Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 25)


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All r busy in packing

Ragsan’s room sanskar has messed up everything all his clothes r lying on floor bed
Ragini comes in and is shocked to see everything
Ragini: sanskar what is this
Sanskar doesn’t see towards her
Sanskar: I am not understanding what to pack
Ragini moves towards him she’s standing behind him
Sanskar throws some more clothes which falls on ragini face he turns that and is shocked ragini is angry on him for that
She takes the clothes
She eyes him angrily but he’s seeing her with innocent face and pleading eyes it seems like that he’s asking sory to her
She without saying a word moves form their towards cupboard and chooses some nice suits and dresses for him
She shows that to him he agrees she helps him in selecting some more dresses she is about to pack them
Sanskar stops her

Sanskar: leave I’ll do that(he’s trying to take clothes form her hand)
Ragini: I am doing (she’s pulling those clothes to her side)
Sanskar: no ways I can do my work(pulling towards him)
Ragini: like what u did (pointing towards the room)
Sanskar: why u always argue with me
Ragini: why can’t u understand simple thing
Sanskar: ragini don’t behave as a typical indain wife
Ragini: and u don’t try to be over smart
Sanskar: see I am telling I’ll do u do urs
Ragini: sanskar I’ll do ours both I can mange it better than u so plsz
Sanskar: u always do that with me u r so stub burn
Ragini: nothing can be helped for u
She does all packing sanskar helps her
Ragini: everything is ready
He simply nods
Sanskar: come lets go
He picks their bag and comes down all r waiting for them
all leave to airport they r in plane
Ragsan r sitting together ragini slept resting her head on his shoulder they arrived to jaipur all went to resort took their room keys and went the resort was big a big hall was booked by them

All came their all were having their break fast their sanskar and arav were missing
Ragini’s eyes were continuously searching for him she felt reviled when she got to know that he was with arav they both came
Arav: hello everyone I think tomorrow we can go for sight seeing
Laksh: but why tomorrow
Arav: see all must be tried by tour so tomorrow we can go today we can play some games here only
Dp: I agree
Ragini: ha u r right all need rest tomorrow we can go
Laksh: ok but today we can also enjoy let play some games
Sanskar: soccer
Ragini: no ways
Sanskar: what’s problem
Ragini: think something that everyone can play
Arav: cicrket
Laksh: done……… match btw two teams
Dadaji: I’ll be empire
Swara: ok who’s in who’s team who r team captains
Dadi: I am not playing
Rp: let decide by chits
Laksh: ok I’ll write all of our name
Dadaji and dadi picks the chits two teams
Someone comes form behind and covers ragini’s eyes from his hands
Ragini : adarsh
Adarsh: how can u guess correct all time
Ragini: beause u r frnd so
They both have side hug
Sanskar: whose this(in low voice)
He takes blessings from all
Swara: that’s not fair u rember only di not me
Adarsh: how can I forget my golgappa
They both have hug
Swara: stop calling me that
Adarsh pulls her cheeks: it suits u u r so cute so nothing can be helped
Ragini: but why this sudden u didn;t inform me
Adarsh: kushi tell someone I am not interested to talk to them
Ragini: what have I done
Adarsh: u got married and didn’t inform me
Ragini: it was all sudden so sory
Adarsh: its ok will u not introduce me to that unlucky I mean lucky man
Swara: u must be wondering who’s he
dadaji: he’s adarsh sinha my frnd’s son and ragini’s frnd
adrash: ragini won’t u introduce me to u r in-laws

