Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 29)

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All r waiting for ragsan just then ragsan come sanskar is helping ragini to walk he makes her sit on sofa
Ap: r u fine it must be paining
Ragini: ma its just small injury I am fine
Sanskar: ha small injury her left leg got sprain and right hand facture still its small injury ha na
Swayam: di jiju is right u can’t walk and do any work
Arav: u need to take rest
Ragini pouts: ok
Ap: thank u beta
Ragini: plsz no ma it was my duty
Laksh: plsz don’t want any saas bhau drama
Dp: yes no more emotional scenes
Ap: I feel something is burning ha na ragini
Ragini: ha ma I too feel that
Ap: all r jealous of our bond
Laksh: ok ok u need rest bhabi
Uttra: but bhai bhabi can’t walk how she will go to her room(giving naughty simile)
Arav: sanskar will help her
Laksh: but how(teaseingly)
Uttra: by carrying her
Sanskar: will u gues stop
Laksh: why bhai can’t u do that much what’s the use of making body
Arav: ha sanskar
Uttra: bhai he’s just acting inside man ma toh ladoo put rahe honge
Sanskar: uttra ki baachi zayda bol rahi ha(he holds her ear)
Uttra: ah……….. ah…………… bhai its paining leave na
Sanskar leaves

Ap: plsz stop it sanskar carry ragini to ur room
Sanskar: ma u also started
Ap: what I did I am telling u the fact
Uttra: bhai no one will see ur romance go
All leaves sanskar carry ragini in his embrace in bridal style they have cute eyelock
At ragsan room
Sanskar makes ragini sit on bed
Their complete silence sanskar breaks it
Sanskar: do u need anything
Ragini: ha wo my lap top
Sanskar: r u need rest and by the way u can’t use it how will u work on it ur one hand is fractured
Ragini: mr. Maheswari I can I have my other hand To work so will u plsz pass me that
Sanskar gives it to her

At night
Sanskar enters the room with two plates of food for him and her
Ragini: where were u I am so hungry
Sanskar: sory for delay he places the plate near her
He start to eat himself ragini eyes him shockingly
Sanskar sees that
Sanskar: what happened eat na
Ragini: how mean u r , your wife hand is fractured she can’t eat instead of helping her u r feeding ur slef
Sanskar: u mean I should help u
Ragini: no u r ghost will come and feed me know
He seeing with shocked expressions
Ragini: know what stop staring at me and feed me I am hungry
He moves next to her and start to feed her cute eyelock he feed her one bite ragini makes him eat other by her hand cute and romantic eyelock sanskar sees a small piece of rice near her lips he leans close to her she closes her eyes her slowly removes that piece by his thumb they r very close to each other lost in eachother’s eyes as they don’t want to go apart from eachother so much love and affection towards eachother but still they fear to express it
They get disturbed by uttra’s voice they compose themselves
Uttra: sory I think I came on wrong time
Sanskar: know come in
Uttra: woh ma told their’s a small pooja tomorrow at GM bhabi ma sent this for u
She hands it to ragini
Ragini: ok I’ll be ready
Uttra: sory for disturbing u gues carry on
She leaves ragsan r bit embraced
They without any talking they sleep

The next day
Sanskar got up early he got ready he’s wearing white kurta
At ragsan room
Ragini is getting great difficulty in wearing saree she’s standing near her dressing she having just skirt and blouse
Sanskar enters he’s busy on phone
Both see eachother and immediately turns around
Ragini: can’t u knock and come in
Sanskar: can’t u lock the door from in
Ragini: u don’t leave any chance to argue with me
Sanskar : ha as I am dyeing to fight with u
Ragini: know don’t waste my time just go
Sanskar: ha I am going
Ragini: sanskar
Sanskar: ha tell
Ragini: can u call someone who can help me in wearing saree I am unable to
Sanskar: ha wo all r busy
Ragini: oh god then what I do know
Sanskar: wear something else like suit
Ragini: what I can’t
Sanskar: ok then what will u do
Ragini: I don’t know
Sanskar: shall I help u
Ragini: how can u
Sanskar: I can help u in wearing saree
Ragini: what do u know how they wear saree
Sanskar: ha
Ragini: what from where did u learn?
Sanskar: will u stop ur enquiry I’ll tell some other day u want me to help or not
Ragini thinks for a while and agrees sanskar moves close to her he picks the saree and makes her wear sanskar every touch is making her shiver she has closed her eyes he makes folds when ever he touches her belly she’s shivering she’s feeling butterflies in her stomach he makes her wear the saree she’s happy from inside but doesn’t show that they r lost in eachother’s eyes sanskar pulls her close to him by holding her waist he leans close to her he’s about to kiss her ragini has her eyes closed he then remember something and moves away
Sanskar: woh I am sory
Ragini: its ok
Sanskar: come fast all r waiting he leaves
Uttra comes and help ragini she takes her down sanskar is memerised to see her they move to GM

