Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 36)

Gues thanks for ur comments and support big big sory for dealy I was bit busy with my projrcts and assignments gues I know u’ll r going to be angry in me for this track but trust me its going to lot of fun so much masti and fun sanskar is acting but why u’ll get to know soon all r going to trun mad because sanskar is going to create many hungamas so plsz enjoy
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at hospital
all reach their ragini sees swayam siiting their
she goes to him
swayam sees them he stands from his place
swayam: di………
ragini: how all this happened
he was quite no response
ragini: I am asking u something
he was quite ragini slapped him
all were shocked by her this act
swayam in mind: sory di it was all because of my stupid plan we have to do this di I know its very difficult but we have to
ragini goes towards his ward she was crying she was seeing him through window all were sad and worried ap was crying she saw her she wiped her tears and went to her
ragini: ma
she hugged her both were crying mean time gadodia’s also came their
ap: nothing will happen to him
ragini: ha ma nothing can happen to him
swara and sumi were tying to console her
aman comes out of OT all rush to him

ragini: aman how’s he
aman: don’t worry he’s out of danger know thank god swayam bought him here on right time otherwise anything could have happened
arav: can we meet him
swayam signed something to aman
aman: yeah when he gains consciousness
laksh: how much time will it take
aman: some hours
ragini: can i see him
aman: ragini try to understand he’s out of danger not completely fine anything can happen
ragini: plsz just once
aman: ok come with me
he takes her to OT she was wearing a mask
she was crying seeing him like that
swayam in mind: hope sanskar jiju controls his emotions after seeing ragini di like this
aman: ragini plsz u have to be strong for him
ragini wipes her tears
ragini: yeah
saying this she rushed out of OT she came out of hospital and cried kushi came following her
she hugged her
ragini: why it happens with me why god always do this to me why
kushi: ragini see he’s fine plsz don’t cry u have to be strong for him his family for everyone
ragini: I can’t
after some hours
sanskar gains consciousness all rush in
ap was crying sanskar with great difficulty spoke
sanskar: ma don’t cry see I am completely fine
ap: what if something happened to u
sanskar: ma u don’t look good while crying see I am fine
laksh: bhai u have scared all of us so much
sanskar: chotte plsz know u too don’t start
laksh was bit shocked because he never called him so after he came back form London
sanskar: why u r’ll faces r dull see I am completely fine
arav brings ragini in
sanskar sees him
sanskar: thank god u came aru make them all understand that I am fine
arav was too shocked sanskar calling him aru what’s happening all family was too shocked
ragini: how can u be so careless sanskar he hugged him
sanskar: I am fine by the way who r u
ragini: stoping joking u know how much I am worried
sanskar: excuse me I am serious who r u
sujitha: chore this is not time for any jokes see her condition how much she was crying do u have any idea about it
swara: ha jiju plsz don’t react like that

sanskar: plsz will some one tell me who r they all pointing towards gadodia’s
dp: u don’t remember them
sanskar: dad what is happening will anyone explain me I am feeling treble pain in my head
aman: plsz u’ll leave we need to have some tests
all leave
ragini was shocked that he don’t remember her
adarsh was happy to see her like this
aman comes out
laksh: what happened to bhai
aman: I can’t tell exactly but by seeing his presnt condtion he ahs got memory loss may be due to hurt which he got on his head after the reports come I can tell u but for present I suggest ragini should not go in fornt of him
ragini: means he forgot me
aman: yeah he’s not recognising u and rest of family
ragini was crying
aman: plsz ragini try to understand his condition is crtical he can’t take risk
ragini: I understand
after some hours ap arav and laksh came in sanskar’s ward
sanskar: ma thank god u came why we r still here why can’t we go home
arav: u have to be here for sometime
sanskar: but why u know na today I had my filght for London I missed it I should return back as soon as spossible
laksh: waht but why u want to go their
sanskar: why r u reacting weired this is my final year of MBA I should go
ap: sanskar beat relax u need rest we will talk about it later
they all come out laksh explained aman what happened in
sanskar’s reports came
aman saw those
ragini: what has happened to him
aman: as he got hurt on his head he has a temporary memory loss
laksh: what
aman: ha he has forgot what has happened in these 6 years means he’s thinking or remembering from when he was in London
ragini: in his second year we met eachother
aman: huh so according to his situation he has to met u know
arav:so what know
aman: we should not give him stress when ever he hears ur name his mind get stressed which should not happen
dp: until when he can regain his memory back
aman: I can’t tell u exactly but its just tempory he’ll regain it back soon until that we have to behave as he’s thinking I hope u r understanding
arav: how can he be cured
aman: by regular medicines and try to talk to him or by some incidents he can gain his memory back but a little stress can make his condition worse
ap: can we take him home
aman:yeah but be careful with him no stress
aman hugs ragini
aman: he would be fine soon
laksh arav swara kushi and swayam joins in hug

at MM
sanskar was back ap did his arati
sanskar saw ragini and gadodia’s their
sanskar: why they all r here
laksh: bhai wo
arav: let me introduce them u
she is swara laksh’s fiancé and she’s kushi’s my faiance he’s swayam swara brother sumi anty swara nd swayam’s mother and swara dadaji and dadi
sanskar was shocked
sanskar: when u got engaged and laksh he’s small what’s happening here
dp: sanskar they r best frnds’s family so we did their engagement and u don’t take stress
sanskar saw towards ragini
sanskar: and who’s she pointing towards ragini
laksh: wo wo ………
arav: she’s swara elder sister and kushi di’s best frnd
laksh: and her name ……..name ….is………. name is rajlakshmi
ragini was giving him a death galare for this name sanskar was gicing a digusting look
sanskar : what a weired name and who keep such names(in low tone)
ap: ok I think u should rest know
dadaji: ha I think we should leave know
all gadodia’s leave
ragini was their only
sanskar: why she’s here
sujitha: chore she will be staying here only
sanskar: why
dp: ha she’s like my daughte
arav: and my sister
ap: she will be staying here only do u have any problem
sanskar: no what problem I can have he moves towards his room he goes upstairs
ap:u too take rest
ragini was about to go upstairs
laksh: bhabi sanskar heard it he turned around
sanskar: bhabi why r u calling her bhabi
laksh didn’t knew what to speak
laksh: she’s married so
arav: ragi………… I mean rajlakhsmi I have some work will u plsz help me
ragini: sure
laksh: bhabi what were u doing u were going in ur room
ragini: I forgot about it she then thinks something
ragini: oh no laksh all my luggage is that room if he sees them then
laksh: u don’t worry we will take it out
ragini: but how
laksh: let me think something

precap: some more fun………………………….

Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi swara’s twin brother
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

Credit to: poonam


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