Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 33)

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Sanskar returned to MM the whole night he was thinking about ragini on the other side ragini was thinking about sanskar what he did their moments
The next day
Sanskar woke up early before going down for break fast he decided to call ragini
Ragini was thinking about calling sanskar when she recived his call she was about to pick it but stopped her self by thinking” why I should pick it so soon let him wait” he called her many times finally she picked it ragini thought that he would be angry and would shout at her and she would again get a chance to be angry on him but he acted totally opposite
Sanskar: good morning sweet heart( in flirty tone)
ragini was bit shocked to annoy him she said in angry tone
Ragini: ha tell me why u called me
Sanskar:um…………….. I am missing u badly
Ragini: to say this u called

Sanskar: r u free today
Ragini: no I am going out with adarsh…………………..
Sanskar: with that joker
Ragini: what do u mean
Sanskar: why him I’ll accompany u
Ragini: did I ask u
Sanskar: actually I am unable forget what yesterday happened I can’t control myself from staying away from u
Ragini: shut up………………….. if u didn’t stop u r bakwas I am cutting the call
Sanskar:wait ok let me come to point when u r returning
Ragini: u’ll get to know soon
Sanskar: matalab
She cutted the call
At dinning table all r having break fast
Dp: ap when ragini is returning
Ap: ji wo sumi ji called me and said that she would be returning after swalak and arashi’s engagement
Laksh: what no ways engagement is after 2 days
Arav: ha mami why so many days
Ap: I don’t know
Sanskar: its just 2 days……..
Sujitha gets suspicious
Sujitha: sanskar did u say anything to her
Sanskar: what and why would I say
Laksh: bhai don’t lie because of u she went their

Arav: sanskar
Sanskar: areh what happened to all why r u questioning me its her choice
Arav: don’t lie if because of u she went then ask her sory and bring her back
Laksh: and take some flowers and sory card also
Sanskar: I am going no ware and about asking sory why should i
Rp: sanskar if u ask sory u’ll not become small and in married life husband should only always bend
Sanskar: I am not understanding what happened to my family u’ll r taking her side what has happened to all dad atleast u say something
Dp: what I should say
Laksh: bhai don’t act innocent we know its u r fault bring bhabi back before engagement
Arav: other wise don’t enter the house
Sujitha: u can only enter the house with ragini
Sanskar: I can’t belive this is this my family no one is caring or bothering about me all ragini ragini what’s happening here
He sees uttra holding her phone he gets suspicious she called ragini she was listening to all conversation
Sanskar: its better she’s their for alteast some time I can be in peace(in loud tone)
Laksh: bhai r u mad what happened to u

Sanskar: ha when she’s not here I can enjoy my life no one to torture me question me ……………………. wow I wish she could stay their for some more days…………….
Sanskar slowly moves towards uttra he cuts the call
He eyes her angrily
Uttra: sory
Laksh: what happened
Sanskar throws phone towards laksh he catches that
Sanskar: ur bhabhi will return by today evening by 4
Laksh: how
Sanskar: our beloved sis uttra called u r bhabhi she was hearing everything we were speaking
Arav: what uttra …………….
Uttra: ok sory
Laksh: but why she’ll come
Sanskar: because she can’t see me in peace
Uttra: how mean
Laksh: in case she didn’t return
Sanskar: I’ll do what ever u say

Arav: think about it again
Sanskar: I know ragini by this time she would be very angry scolding me and she would brust by coming back
Rp: what an idea
Sanskar: thank u thank u
Laksh: ok if she didn’t return u have to do what we say deal
Ma I am getting late he goes to office
At gm
Ragini who was listening to all conversation started to laugh swara was also their she was also listening
Swara: di what happened to u , u should get angry on jiju how can he I suggest go back to mm and break his peace
Ragini: my dear sis he wants this only(by pulling cheeks) that I should return back
Swara: ah………… I didn’t understand
Ragini: swara u r jiju thinks himself intelligent but I am more than him u know he thinks by this I would get angry and return back but not so soon
Swara: mean he said that intentionally to make u return back
Ragini: ha
Swara: know what will u do
Ragini: give him a big shock……………

At maheswari’s office
Sanskar’s cabin he’s worried
Sanskar in mind: lucky was right what if she didn’t return she must have got to know about my plan what should I do think think sanskar………………..
Sans: idea
Sanskar calls someone and tells his plan
At karma industries office ragini is busy in her work swayam is in her cabin
Swayam gets bored
Swayam: di how can u manage all this
Ragini: what happened to u all of sudden
Swayam:I know u r missing jiju ha na
Ragini: concentrate on u r work
her phone beeps she picks it its from sanskar
Ragini: ha tell sanskar why u called me
Guy: mam r u his wife
Ragini: ha what happened and where’s he and who r u
Guy: mam we got his car near cliff his car hitted a tree he’s badly injured we think we may not survive plsz come fats
Ragini was shattred
Ragini: what
I…. I………. am…….. am come…….. coming right know
Swayam: di what happened she didn’t respond

She picks her car keys and fastly moves their swayam was about to follow her sanskar called him and said about the prank adarsh who came to meet her followed her to cliff
At cliff
Sanskar: thank u kishan
kishan: as a frnd I can do that
Sanskar: ha u r my true fnrd thank u
kishan: ok I should leave know she must be coming
Sanskar: ok
At cliff
Ragini came in her car she was sweating she’s worried about sanskar adarsh also came their following her he was watching everything
Ragini screamed: sanskar sanskar…………………………

she was crying she saw some one their facing his back side he turned around it was sanskar she ran to him and hugged him tight he too reciprocated to hug he hugged her back ragini was crying
Sanskar: ragini clam down see I am fine
Ragini: u r fine
She then thinks something and beats him playfully on his chest
Ragini: how can u sanskar I was so scared
He hugged her tight……………
Sanskar: I know sory for that
Ragini broke the hug
Ragini: what sory if really something happened to I was dead today when I got to know about ur accident and u…………………..
She was about to go sanskar pulled her back
Ragini: leave me sanskar I don’t wanna talk to u I hate u
Sanskar: oh really
Ragini: ha know leave me
Sanskar: why should i
Ragini: I am a head ache to u I destroy ur peace na then why u want me to be with u
Sanskar: so u r angry for that
Ragini: ha I am how can u u know I felt has my heart stopped beating I was dead
Before she could say anything he placed his finger on her lips
Sanskar: sh………………… sory for those pranks
Ragini: never ever do that to me she hugs him again
Sanskar: promise never I love u ragini
Ragini: I love u too
Adarsh in anger clenched his fist he was very jealous and angry for all that was happening
Adrash: u have to pay for this ragini for what and all u did u will be punished I’ll not leave u two so easily be ready to face worse of worse ragini

Precap: some masti and romance…………………………

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Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

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