Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 30)


Hi gues thanks for u r percious comments and plsz forgive me for grammar mistake because I really weak in expressing my thoughts and ideas plsz u have to make more use of ur imagination skills plsz pardon me I am trying to express in best way but still I know I am not upto the mark plsz forgive me for that and I hope u enjoy it thank u for u r commets…………….

Days r passing
Ragini tries to talk to sanskar but he doesn’t care for her ragini is really upset by his behaviour
One day she goes to sanskar’s office
At MAheswari’s office
Ragini enters she goes to meet sanskar
At sanskar’s cabin
Ragini: may I come in
Sanskar: yeah come in
He doen’t see towards her
Ragini: sanskar
He sees her
Sanskar: u here
Ragini: ha wo actually I came to talk about arav bhai and kushi
Sanskar:we can talk in house also not here
Ragini: actually from many days u were returning late so I thought
Sanskar: so why does it borther u
Ragini: excuse me I am just asking
Sanskar: come to the point u came to talk about arav and kushi na tell about that(in harsh tone)
Ragini gets angry by his behaviour
Ragini: actually I came to talk about them but know I think we should discuss about us
Sanskar: what then I don’s have time u can go
Ragini: I want to talk to u right know
Sanskar: speak up
Ragini: not here
sanskar: if u want to talk then here only
ragini: u’ll come with me or not
sanskar agrees

ragini takes sanskar with her to some place she’s driving car sanskar is glaring at her angrily
ragini stops the car they get down its the place near river side where ragini came on that day when dadaji and she had fight she is feeling fresh their
she goes a side and feels the air
sanskar: why u bought me here
ragini: do u remember this place
sanskar: ragini I am not in mood to remember anything
ragini: why sanskar what has happened why r u changed from past a week u have not talked with me what has happened why r u changed tell me what’s bothering u
plsz she cups his face
sanskar takes her hand away
sanskar:why its bothering u
ragini: this is not answer to my question
sanskar: really plsz tell me why u want to know why u care for me u were forced in this relation na then u should be happy that I am not troubling u u r free no one is their to irriatate u u can do what ever u wish to
ragini:what’s wrong with u
sanskar: what wrong with me I should ask u
ragini: will u plsz explain what’s happening
sanskar: ragini plsz if u don’t want then plsz leave just break up because I can’t tolerate this anymore I am too a human I too have feelings and emotions I can understand how u feel but to some extend I care for my self too don’t make me weak by u r presences if u be some more time with me I’ll fall in love with u again and this time it would be difficult for me to live without u if u leave me from past 4 years I know how difficult it was for me to live I was not able to move on without any mistake of mine I was punished and this time I’ll completely be broken I don’t want my family to suffer they have started caring for u if u r some more time with them it would be dificult for them they r becoming habited to u so plsz leave (he has tears in his eyes ragini was shattered to hear this she was having tears) and yeah one more thing this marriage was not forced for me I agreed to marry u because I loved u and always do
ragini wiped her tears

ragini: why u feel I’ll leave u sanskar i……………….
sanskar:when u can discus our personal matters with someone u can do anything
ragini: so heard what I and adarsh were speaking
ragini was feeling bad
sanskar: and yeah decision will be urs but don’t delay as this time if I broke I’ll be completely so plsz he left form their

he was driving back
many thoughts were running in their minds(ji hazzori songs play in back ground)
Meri har khushi mein ho teri kushi
Mohabbat mein aisa zaruri nahi
Tu jab milna chahe
Na mil sakun
Na milna mera koi doori nahi
they recall their moments their first meet their fights the fun they had the time they were together the library’s incident sanskar has simile thinking about it ragini sees him with teary eyes
Mohabbat hai yeh ji huzoori nahi

Mm.. meri har kushi mein ho teri khushi
Mohabbat mein aisa zaroori nahi
Meri har khushi mein ho teri khushi
Mohabbat mein aisa zaroori nahi
Tu jab milna chahe
Na mil sakoon
Na milna mera koi doori nahi
Ji haan!
Mohabbat hai yeh ji hazoori nahi
Mujhko ehsaas hai par main kehta nahi
Mohabbat hai yeh jee hazoori nahi
Paas pehle ke jitna main rehta nahi
Mohabbat hai yeh jee hazoori nahi
Yeh takaza hai mere, haalat ka
Lena dena hai nahi
Kuch bhi jazbaat ka
He thought how they were married their fights their romantic moments their masti nokh jokh ragini remembers how he proposed her
Ye sach baat main tujhse keh raha
Na aayi hai inme zara bhi kami
Ji haan!
Mohabbat hai ye ji huzoori nahi
Mohabbat hai ye ji huzoori nahi
Ji haan!
Tujhko manana mujhe toh mujhe aata nahi
Mohabbat hai ye ji hazuri nahi
Par ye nahi ke main tujhe, chahata nahi
Mohabbat hai ye ji hazuri nahi
Waqt badla hai zara sa
Main wahi hun jaane jaan
Kaise tujhko baat mein yeh
Samjhaun saathiya..

Then how everything changed what uv said their kidnapping meera’s death
Tears r rolling form both of them’s eyes

Kaise khush tujhe rakhoon nahi pataa
Par chahta hu tere labhon pe hansi
Ji haan!
Mohabbat hai yeh ji hazoori nahi
Mohabbat hai yeh ji hazoori nahi
Mm.. meri har khushi mein ho teri khushi
Mohabbat mein aisa zaruri nahi
Meri har khushi mein ho teri khushi
Mohabbat mein aisa zaruri nahi
Tu jab milna chaahe, na mil sakoon
Na milna mera koi doori nahi
Ji haan!

