad was showing so sympathy towards her anyways I have no interest in all this I am going back to London
laksh: no u can’t go
sanskar: but why
laksh: wo wo ask arav
arav: u r not well so
sanskar was about to ask something he cut

“and plsz no more questions u rest” saying this both left him in room
Sanskar took a deep breath
Sanskar in mind: u have to be careful beta thank god I heard on time ragini saying about her stuffs if I would have not reacted they would have doubt I have to be very careful
He gets a call from unkown number
Caller: is every thing fine
Sanskar: yeah till know its good but we have to hurry up we can’t dealy before anyone get doubt we should get all those proofs I hope ur understanding
Caller: yeah I was thinking the same anyways be careful no one should doubt u especially from di plsz don’t do anything by which she doubts u plsz
Sanskar: I know what u mean ok I’ll talk to u later

He cuts the call
After that sanskar was continuously talking about his going to London dp however convinced him to help him in office for a month for some important projects
Ragini was feeling something fishy
Ragini in mind: why I am feeling something strange about this accident I feel It was very well planned let me talk to papa about it
Dp was in study room checking some files arav and rp was also their ragini came their
Dp: beta u here
Ragini: wo I need to talk something important to u about sanskar
Sanskar just then entred
Sanskar: papa he saw ragini u here
Ragini: wo some work
Sanskar: ok papa I need to talk to u
Dp: I have cleared u r not going London
Sanskar: ok I agree but I don’t know anything about all this
Dp: u don’t worry about it
Laksh enetered
Laksh: bade papa what’s this how can u do this to me

He saw his surrounding it was having serious atmosphere
Sanskar: what happened laksh
Laksh: wow o my credit card is blocked
Dp: its not blocked u r going to get another one so some time its will not work
Laksh: ok
Dp signalled laksh to take sanskar out laksh took sanskar with him after they left
Dp: plsz sit she sat know tell me what happened
Ragini: it was not an accident it was very well planned
All were shocked
Dp: what

Ragini: ha that day he took my car he was very panic after the phone call it was all to trap I don’t know it was for me or him but one thing I am sure it was very well planned
Dp: its really a matter of worry who can do that
Ragini: we have many enemies it can be anyone if sanskar is hurted u and I r most going to effected by it indirectly effecting our companies
arav: ur right we have many enemies I think we should increase sanskar’s security
Ragini: not only his all family members also swayam was warning me about it but I tool it lightly but know I am also very worried especially about sanskar because he don’t remember anything that has happened in past 6 years
Dp: hum then what can be done according to u two
Ragini: I have no idea but
Arav: I think some one should always stay with him that’s best
Dp: ha in these years we made many enemies , many became after sanskar joined business he has forgot about them
Ragini:w e should be very careful

Arav: ok
The next day
At hall
Arav explained laksh about what they were disussing about sanskar

Sanskar came down
He saw these both discussing something
Sanskar came and kept his hands on both’s shoulder
Sanskar in low tone: what’s planning is going on
Laksh: nothing much
Sanskar: r u sure
Arav: yeah what happened to u
Sanskar: nothing wo my PA is coming wiating or her I don’t know who’s she
Something flashed in laksh minds

Ragini came down
Laksh: see their she came
Ragini was not understanding what’s happening
Sanskar: what she’s my PA
Laksh: ha
Arav was amused by this
Ragini: what happened
Sanskar: so u r my PA rajlakshmi
Ragini: what she glared at arav and laksh laksh was pleading to be quite
Ragini: ha
Sanskar: great see u at office saying this he left after he left
Ragini was very furious on laksh
Ragini: how can u both do this to me
Arav: don’t ask me anything this all ratia is made by laksh
Laksh was similing like a mad
Ragini: today I am not going to leave u first that name rajlakshmi and know u amde karma industries MD as sanskar’s PA how can u she chased him in whole house

Laksh: bhabi listen it was for ur benefit
Ragini: acha what’s my benefit in it
Laksh:see u can be with bhai all time and he can recover
He was still running
Ragini: ok but what about name ha u coulldn’t get better name than that
Laksh: at that time this only flashed in my head
Arav interputs
Arav: ragini ragini relax leave him he went to office u should also go
Ragini: today u got saved
She leaves for maheswari’s office
At Office
All greet her
She heads towards sanskar’s cabin
Arav explains them to address ragini as rajlakshmi sanskar’s PA
At sanskar’s cabin

