Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 31)


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at MM
shardha comes to ragini
shardha: ragini is everything fine btw u and sanskar
ragini: ha its fine we need some time and everything is sorting out
shardha: come with me
she takes ragini to her room
shardha: u did many things for my arav thank u
ragini: plsz he’s like my brother
shardha: ha u fulfilled all duties of sis know its my turn
ragini: I am not understanding anything
shardha: I want to tell u complete truth which all r hiding form u
ragini:u know everything
shardha: ha it time that u too know I can see from past one week u and sanskar have not talked something is their that’s bothering u both and something is stopping u from convincing him I hope after this everything btw u two would be sort out
she tells her everything about janki who was her mother and arav’s dad arjun’s sis that arjun blamed shekar for janki death but it was all an accident and how his anger crossed all limits when he married sumi and mittial’s realtion with gadodia’s and maheswari’s shekar’s accident was planned by arav’s dad arjun
ragini was shattred to know everything she was completely broken the only thing in her mind was sanskar for her happiness for sake he hided this from her everything every pain he was facing all alone

she was crying
shardha: I know its difficult for u but belive me sanskar never wanted to hurt u for u r sake he hided this from u and that also I asked him to promise me that he would never say this to anyone for my arav’s sake he was quite plsz forgive me
she was too having tears folding her hands in front of her
ragini wipes her tears
ragini: plsz why r u sory it was all destiny plsz I am sory for not trusting u all
shardha: sanskar loves u a lot plsz don’t leave him
ragini: never ever plsz
she goes form their

ragini’s prov
what’s happening I want answer to all my question what does sanskar think about himself dadaji hided this big fact form me I had right to know about it but he how can he do that to me what he thinks about himself some one great and how can he think about me and adarsh like this I’ll not leave him I was somewhere upset but more angry on him I moved towards our room I entered he was working on his laptop I in full loud and anger tine spoke to him
Ragini: I want to talk to u
Sanskar: ha tell
Ragini: u wnat to know my decision
Sanskar closes his laptop: what’s ur decision
Ragini : come with me she takes him to garden
Sanskar: ragini tell me what u have decided
Ragini doesn’t respond to him
Sanskar: ragini
Ragini slaps him hard
Sanskat: ragini(in loud tone)
Ragini:just shut up today u’ll only listen to me what have u thought about urself ha u r not any great person u r such a big dumbo idiot brainless , supid man …………. how can u hide this much big fact from me I had right to know about my dad’s accident about my mom and everything
Sanskar: ragini………….. he tired to clam her but she brusted in more anger on him
Ragini: what u said I was forced for this marriage yeah I was forced I didn’t wished to marry u for dadaji’s sake I married u yes its true i hate u I hate my self for loving such a dumbo man u saw pain in my eyes I was unhappy with this u were clearly able to see that but why were u unable to see how much I loved u why u didn’t see love for u in my eyes why didn’t u think atleast for once that after knowing everything that our marriage was all planned why did I except that was their any need for me to except this I could have gone against everyone but did I do that no na because I had my reasons one was for my family’s happiness and other was I wanted to give chance to our relation I wanted to start again everything newly I wanted to trust u and I did but what u did

I hate u sanskar I just hate myself for loving u and still loving
Both have tears
Sanskar tries to console her but she goes from their
Sanskar was happy to know that she loved him he was so happy but sad too he again hurted her for a long time he was their only thinking about what happened
Ragini went to GM
He came to his room but didn’t find her he was worried he thought she would be down in kitchen he searched her every where
Sanskar: ma where’s ragini
Ap: wo she went to GM
Sanskar: what when she didn’t inform me
Ap: relax she went their a while ago to meet kakaji
Sanskar: ok
Ap sees him worried
Ap: has anything happened btw u two she was too upset and u to
Sanskar: nothing ma
Ap cares his face
Ap: I am really very lucky to get a DIL like her she is really sweet don’t hurt her sanskar she has already gone through many things know I want to see u both happy
Sanskar: I promise ma I’ll never hurt her
Sanskar called dadaji and informed him everything

Ragini comes their her eyes were red has she was crying for a long
Sumi: ragini when did u come
Ragini has tears in her eyes she was not her mother she didn’t know how to react she was life less body she was about to fall on ground swayam held her
Swayam: di what happened r u fine
She was not responding
Swayam: di plsz tell na what happened did jiju tell u anything di…….. he screamed
Dadaji came their he knew the reason for her state
Dadaji: ladoo
She had tears in her eyes
He took her to her room
He made her sit
Dadaji: ladoo listen to me
Ragini: u again hided this truth form me why dadaji she was literally crying
Dadaji: we had a reason
Ragini: sumi ma is not my mom
Sumi heard everything she was too having tears
Dadaji didn’t knew how to console her
Swayam and swara entered they hugged her tight ragini was crying badly…………………
Sumi was know unable to see her like that she came to her sumi cupped her face
Sumi: listen to me ragini u r my ladoo I am only ur mother
She hugged her tight ragini too her hugged her back
Ragini: ma
Sumi: what if I didn’t give u birth u r more than anything to me u r my my daughter and I am only ur mother
Both r still hugging
All r having tears
Sumi: know stop crying bohoth ho gaya rohna dona she wipes her tears
Ragini: sory ma
Sumi: no sory I am happy that I got my ladoo back
Swayam: for ur ladoo u forgot us
Swara and swayam hugs them four have group hug

All r having dinner
Dp: ap still ragini didn’t return
Ap: ji woh she wants to stay their for sometime
Laksh:I am missing bhabi
Arav: ha me too without her its look so lonely lonely
Sujitha: ha hope she returns fast
Dp sees sanskar worried
Ap: usk ke hone se ghar me rohank lagi rathi ha
Sujitha: ha jiji we r missiong her badly
After dinner
Dp:sanskar I wanna talk to u
Sanskar: ji papa
At study room
Dp: did u say anything to her
Sanskar: I hurted her again papa because of me she’s in pain
Dp: matlab
Sanskar:she got to know everything and I hurted her
Dp: sanskar don’t feel guilty for that she was going to know that some day or the other and u should be strong if u fell weak who will console her u have take her care its a very sensitive momenr for her u have to handle her with care and love I trust u that with ur love u can take care of her she deserves to be happy and u have to be with her I suggest go and talk to her she needs ur support know
Sanskar: ji papa I promise I’ll stand by her I’ll always support her
Dp: I excepted this only form u
At ragsan’s room
Sanskar is worried for what and all he said to ragini she must be completely broken by all this what to do and not he was not understanding anything he decides to go and meet her but it was already late but he goes

Precap: sanskar came to meet ragini at GM……………………..
More masti and nokh jokh…………..
But would it really happen…………………
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Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

Credit to: poonam

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