All maheswari arrives
Kushi and swara goes to ragini
Swara: wow di u r looking so beautiful in this saree
Ragini: thank u, u r too looking beautiful in this dress
Kushi:ha swara is right don’t know how many will die seeing u toady
Ragini just has smile
Kushi: ragini ur pallu’s folds r not proper
Ragini: ha that idiot sanskar (she then thinks what she said)
All start to laugh
Swara: oh so jiju helped u ha
She is blushing
Kushi: ah see one is blushing so hard see swara she turned into red tomato oh what’s the matter ha
Ragini: will u both stop
Ragini sees sanskar whose talking with some guest he observes that and both simile
Adarsh comes to ragini
Adrash:wow ragini u r looking preety today
Ragini: thank u
They talk for a while sanskar gets angry seeing him close to her
Ragsan sit in pooja after pooja
She was about to move sanskar thought to help her he moved towards her he saw adarsh near her
He helps her to walk at that time his hand touches her bare back ragini feels uncomfortable sanskar in anger clinched his fist
Swayam sees that and immediately helps ragini
Ragini: thank u
Swayam: ha tell me if u need help other wise jiju will kill this adrash for sure
Ragini:ha he got angry I know
Swayam: u rest here
He goes again adrash comes to ragini he talks with her sanskar hears their converastion
Adarsh: ragini shall I ask u something
Ragini: ha tell na
Adarsh: r u happy with this marriage
Ragini: why this question
Adarsh: just see ur self
Ragini: I am good
Adarsh: I know it was forced if u r not happy then just leave him na and move on
Ragini: yes it was forced and I can’t leave him (sanskar was shattered to hear that he felt some one stabbed him he went form their)as I have my reasons and one of it is I care for him
Adarsh: but
Ragini:plsz adarsh I don’t like anyone to interfere in my personal matters even dadaji
Adarsh: ok as u say
Sanskar was in full anger after knowing that

At hall someone enters swara and ragini r happy to see him sanskar too comes their ragini introduces him to all as kushi’s brother at that time laksh took arav out so these two were not at that moment so they don’t know who he’s at garden he’s waiting for kushi that guy hides when kushi comes their same moment Arav and laksh enter that guy closes kushi’s eyes from his hand arav is shocked but laksh knows who is he
Kushi: who’s that she turns around and hugs him immediately arav gets jealous by this he don’t know who he is
Kuhsi: I missed u so much
Guy: me too
Arav in low tone: missed him who’s this
Laksh in low tone: someone is burning ha jealousy
Arav gives a death glare to him
Kushi: no u r a lair if u had then u would have come earlier
Guy: sory for that
Kushi: u know what and all happend
Guy: thanks for reminding me
He goes to ragini he crossed his hands
Guy: so mrs.ragini what should be u r pushiment
Ragini: not only me sanskar should also be punished
Sanskar: why me what I have done
Guy: u married her…………. yeah both of u deserve punishment I mean got married no news about it no one informed me that not fair
Sanskar: it was all in hurry
Guy: yeah yeah I know
But then too punishment is needed ragini deserves it

Ragini:excuse me why only me
Guy: because u r my close frnd and about sanskar he already facing trouble by marring u
Ragini hits him play fully
Sanskar: yeah that’s true but u give her later see bechari already hand fracture leg sprain
Guy: ha who will give punishment to langdi looli
Ragini: ha ha ha………… very funny
Swara: u gues forgot me completely
Guy: who can forget u my GF
Laksh was shocked arav was happy he giggled seeing laksh
Arav in low tone: know tell me he’s behind ur’s be careful
Laksh: will anyone tell me what’s happening
Ragini: ha meet him dr.aman
Laksh: oh nice to meet u
Ragini: and these two my brother-in-laws laksh and arav
Aman: nice to meet u both
Kushi: and laksh and swara love eachother
Aman watches swara with shocked expressions
Aman: how can u swara u left me
Swara: yaar plsz atleast stop know
Aman: why u r my gf u cheated me
Laksh burns in anger
Ragini and kushi laughs
Arav: what happened to u both
Ragini: just remembered something
Swara: di plsz and dr.aman plsz stop pulling my leg I was small then plsz
Laksh: will anyone explain me what’s happening
Ragini: I’ll tell u know swara proposed aman to be her BF
Arav in mind: know tell me what will u do laughing at me know I’ll laugh winking at laksh
Swara: ha but I was only 11 years old then
Kushi: what ever but u did
Swara: u know laksh these three always pull my leg for that
Sanskar: what u did aman
Aman: I just accepted that for ragini’s sake as she didn’t wish her be-loved sis heart should be broken and then I left for Australia
Laksh: so u had crush on him
Swara: ha first crush
Arav: tell us why(teasing laksh)
Swara: he’s handsome , cute , caring who would not fall for him
Kushi: ha he’s very caring and good by side hugging him
Laksh and arav r jealous
Aman: seriously that day was my life most memorable day I never laughed so much I laughed for her childish behaviour u know first I rejected she started to cry oh my god
Swara: plsz stop yaar
They talk for a while

All leave for MM sanskar is not talking to ragini she’s trying to talk with him but he’s avoiding her
He get up early in morning and go to office and return late ragini was too unable to get time to talk to him because of her work arav amd kushi also didn’t meet eachother for a week arav was know missing kushi he excepted that he loved kushi ragini talked with aman about arava nd kushi he was happy for his sis aman and kushi shifted to their house raichand mansion (RM) their parents also came back after a week ragini got her plastered removed know she was completely fine but during these days adarsh tried to come close to ragini

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