ragini introduces him to all
ragini: at last but not the least meet my hubby sanskar maheswari
sanskar and adarsh shale hands
adarsh: so u r the lucky ha nice to meet u
sanskar: nice to meet u too but u know what’s the strange thing
adrash: what
sanskar: it is that the great ragini who don’t make frndship with anyone so easily made u as her fnrd
adarsh: ha u r right It was really hard to make her frnd
sanskar:who can understand that better than me
ragini: adarsh when u joined hands with him to pull my leg u r my frnd or his
adarsh: I am ur frnd only but really sanskar is best for u
ragini: plsz will u play with us
adarsh: ha sure
arav , laksh ,ragini, dp, sujitha ,ap ,sumi r in one team
Sanskar, kushi, swara, swayam, uttra, rp, adarsh r in one team
Laksh: ok who is captain of ur team
Swara: of course jiju
Ragini: I am not playing u gues plsz carry on
Laksh: that’s not fair
Ragini: plsz u gues play
Laksh: ok arav bhai is captain
Uttra: u always do that best frnd vs best frns
Swayam: lets see who wins
Arav: of course us only
Sanskar: don’t dream u’ll lose today
Laksh: we’ll see
Sanskar’s team wins the toss they decide to bat first
Sanskar and rp r open batsman ragini is chit chatting with adarsh sanskar is fuming in anger but doesn’t show that he don’t like him
Arav does blowing
Rp gets catch out by sujitha
Sanskar calls swara to bat he signs something to her ragini observes that
Swara hits the ball laksh is about to catch when he sees swara she is making a pout face he misses the catch laksh misses many shots because of swara

Laksh comes to ragini
Laksh: I think today we’ll lose Ragini gets angry
Ragini: no ways my team cannot lose
She says something to laksh
Laksh does blowing swara is batting
While throwing ball he wink at swara she is shocked opened her mouth and gets out
Laksh shows thumbs to ragini sanskar understands it has her plan
Sanskar: laksh if someone is not playing he has no right to give ideas also
Ragini gets his point she comes to pitch and takes bowl from laksh she does blowing sanskar gets out
Know its ragini’s team turn
Sujitha come to bat
Rp: u’ll play have u ever played
Sujitha: ji u be quite I’ll play and better than u
Laksh: ha dad mom will play good all the best mom rp does blowing sujitha hits 6 on his ball he’s shocked
Sujitha: yeah see know tell me
Sujitha gets catch out arav and laksh r batting swara does balling and lakhs gets out ragini’s team is about to lose ragini comes to do batting
Swayam: jiju be ready to lose
Sanskar: u r trying to scare me
Swayam: no I am telling u the fact
Sanskar does balling ragini plays well sanskar is unable to concentrate beause of her moves she sometimes make pout face or something gives flying kiss to him (no one sees that) ragini’s team won
Sanskar: no ways they did cheating
Dp: what we did
Sanskar: dad don’t scare me I am telling u truth
Ragini:what we did tell na
Sanskar: nothing u won

All r busy in talking swayam is standing their alone watching ragini and adarsh sanskar sees that he moves towards him
Sanskar: it seems u don’t like him
Swayam: me or u
Sanskar: ha I have reason but what about u
Swayam: a possive brother
Sanskar: ha I can understand being a brother and after I read that dairy i am sure u care for her a lot
Swayam: u read my di’s dairy
Sanskar: don’t tell her she doesn’t know
Swayam: did u try to impress her by that
Sanskar: yeah but on right time god saved me I got to know who filled those pages
Swayam started to laugh: really u r best for my di
Sanskar: but ur di understands that
Swayam: don’t worry soon she will
Sanskar: u didn’t answer why u don’t like him(pointing to adarsh)
Swayam: he’s a bit flirt because of him I lost my gf
Sanskar: oh I see so u don’t like him
Swayam: yeah and I don’t like his character behaves something in front of us and different for others
Sanskar:how do u know that
Swayam: just know be careful jiju because he wanted to marry di but she rejected he’ll try his best
Sanskar: r u trying to scare me
Swayam: no telling u the fact
They both laugh