Sanskar in mind: where’s she and I should behave as a boss
Kassh it was not a drama and in real ragini my PA I would have been so fun she would have always been around me he was lost in his dream world similing thinking about it
Ragini eneterd
Ragini: sir..
Sanskar: ha he was still dreaming
Ragini said a loud: sir
Sanskar: ha ha ragi……………. I mean rajlakshmi u came do one think get the files of malholatra’s project
Ragini: yeah she leaves
Sanskar relax’s as he was bout to address her as ragini

Sanskar: bal bal bach gaye
Ragini was feeling something strange
Ragini: he was about to call me ragini yes really or I am thinking so much ok let me concentrate
Whole day sanskar was instructing her work she was obediently doing it he was glaring at her he was lost in her
Seeing her activities he was similing

The day ended like this
The next day
Ragini was worried as she had to go her office it was really something important
She decided to take leave from sanskar
At maheswari’s office
Sanskar’s cabin
He was waiting for ragini but she didn’t came arav entered
Sanskar thought as ragini
Sanskar: thank god u came ok plsz get file of KSR project we have to for a meeting
Arav: bro its me not her
Sanskar: oh u here
Arav: why I can’t come
Sanskar: nothing like that I was waiting for rajlakshmi
Arav: she’s on leave
Sanskar: what she didn’t inform me
Arav: wo she was busy
Sanskar: ok I am going to karma industries office I have a meeting their
Arav: ok
After sanskar left
Arav: oh no ragini is their what I do he called laksh

They both were calling ragini but she left her phone in MM and swayam’s phone was unreachable
At karma industries
Sanskar came he enquired about MD as ragini gadodia he headed towards her cabin
At ragini’s cabin
She was scolding her employess swyam was also their calming her
Laksh informed swara she too reached their sanskar was heading towards her cabin
Swara too entred she saw sanskar she followed him but it was late sanskar saw ragini screaming on employees he was not shocked or amused swara was running and moving towards ragini’s cabin while running she collided with a peon
Peon: sory swara mam
Swara: u idiot can’t u see and walk
Sanskar on time herad it swara saw him she was worried about what to do
Sanskar turned amused
Swara: jiju I mean sanskar bhai u here
Sanskar: ha but what’s he doing here poiting towards ragini
Employee: sory ragini mam for this in convince
Ragini: I don’t like it u r fired
Employee: plsz mam last chance
Swayam: di plsz forgive him he’ll not repeat
Sanskar was trying to show that he was shoked as he heard that converstaion
Swara didn’t knew what to do

Swara: sanskar bhai what happened
Sanskar:she’s rajlakshmi why they r addressing her as ragini
Swara: because because she’s ragini di
Sanskar:she ‘s rajlakshmi
Swara:sanskar bhai she’s ragini MD karma industries
Sanskar: she looks like rajlakshmi
Swara: yeah they both look similar wow o both r twin sister na
Sanskar: what rajlakshmi is twin sister of ragini
Swara: yeah yeah sanskar bhai)she said in loud tone) u didn’s say why r u here
Swayam and ragini heard
Ragini was worried she said her employees to leave

Sanskar and swara entered in
Ragini: u here
Sanskar: ha ragini to discuss about KSK project
Ragini was shocked as he was addressing her ragini swayam was too woried
Ragini: u called me ragini
Sanskar: ha
Swara signalled her to be quite
Swara: sanskar bhai u can discuss that meera (ragini’s PA)take him to confrnce hall
As sanksar left in mean time laksh and arav came their
Laksh: what happen did bhai see u
Arav: ha tell na

Ragini: why he was addressing me ragini swara what u said
Swara: di wo she explains what she said him
Laksh and arav were controlling their laugh
Ragini was very angry
Ragini: what is this swara rajlakshmi is twin sister of ragini
Swara: sory di
Ragini: what sory didn’t u get any better idea first that name rajlakshmi then becoming his PA that was not enough I became my own twin sis
Laksh and arav brust into laugh swara was too laughing
Ragini: u gues r too mean
Laksh: sory bhabi he was laughing
Arav: what this swara glaring at her both laughed still loud this time swara nd swayam to joined them

Ragini: that’s too much I am in trouble because of u’ll and u’ll r laughing at me
swara: sory di
swayam: ok he’s waiting for u

precap: some fun

will sanskar’s plan get expose will ragini catch his lie
Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi swara’s twin brother
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du

Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

Credit to: poonam

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