Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 27)


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Sanskar: don’t know I am feeling as she’s in trouble I’ll see he leaves from their
At back side of lake ragini is almost drowned sanskar comes their he doen’t find her he’s creaming her name
Sanskar: ragini ragini where r u
He’s searching here and there when he turned around ragini lifted her hand sanskar turned around and saw that he screamed her name and jumped into water hearing his scream all family members came their they saw sanskar in water in lake sanskar reaches ragini he quickly picks and swims back he makes her lie on ground their her head is on his lap he trying to wake her
Sanskar: ragini ragini wake up u dammit open ur eyes
He gives her mouth breath but no use press her stomach all r worried for ragini suddenly she spills out water and opens her eyes sanskar hugs her tightly she again gets unconscious
Arav: sanskar we should take her to hospital
Sanskar picks her up in his arms they all rush to hospital
Ragini is in ward
Doc checks her
Sanskar is walking here and their restlessly

Doc comes out
Sanskar: how is she
Doc: no worries she’s fine but how can u’ll be so careless on right time u bought her here or else she would have been dead
Arav: can we meet her
Doc: yeah sure
All rush in
Ragini is trying to sit sanskar helps her
He sits beside her holding her hand
Dadaji: what was the need to go their how can u be so careless ladoo what if something happened
Ragini: sory dadaji
Dadi:will u stop its not my ladoo’s fault
Ap: how r u feeling know
Ragini: I am feeling better
Sumi: what if something happened
Ragini: what can happen when I have such a care taking and loving family nothing can happen to me
Swara: di but how it happened
Ragini: woh……….. I slipped (she’s trembling sanskar see that she’s lieing)
Kushi: u take rest
All leave ragsan r alone sanskar hugs her tight

Sanskar: what if something happened to u
Ragini: I am fine(still hugging)
Sanskar: u know my heart skipped a beat to see u like that I felt that I would lose u today plsz never do that I can’t even imagine my life without u promise me u’ll never leave
Ragini:think about it again u have to tolerate lady hitler then
Sanskar: anything for u promise me
Ragini: promise I’ll always be with u
They break hug swayam enters
Swayam: I think I came on wrong time I’ll come later
Ragini: will u not meet ur di
He runs to her and hugs her he’s crying
Ragini cups his face
Ragini: hey see I am fine
Swayam: u know how much we were scared u were not opening u r eyes
Ragini hugs him they both r hugging sanskar is happy to see this bro and sis bonding
Sanskar: enough of ur bhai bhen ka drama bhen phele darathi ha bhai phir rotha ha serial ke saas bahu bhi enti nautanki nahi karthe
They break hug

Ragini: u must have seen ur condition it was worse than swayam
Sanskar: me no
Ragini: yeah u were sacred as if something would have happened to me
Sanskar:swayam see ur sis she’s in hospital but still she wanna argue with me when fault is her’s imagine my condition when with out my fault also she fights with me
Ragini: fault is always ur’s only
Swayam: di jiju stop it di kuch thoh rahem kaow muhje par(he joins his hand)
All laugh
Sanskar: I don’t understand why u went their
Ragini: sanskar u only called me their
Sanskar: I r u mad why would i
Ragini: I got ur message so I moved their
Sanskar: but I didn’t do any message to u
Swayam: di when u got that
Ragini: when I completed pooj I got message form him
Sanskar: how can I message u my phone is at home
Ragini: what
Sanskar: ha its in house I didn’t carry that today
Swayam: that means it was planned
Sanskar: but who can do that
Swayam: we should be careful
Swayam leaves from their sanskar feels something fishy
Sanskar sits with her for sometime she gets discharge
Sanskar decided to talk to swayam that day before leaving swayam and swara came to meet ragini sanskar took swayam out

Sanskar: swayam tell me who’s behind all this
Swayam: jiju I don’t know
Sanskar: don’t act swayam I saw ur expressions u were angry as u know
Swayam: jiju nothing like that
Sanskar: for alteast ragini tell me
Swayam: jijiu u know when ever this adarsh is around di something or the other thing happens to her
Sanskar: what adarsh did all this
Swayam: I don’t know but I am suspicious about him but no proof I tried to talk to dadaji and di about this but they telling me wrong
Sanskar: but why u feel that
Swayam: because its not first time form when he came many incidents like this have happened
Sanskar: but why did ragini make him as frnd
Swayam: only 2 years back they became frnds during a business trip
Sanskar: r u sure I mean he can do this
Swayam:no I don’t know
the same evening all move back to Kolkata ragsan bonding have increased in these days swalak r in deep love arashi to loves eachother but don’t express that