Mohabbat hai yeh ji huzuri nahi
Meri har khushi mein, ho teri khushi
ragini’s prov
I saw pain in his eyes yes why should he be punished what wrong did he did what wrong we did we loved eachother and we still love eachother then he’s misunderstanding me what should i do
Heart: say him that u love him
Mind: no don’t be stupid he may again hurt u he will break u r trust again
Heart: no he love u he can do anything for u ,ur happiness matters him
Mind: he’s just playing with u r emotions
Hear: don’t misunderstand him he loves u more than anything he loves u lot u too love him
All r having dinner
Ap: arav cancel all meetings tomorrow
Arav: why mami
Shardha: why so many question do what we say
Arav: ok fine
laksh: bhai u look worried
sanskar: nothing
all have finished their dinner they r resting
the next day
at mm all r getting ready arav was shocked as they were making some arrangements
arav: ma what’s all this
shardha: nothing
ap: sujitha were r those gifts
sujitha: jiji its here
ap: all is ready na
sujitha: ha jiji as u said I did everything
ap: arav what r u waiting for go and get ready
arav: but why
sanskar: we r going to see a bride for u
arav: what but why I don’t want to get married
ap: stop u r dramas get ready fast
arav: I have some meeting I am leaving
sujitha blocks his way
sujitha: where r u running
arav: choti mami plsz let me go na its important
sujitha: no laksh he has non meeting na today
laksh: ha ma he only cancelled all today’s meetings
arav: so it was all planned
laksh: ha know u r caught
arav: ragini atleast plsz u help me na
ragini: sory
ap: u r going no where
arav: plsz I can’t get married
ragini: but why
he eyes her angrily ragini is controlling her laugh
arav: u know that
laksh: but we don’t know
arav:will u gues stop and ragini u also I didn’t except form u
ragini:what I am not understanding anything
laksh: ha bhai plsz explain what r u saying
uttra: ha tell na why u don’t want to get married
arav: because I ……….. I don’t want to marry know plsz
ap: no more arguments get ready fast
arav with sad face goes to his room
all laugh
laksh sees ragini worried
laksh: bhabi what happened to u
ragini: nothing
laksh: r u sure
ragini: ha get ready we have to leave

all maheswari’s went to RM
at RM
arav is sitting near ragini kuhsi’s mom and dad(mr. rajender raichand(raj) and mrs.arpitha raichand(AR))
ap and dp r busy in talking with raj and ar
arav: ragini plsz I don’t want to marry plsz do something
ragini: why what’s u r problem I know that girl she’s preety and beautiful u would be happy with her
arav: what happened to u, u know I love kushi then too
ragini: what can I do dp has fixed u r alliance
arav: plsz
just then aman comes
aman takes blessing form all arav was shocked
arav: u here
aman: ha u r getting married to my sis
arav: what
ragini:ha she’s aman’s sis
arav: but why didn’t u tell me before
sujitha: what happened to u
arav: I don’t want to marry his sis
ap: what’s u r problem
at same time kushi comes their she’s shocked to see maheswari’s their arav didn’t see her
arav: ma I don’t want this marriage
aman: what’s problem with my sis
dp: what’s this arav
arav: bade mama ma plsz
shardha: first tell us reason why
arav: because I love someone
rp: we didn’t except this from u
kushi was shattred to know that he loves someone she was having tears
dp: ha arav what’s this and who’s that girl
shardha: u have to get married to girl I chose and she is aman sis u better understand this
arav: ma plsz I can’t
ap:atlest tell us who is she
arav: ma u know that girl and I am sure u would have no problem with her
dp: don’t puzzle us tell us clear
arav takes a deep breath
arav: I love kushi
kushi was so happy she was on cloud 9
arav: aman I can’t marry ur sis
he turns around to go and is shocked to see kushi their
arav: kushi u here
kushi: wo
ap: ha she’s aman sis
arav: what
all laugh at his expressions
arav: ok kushi u r aman’s sis
kushi: ha u dumbo
aman:u don’t want to marry my sis na u can go
arav: no I want to get married to kushi
ragini: but u said u don’t want to marry aman’s sis
arav: ha I told but I was not knowing she’s aman’s sis
laksh: but what u said u can’t deny from that
arav: ok I’ll get mad before that I wanna say something kushi will u marry me
kushi: but u don’t wanted to marry aman’s sis na
arav: ok aman’s sis ragini’s besti will u marry me
kushi: go and ask them only
aman: ragini should we agree
ragini: we have to think about it
aman:ha arav is just ok ok
ragini: I agree with u
arav: what’s this gues
sanskar:u leave them they r just pulling u r leg
all laugh gadodia’s also come their
swara:enjoying without us
aman: how can we forget u
and have great time
arav: laksh aman is kushi’s bro
laksh: so
arav: that means I am out of danger but u r in
laksh: means
arav: swara had crush on him she can change her decision
laksh:very funny
laksh in mind: he was right do something laksh otherwise ur swara will go
arav laughs at him he’s lost deep in his thoughts
they decide to do their engagement in coming week along with swalak’s laksh is very happy all r very happy

precap: ragini’s decision …………………………..
Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

Credit to: poonam

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