Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 32)


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At ragini’s room
Sumi was whole time with her only ragini was with sumi she rested her head in her lap
Sumi was caring her head
Sumi: ragini shall I ask u somthing
Ragini: ha ma
Sumi: u still didn’t forgive sanskar na
Ragini: their’s nothing like that ma
Sumi: then what’s troubling u ladoo u can tell me I know u love him
Ragini: ha I love him but
Sumi: but what
Ragini: ma he loves to become mahan all time don’t know what he thinks about himself
Sumi: so u r angry in him for hiding this fact
Ragini: no ma the way we got married and everything after that nothing went smooth btw us
Sumi: I can understand its difficult for u trust him again but ragini where their is love trust should also be their without that relations get spoiled……………… I have seen true love for u in his eyes give him atleast a chance
Ragini: what the use of giving chance when he don’t wish to use them
Sumi: u gave him chance

Ragini: ha ma but what’s use when he don’t know how to think if he had brain he would atleast thought that why I was with him for so many days but he he’s just a big dumbo
Sumi laughs
Ragini: but what to do I love that dumbo i know he was right what ever happened it was because of situation but then too how can he think about me and adarsh…………..
Sumi: what
Ragini: ha he was burning in jealous seeing our frnd ship but that idiot he never thought to come to me talk to me clear his misunderstanding but no how can he if he does how he’ll become mahan
Sumi: so u’ll not forgive him so easily
Ragini: ha I’ll forgive him but not so soon
Sumi: so what have u thought

Ragini: at presnt nothing but I want to stay some more time with u
Sumi: know go and sleep its already late
Ragini: u sleep here only na
Sumi sleeps with ragini
Sanskar comes to gm he enters ragini’s room by her room window ragini gets up hearing wiered sounds (sanskar climbs pipe to reach her room) she wakes up and found a shadow near window she sees that shadow approaching towards them she gets worried she stands up and picks the flower vase near her table sanskar see that she was about to hit him when sanskar stops her holding her hand and pins her to wall
Ragini was shocked to see him she was about to scream
He placed his finger on her lips

Sanskar: shh……………
Ragini in low tone: what r u doing here
Sanskar: I came to meet u
the vase slips form her hand and it falls hearing the sound sumi wakes up sanskar quickly hides their Sumi: ragini what happened what was that noise
Ragini: ma wo just nothing I woke up to drink water and accidentally that flower vase broke
Sumi: u didn’t get hurt na
Ragini: no ma I am fine let sleep
After sometime sumi falls sleep ragini quickly takes sanskar out to balcony
Ragini: what r u doing here and that too at this time what if anyone see u
Sanskar: clam down I was just worried for u so I thought to
Ragini: to disturb my sleep ha their u not let me be in peace and u came here also to destroy it u can’t see my happiness na
Sanskar : shut up u know I was worried for u that how would u be feeling after knowing everything I thought u would be upset crying all were worried for u especially me but u proved me wrong u just need a chance to fight with me

Ragini: I need chance or u who said u to come here
Sanskar joins his hand: galti hoyagi jo tumre liye parishan tha isleye milne aa gaya
Ragini: u saw me I am fine know u can go
Sanskar: I thought to go but not know
Ragini: what do u mean
He moves close to her
Ragini: sanskar what r u doing stop their only
Sanskar: what if I don’t
Ragini: I would scream
Sanskar: ok scream all would be happy to see that their ladoo got such a caring husband who came to meet her
Ragini was about to go in her room sanskar holds her hand and pulls her close to him her back hits his front he hugging her from back tightly he buries his head in her neck
Sanskar: what u think of escaping ha baby but u can’t I’ll not let u too
She is trying to free herself he helds her more tight
Ragini: see sanskar ma is my room only if she wakes up plsz go
Sanskar: ok at one condition
Ragini: what

Sanskar: I want to hear those three magical words
Ragini: no
Sanskar: ok as u wish he kisses her neck sensuously
She felt as electric current passed from her body
Ragini: san……….. sans……. sanskar what r u doing leave me plsz
Sanskar: u have choice say those words or u want me to be more wild winking at her
Ragini: why I’ll not say and why should I say
Sanskar turns her and pins her to wall their’s only few inch gap btw them
Sanskar: so u won’t say
Ragini: why should i
Sanskar: today u said that u love me u wanted to give a chance to our relation for that atleast say
Ragini: I don’t remember anything like that
Sanskar: so u don’t remember ha
Ragini: yeah I don’t remember anything like that
Sanskar: really think about it again
Ragini: yeah I
Before she could complete he placed his lips on hers he kissed her softly
She was just shocked by this
Sanskar: so u still don’t remember

