Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 35)


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Sanskar is worried about something he calls swayam
Their conversation is muted but its something really important and related to ragini their worries were clear from their facial expression
The next day
Swalak and arshi engagement was going to held at GM all were busy in preparation
Swayam and sanskar were worried about something

All decorations were completed ragini was wearing a cream color lengha with some light and heavy jewellery she was looking beautiful
All guest have started arriving all elders were busy in welcoming them ragini and aman were taking care of all arrangements
Swayam was worrired he was moving from here and their
Ragini calls him
Ragini: swayam what happened to u
Swayam: nothing di
Aman calls ragini regarding some caters work ragini goes
All maheswari’s arrive
Ragini takes everyone’s blessings sanskar is wearing cream color kurta matching to ragini’s
Sanskar was too dull
Swayam and sanskar were talking something in corner ragini saw this she moved close to them and patted their shoulder
Ragini: what planning is going on
Swayam: nothing
Ragini: r u sure
Sanskar: ha why u want to know
Ragini: no I am just asking
Swayam: u to want to be part of our plan
Sanskar:swayam but we don’t involve junlli billi’s na
Both laugh and give hifi to eachother
Ragini: will u gues stop
Sanskar: as u wish our highness
Ragini:just tell me what happened to u both form that time I am seeing something has happened what both of ur faces r dull
Sanskar: nothing u r thinking so much
Swayam: u gues talk I’ll come( he leaves)
Ragini In concerned tone: sanskar u r not hiding anything na
Sanskar: no
Ragini: then why u r face s dull ur eyes telling that u r lying that u trying to hide something
Sanskar to change topic
Sanskar:u want to know why my face is dull
Ragini nods
Sanskar: because of my wife she cheated me
Ragini: what but why she what she done
Sanskar: she promised something to me
Ragini: and what is that
Sanskar: a kiss and some romantic time
Ragini: what (giving shocked expression)
Sanskar: u were eager to know so I told u but know I really want that
Ragini: u r such shameless man
It was my fault that I asked u she starts to walk he blocks her way by coming in her fornt
Adarsh comes their he see them he in anger clenches his fist
Sanskar: wait where r u going u r forgetting something
She tries to escape but everytime he blocks her way
Ragini: let me go
Sanskar: ok when I get what I want
Ragini: u r not getting that for sure if u didn’t let me go know
Sanskar: oh ho I thought I have naughty ideas but u have more than me what and all u have planned ha winking at her
Ragini was amused a servant comes their
Servant :swara di Is calling u
Ragini: coming
ragini thanks her in mind she was heading towards swara’s room
adrash comes he tries to talk to her
adarsh: ragini why r u not talking to me
ragini: I am talking only
adrash: but why r u behaving so odd
ragini: I am not behaving so
adarsh: u r ok lets forget everything can we be fnrds again as we were before
ragini: adarsh we r fnrds and will always be they side hug
adarsh: I am sory for that
ragini: its ok I have lots of work
adarsh: can I help u
ragini: yeah sure

All talking suddenly someone enters aman goes and hugs her a small boy of age 4 was holding her hand
Ragini comes and hugs her she talks to small boy and takes him with her aman with her heads towards laksh and arav
Aman: gues meet her my wife jiya
Laksh was stunned but happy
Jiya: nice to meet u both I heard lot form kushi about u arav and laksh
Laksh: nice to meet u jiya
Sanskar comes their she hugs him to
Sanskar: what is this yaar u married and didn’t inform me
Jiya: I didn’t inform or u two got married no notice no news nothing
Arav: jiya kushi’s London fnrd
Jiya: yeah
Arav:one min u r were liking sanskar na then
Jiya and sanskar were gigigling
Jiya: so u know sanskar and ragini’s love story
Laksh: ha but how aman
Aman: I feel for her when I went to London to meet kushi at time we fell for eachother
Jiya: yeah and about sanskar it was all attraction and all and because of him I found my true love
Boy: and what about me he was with ragini
Sanskar was surprised he saw towards jiya she noded
Sanskar: seriously u never said about him also
Laksh: would anyone explain what’s happening
Aman: he’s our son mohit
Sanskar picks him up
Sanskar he talks with him ragini was standing with them
Ap sujitha and sumi were talking
Ap see them she similes
Sujitha: jiji they look good na complete family
Ap: ha I am very happy today all my children’s r settling in their life they r happy
Suijtha: ha jiji
Adarsh hears their conversation
Jiya comes to ragsan sanskar leaves with mohit towards aman Jiya and ragini were talking
Jiya: shall I tell u something
Ragini: ha tell na
Jiya: why don’t u plan for family
Ragini: what(giving shocked expression)
Jiya: don’t see me like that we to wish to see small ragini or sanskar
Ragini: and what made u think so
Jiya: when u were with mohit u three were looking cute so
Ragini: seriously
Jiya: ha see sanskar their how’s playing with mohit he would be really a good father
Ragini was similing seeing sanskar playing with mohit
Adarsh in mind: soon all ur happiness r going to ruin if u r not mine ragini then u can be no once
After some time
ragini and uttra brings kushi and swara kushi is wearing a green maroon mix lengha swara is wearing a hot pink color lengha both were looking beautiful laksh and arav were memorised to see them
they take four of them to stage they r standing in pairs
Laksh wishpers to swara: u r looking hot today
Swara was blushing hearing it
Swara: what do u mean by today
Laksh: that u look every day but today I feel that why should I wait for marriage for that
Swara blushes more
Laksh: don’t blush like this then I may can’t control myself
Swara: u r shameless idiot
Laksh: but u have to be this idiot for u r whole life
Swara: I am ready to be with my idiot
Arshi’s side
Arav: wow kushi u r looking gorgeous
Kushi: thank u , u r too looking very hansome and cute
Arav: cute(by making face)
Kushi giggles seeing him
Kushi: ha cute my cutettie pie
Arav: what Is this yaar
Kushi:what wrong in that
uttra: will u gues stop its ur engagement
dp:what’s happening here
all keep quite
All rituals start They exchange rings all were happy ragini came forwad she hugged them all they took blessings from all
Ap: I am happy today for all my chiderns r happy in their life
Dadi: ha everything is going good
jiya comes on stage and takes the mike
jiya: hello everyone thank u’ll for joinining us in our special moment the party is just becoming boring na
swayam take sthe mike
swayam: so let make it interesting by a couple dance by our dhula and dhulan
the lights get dim
laksh takes swara hand they dance romantically on song sanam re arav and kushi to joins them they were lost in eachothers eyes the moment was beautiful they finishes their dance