At MM sanskar is taking ragini’s care
The next day sanskar plans to take ragini for date but how’s that possible when laksh and arav rv their the same day they plan to watch horror movie with ragini in theatre
sanskar wakes up he doesn’t find ragini he comes down for break fast he sees ragini with ap a genuine simile comes on his face he keeps on staring at her
arav observes that
arav: don’t see her like that as if u would eat her
sanskar comes to his senses
all have break fast
laksh: ma me and arav bhai r going out for some shopping
ap: ok

at hall all r sitting
sanskar messages ragini that they r going out but ragini doen’t see that and arav and laksh informs her that she going with them sanskar informs ap about their date
she comes down sanskar thinks as she knows about plan so she’s ready arav and laksh simile at her
laksh: bhabi u r looking preety today
ragini: thank u
sanskar: so reday
ragini thinks as he knows about she going with arav and laksh
arav and sanskar at a time: lets go
arav: where r u coming
sanskar: what
laksh: ha we r going out with bhabi
sanskar: wait wait she’s going with me
arav: no she’s coming with us
sanskar: ragini tell them that we r going out
ragini: sory sanskar they asked me first
sanskar: that’s not fair
arav: ragini we r getting late
laksh: ha bhabi lets go they forward their hand
ragini gives her both hands sanskar watches everything he gets angry uttra comes to him
uttra: bhai these two r taking revenge form u
sanskar: ha thses devar bhabi and bhai don’t know what will happen to me
all laugh at him seeing helpless sanskar
he goes to office but his mind is distracted by her thoughts
sanskar: wait arav and laksh see what I do
he calls swara

sanskar: hello swara
swara: ha jiju
sanskar: swara give call to laksh I need to talk something important he’s not picking my call
swara: jiju he’s not with me
sanskar: why r u joking he said he was going out for some movie
swara: jiju he didn’t inform me anything like that
sanskar: what he had four ticket arav and his and who can be other two
swara: may his some frnds
sanskar: who watches romantic movies with frnds
swara: jiju I call u later
she cuts the call
sanskar laughs: tit for tat
swara informs kushi about this
swara: with whom they can go
kuhsi: call and ask na
swara: how can I arav bhai is with him
kushi: arav is also with him(she gets angry)
swara: let me call
swara calls him
swara: hello laksh where r u
laksh: woh woh I am with my frnds
swara: what r u doing
laksh: swara I am busy I’ll call u later
he cuts the call
arav: who was it
laksh: swara
ragini: we r getting late
(swara informs kushi kuhsi decides to call arav)

laksh: lets go just then arav’s phone ring its kushi
arav in mind why she’s calling me
arav: u ges move I’ll come its important laksh and ragini r waiting fro him
arav picks the call
arav: ha kushi tell me what happend
kushi: where r u , r u busy
arav: ha I am with my frnds something important
kushi: ha if u r busy then leave it
arav: tell me
kushi: can we go out for lunch swara is standing near her and phone is on speaker
arav: today its not possible some other day
kushi: why
arav about to speak when ragini and laksh scream
ragini: how much time yaar
laksh: bhai its not a good habit to keep girls waiting fast
arav: coming
kushi and swara who hears this gets angry they r with some girls
arav: I’ll call u later he cuts the call trio goes to watch movie
swara: they r with some girls
kushi: ha I never imagined arav with some one how can he
swara gets suspicious by her behaviour
swara: ha di how can he ,he should ask u for movie but why he went with other
kushi:ha he should take me (she thinks what she told) she sees swara who’s eying her angrily
kushi: waht happened their nothing like what u r thinking
swara: I was thinking nothing but know I get everything
kushi: what
swara: what u like him and u never said this
kushi: no nothing like that
swara: don’t lie
kushi takes a deep breath: ok yes I love him
swara in excitement hugs her
they break hug

swara: we should teach them a lesson
kushi: but how
swara calls sanskar
swara: jiju we need ur help
sanskar: my pleasure to help u guys
swara says her plan
sanskar agrres on other side ragini laksh and arav came out of theatre after watching the movie they decide to do some shopping laksh is selecting some dress arav and ragini r alone
ragini: arav bhai shall I ask u something
arav: ha tell na
ragini: do u like kushi
arav was amused by her question he was seeing her shockingly
ragini: don’t see me like that tell na
arav: I ……….
ragini: its ok u can take ur own time
arav: may be but I don’t know
ragini similes

precap: ragini’s accident ……………………

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Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja arav’s mom and dp’s sister
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du ragini’s best frnd

Credit to: poonam

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