Ragini doesn’t know what to tell her brain has just stopped working he was so close to her she could feel his breath she smiply nods in yes he again placed a gentle kiss on her lips
Sanskar: still
Ragini was numb
Sanskar: I give u a chance say those words I’ll leave u
Ragini: u can’t force anyone
Sanskar: so u think I am forcing u
Ragini: by doing this what u think u r doing ha…………
Sanskar leaves her: so be ready mrs. Ragini sanskar maheswari I’ll make u except that u love me
Ragini: we will see he was about to go
Ragini: sanskar
Sanskar: so u want to tell those words u can’t wait ha
Ragini:shut up u idiot I just called u to ask how will u go

Sanskar: the way I came
Ragini: but patidev u can’t go by that again u r in balcony of my room
Sanskar: I’ll go by here only
Ragini: down their pool and some alarms and by mistake also u touched the them all guards will come here and beat u like anything
Sanskar: point then what to do
Ragini: u have to go by main door
Sanskar: if anyone saw me
Ragini: no one will come know go
Sanskar: u come with me na
Ragini: u have to go alone know go fast she takes him out of her room
Ragini: from here u have to go alone
Sanskar: ok I love u………… he kissed on her cheeks
He goes ragini is similing remembering what he did
Sanskar slowly moves towards the main door dadi got up to drink water saw some shadow outside she quickly went out and started to scream : chor chor………………
hearing the sound ragini quickly came their sanskar hided behind curtains ragini saw that
Ragini:dadi what happened
Dadi: I saw some one their
Ragini: where their no one here

Dadaji wake up by noise
Dadaji: what happened
Dadi: I saw someone their
Dadaji: where
Ragini was worried what will happen
Swara came their she is holding a teddy in hand in sleepy tone: dadi if u r nor sleepy why u destroy others sleep to
She is dizzy swayam comes their she rests her head on his shoulder he pushes her with jerk she eyes him angrily
Sumi: ma their no one

Dadi: when I am telling their’s someone why can’t u check
Ragini: ok ok I’ll check
Swara: why di u we have our james bond na let go him go na
Swayam: I’ll check
Ragini: no I am going na
Swara: di let him go na
Swayam: ha di why r u acting as if jiju came here and he’s hiding and u want to save him
Swara: why r u dragging jiju in this he’s so innocent he can never do such things if u had laksh or arav bhai anyone would have belived
Ragini in mind: he only came here innocent my foot he’s form no where after what he did today really he’s to much what to do know
Swayam: I am going
Ragini: I’ll come with u
They check whole place
Swayam: their no one here dadi
Swara: I said na dadi u have grown old tomorrow go to doc and gets ur eyes checked
Dadi: my eyes r fine
Swara: good night everyone I am going to sleep
Ragini: dadi ma u take rest
Dadi: I am teeling na their was someone
Ragini:dadi relax
Swayam and ragini walk towards their rooms
Swayam: di
Ragini: ha
Swayam: come with me I want to show u something
Ragini: what
Swayam: come na u’ll get to know
He takes her to his room

At swayam’s room
Ragini: sanskar
So u helped him(pointing towards swayam)
Swayam: ha he was hiding in my room
Sanskar: thank u to save me but what know how can I go out
Ragini: who said u to come here know u’ll only think
Sanskar: plsz swayam help me na
Swayam: jiju I can but u have to wait for some time
sanskar: why
ragini: because dadi is still awake and if this time she caught u u t gone for sure
swayam: by the way jiju u here
sanskar: I was worried for her that how she would react after everything I thought she must be crying but she proved me wrong
ragini: why u wish me to cry I am string enough I have a supporting family and everything
sanskar: ha sory meri ma plsz know stop it
ragini: I am not u r ma
Sanskar: ha ur my would to be children’s ma
Ragini was awestruck by this comment swayam strated to laugh she was feeling a bit embraced she was eyeing him angrily
Ragini: what u said

Sanskar: I said the truth what’s wrong in that
Swayam I said anything wrong
Swayam controlling his laughter nodded yes
Ragini: u would make me mad
She goes from their
After she went he brusted out in laugh
Sanskar: know stop laughing and get me out
Swayam: what a punch di was just awestruck her face expression oh my god
Sanskar: know help me
Swayam helps sanskar to go out
Precap:sanskar giving a big shock to ragini
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Swayam gadodia: karn vahi

Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

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