swayam and uttra come up
swayam: wow amazing but
uttra: but if the brides elder brother and sis don’t dance how can it look good
swayam: ha plsz put ur hands applause for brides brother and sis
sanskar takes ragini’a hand aman comes with jiya they dance on tumse ishq karne ki izayat (form sanam re film) they dance very romantically ragsan r lost in eachother he twirls her around him lifts her the song finshes but they r lost in eachother they come to sense by clapping sound
Sanskar got a call he was bit tensed
Ragini: what happened
Sanskar: yeah wo I have important meeting
Ragini: know
Sanskar: yeah I have to go
Ragini: yeah sure but come fast
Sanskar came to dp
Sanskar: papa I have to leave I have some urgent work
Dp: know
Sanskar: ha its really very important
Dp: ok u can go
Sanskar came out
Ragini went to her room to get something she saw sanskar hitting his car through her room’s window she came down and went to him
Outside GM
Sanskar was worried
Ragini saw him
Ragini: what happened
Sanskar: my car its puncher its getting late what shall I do
Ragini: do one thing take my car
Sanskar: ur
Ragini: don’t worry she calls driver
Sanskar: no need of him I’ll go by my slef
Sanskr takes ragini’s car he leaves from their
All maheswari’s return to MM
Ragini too comes their she went to her room
She called sanskar many times but he was not picking she was worried for him
She comes down all were siiting in hall
Ap: ragini what happened
Ragini: ma sanskar
Ap: he didn’t return still don’t worry he’ll come back soon
Ragini: ma he’s not picking my call
Arav: don’t worry ragini he must be busy so he may not be picking
All had their dinner ragini was worried for him all were sitting in hall
Ragini got swayam’s call
Ragini: hello swayam
Swayam was quite
Ragini got worried
Ragini:swayam what happened (in concerned tone)
No response she was sensing something bad
Ragini: swayam plsz tell what happened u r silence is making me afraid plsz tell na
But still no response

Ragini screamed: swayam what happened
All were worried arav moved towards her
Arav: what happened
Ragini: don’t know this swayam he called me he’s not talking
Ragini: swayam will u tell me what happened
Swayama: di wo…… wo jiju…………..
Ragini: sanskar what what happened to him swayam tell me
Swayam: wo jiju ka accident ho gaya ha
Ragini: what rubbish r u speaking swayam plsz don’t play pranks on me being with ur jiju what u bith have planned ton sacre me always
Swayam: di its true
Ragini: enough is enough tell u r jiju that I am angry on him for this and this time I’ll not forgive him for sure
Arav: ragini relax let me talk he takes the phone
Ragini:s ee na what rubbish he’s talking sanskar accident these two r again playing prank on
Arav: listen to him
Swayam: di that’s true we r in city hospital plsz come here soon (he was sobbing)
Arav was shocked ragini fell down all rushed to her
Ap: ragini what happened
Dp: what swayam told
Laksh: bhabi bhai what happened
Sujitha: tell na chore what happened
Dp: don’t be quite tell us what happened
Arav: wo sanskar ka Accident ho gaya ha he’s in city hospital
All were shocked tears were flowing form ragini’s eyes she wiped them ans laksh helped her to stand
Rp: driver take out cars
They all rush to hospital

Precap: sanskar’s memory loss
But Is that true or any plan

Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………

Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

Credit to: poonam

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