Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 34)

Gues thanks for ur comments and support I know its boring but plsz in next episode it will be interesting I wanted to move to engagement part soon so I wrote this plsz pardon me I know its becoming boring but plsz stay tuned a big twist is coming that will chage many things………..

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At cliff
They break the hug
Adarsh calls ragini
Sanskar: why this monkey is calling
Ragini: sanskar…………………….
She picks the call
Adarsh: ragini where u r yaar I am at ur office
Ragini: sory adarsh I…. i…… just came out I am coming
Adarsh: ok come fast I am waiting for u and yeah their a board meeting know so don’t delay
Ragini: but why all of sudden
Adarsh: woh for deal purpose come fast
Ragini: yeah I am coming
Sanskar: what happened
Ragini: he’s waiting for me I have to leave
Sanskar: no
Ragini: try to understand their’s some important meeting if it was not their I was not going for sure
Sanskar: is it necessary for u to go swayam can also handle
Ragini: yes
Sanskar: plsz
Ragini: don’t act as a kid
Sanskar: fine(he makes pout face)ragini sees that she kisses him on his cheeks
Sanskar was amused: u don’t know how to kiss
Ragini was similing
Ragini: at present be happy with that
Sanskar: I want it as the way I wish
Ragini : u have to wait for that(giving a naughty simile)
Sanskar: only till today evening
Ragini: we will see
She went from their
She attened the meeting

All r waiting it was 3:45pm sanskar entered all were sitting with serious expression sanskar knew
Laksh: bhai she didn’t come still
Sanskar: still their time she must be busy in some meeting
Laksh: bhai don’t try to cover up
Sanskar: I am telling the truth I called her while coming she told me
Arav:really u r not leing na
It was 4 pm know just then door bell rang all were happy
All stood from their place swayam entered he took blessings from elders
Laksh:swayam u came where’s bhabi
Swayam: woh laksh she’s busy in meeting
Arav: then u here
Swayam: ha wo I came to take some files which r here di informed uttra about it
Laksh calls uttra
Swayam moves close to sanskar
Swayam: jiju shall I give u free advice(in low tone)
Sanskar: what
Swayam: jiju u r her new bakra she’ll not leave u so easily wait and watch how much she’ll trouble u
Sanskar: u r trying to scare
Swayam: no telling u reality
Uttra comes down she holding a bag in her hand some what big
Laksh: this much big bag
Uttra: ha bhabi told me to pack he things which she needs
All eyes sanskar angrily
Swayam : ok I think I should leave
Laksh: why so soon
Swayam: woh these files r important so
Arav: ah………… swayam when this meeting will get over
Swayam: with in half an hour
Swayam leaves

Laksh: u lost she didn’t come still
Sanskar: she’s busy
Uttra: she told me to pack many things for her like clothes ……………. and all
Arav: so know u have to do as we say
Sanskar: this is cheating
Laksh: nothing like that know come with us
They take him to GM
With big flower bouquet and sory card
Ragini comes their with swayam and adarsh
Ragini: u gues here
Laksh: ha bhai want to say something to u
Bhai tell na
Sanskar: me what
Arav: sanskar why we came here he pushes him
Sanskar gives flower bouquet to her
Ragini:for what
Laksh: for what he did bhabi plsz forgive him and come back na
Arav: ha ragini for this idiot why u left MM
Ragini was amused she was controlling her laugh
Ragini: so u want me to forgive him why should I
Sanskar: oh hello I have not done anything
Laksh: bhai u be quite
Ragini: see him he’s least bothered about me not even asking sory( cryingily)
Sanskar: why should I ask what I have done
Arav: sanskar u remember na what Moring chachi told
Swara: what
Laksh: he can’t enter MM with out ragini bhabi
Sumi: why
Laksh: aunty u don’t know because of bhai bhabi came here na we all r sure he must only have fight with her
Sanskar see her innocently bechara

Sumi was amused ragini and swara were controlling their laugh but were similing
Sumi: laksh u r misunderstanding him
Arav: aunty why r u taking his side
Sumi: because he’s my son
Sanskar: thank god atleast someone is on my side my whole family even my beast frnd my brother r on ragini’s side no one to support me I am happy today
He side hugs sumi
Swara: what is this ma
Sumi: what ragini stop troubling him
Ragini: what I have done
Sumi: shall I tell u
Ragini: ma…….
Sumi: ok fine
Sanskar: what’s happening here
Ragini: nothing
Laksh: bhabi u forgave him
Ragini: laksh I am here by my wish I wanted to stay with ma and my family he has done nothing and let him get in MM
Arav: ok come with us then
Ragini: bhai what is this I mean I’ll come after the engagement
Laksh: but why
Ragini: I said already and its matter of one day only
Laksh: one day
Ragini: ha tomorrow we r going for shopping and next day engagement
Arav: ok we agree
All enjoy their for sometime sanskar gets a call he rushes out

All had their dinner all r resting
Sanskar’s room he was worried about what happened
Ragini calls him
Ragini: what r u doing
Sanskar: dreaming about u
Ragini: really
Sanskar: any doubt shall I come their and clear it
Ragini: no need
Sanskar: but I am missing u
Ragini: me too
Sanskar: lair if u were missing me u would have returned with us but what u did
Ragini: sory for that
Sanskar: um………….. I’ll not forgive u so easily u have to do something
Ragini: ok what should I do
Sanskar: I’ll tell u when u come back
Ragini: I didn’t understand
Sanskar: u’ll get to know when u come back be ready to become mine forever
Ragini was similing listening to his talks
Sanskar: hello ragini
Ragini: ah…….. ok leave all that what happened today why u rushed
Sanskar: who…………. some important work
Ragini: r u sure
Sanskar: ha
Ragini: ok good night
Sanskar: good night I love u
Ragini: love u too
The next day all go for shopping all r busy in selecting dresses
Ragini chooses many dresses she enters trial room to try those as she enters she is shocked to see sanskar their
Ragini: what r u doing here
Sanskar: what do u mean by that ha(having a victorious simile)
Ragini: just get out u idiot what if anyone come in go
Sanskar: no
Ragini: plsz I have to try these dresses
Sanskar: then try it
Ragini: no
Sanskar: I want to choose dresses for u I’ll tell u which one is best for u
Ragini: here in fornt of u
Sanskar: ha then where I promise I’ll close my eyes I’ll not see anything he turns around
Ragini agrees she tries many dresses sanskar choose some for her know sanskar changes ragini turns around
Whens sanskar was trying a kurta he forgot to opne buttons while opening it got struck
Sanskar: ragini help me
Ragini helps him to remove his kurta he bare body was visible his muscles ragini turns around he hugged her from back she was feeling his evry bearth his touch

On others side
Laksh chooses dresses for swara but she doesn’t like it
Laksh picks a blue color lengha
Laksh: this he shows to her
Swara: no I don’t like it its dark blue
Aman picks one hot pink color lengha
Aman: this one
Swara: its nice I’ll wear this only
Laksh: we can see other
Swara: no I like it
Aman: its ok see for other dressed also
Swara: ok
They together sees many dresses
Laksh is jealous because of their bonding
Swara agrees for aman’s choice easily laksh
Swara disturbed them
Swara: di come fast na
Ragsan comes to their senses
Ragini runs out
After some times sanskar also comes out
Adarsh see this from the same trail room sanskar came out in which ragini was he was bruning in anger and jealous

Precap: swalak and arashi’s engagement
And a big twist…………………….

Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

Credit to: poonam jangid


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