Swara: what u both saale jijiu r planning
Sanskar: nothing much
Swayam: why r u jealousy
Swara: jealous my foot but I see someone jealous of adarsh
Swayam: ha me to
Sanskar: will u both stop tell me why I should I be insecure she’s my wife
Swara: did I say something
Swayam: no
Sanskar: gues plsz stop that
Ragini sees that and moves to them
Sanskar sees that
Sanskar: stop laughing lady hitler is coming this way
Swayam and swara control their laugh
Ragini: what u gues r planning
Sanskar: why r u jealous of our bond
Ragini: I didn’t talk to u
Sanskar: really
Ragini: ha and why should I be jealous
Swara: swayam come lets go we should not interfere in someone’s so personal matters
Swayam: ha its bad habbit to listen to husband and wife’s talk
Ragini: will u both stop
Sanskar: what wrong did they say
Ragini: why r u supporting them swayam and swara quietly go form their
Sanskar: because they r saale and saali
Ragini: they r my bro and sis so they r ur saale and saali
Sanskar: so mrs.sanskar maheswari u accepted the fact that we r married
Ragini: mr.maheswari behave ur self in fornt of my sis and bro
She turns around and finds them gone
Sanskar: know answer my question
Ragini: I am not in a mood to
She goes from their

After dinner all elites r planning for something All elders went to sleep
All r seated making a round ragsan r sitting opposite to eachother adrash and swayam next ragini swara laksh arav uttra and kushi
Laksh: so lets play truth or dare game

Ragini: no I’ll not play
Kushi: why plsz yaar
Ragini: ok but at one condition
Swara: ok we agree
Ragini: u’ll not ask me anything realted to him or do something ny getting close to him
Swara: agreed
The bottle turns its adrash
Laksh: so truth or dare
Adarsh: truth
Arav: tell me who’s the most beautiful girl around here u find and what u like about her
Adarsh: ragini because she’s frndly to all and good by heart
Sanskar is fuming in anger listening to his answer
The bottle spins its kushi
Arav: truth or dare
Kushi: dare
Laksh: ah….
Ragini: dance with arav
Arashi: what
Ragini: ha do that
Arashi dances on song sanam re they r finished
The bottle spins its laksh
Uttra: bhai truth or dare
Laksh: truth
Swayam: tell me who’s the person here who gets angry very fast
Laksh: swara
Swara: me how dare u how can it be me
Laksh: see I said na
Swara in low tone: see what I do after this
The bottle spins its sanskar’s turn
Laksh: bhai truth or dare
Sanskar: dare with truth
Arav: ok he about to say
Adarsh: I’ll tell answer to my questions
Sanskar: ask
Adarsh: how many gf’s u had
Laksh in low tone what a question he wants bahi and bhabi to fight
Arav in low tone: aaj toh sanskar gaya
Sanskar eyes ragini
Sanskar: 29
Ragini lifted het eye brow
All r tensed for her recation
Adarsh: wow
Ragini: he’s leing 28 se 29 kaise
All r surprised by her reaction
Adarsh: u knew about it
Ragini: ha tell sanskar’s how’s that
Sanskar: 28 break ups and one permanent gf whom I am married to
Arav: seriously u r too much
The bottle spins its adarsh
Laksh : truth or dare
Adarsh: truth
Sanskar: why did u ask that question to me
Adarsh: I heard a lot about ur bonding form kushi u wanted to see ragini’s reaction on that when she gets to know many GF’s u have I wanted her to fight with u but I am surprised kushi was right u both love eachother truely
Ragsan were happy but didn’t show that

Ragini: laksh how many gf’s u have
Laksh stammers: woh bhabi ……………. around 43
all were shocked all opened their mouths
ragini: wow bade miya toh bade miya chotte miya suban allaha
all laugh they have nice time
swalak go a aside arashi r talking swayam and uttra r busy adarsh is not leaving ragini he’d talking to her sanskar gets angry by his behaviour
swalak side

swara: don’t talk to me
laksh: yaar I am sory
swara: no ways
laksh holds his ears
laksh: sory plsz
swara: no not this time u would be punished
laksh:ok I accept ur punishemet talk to me
swara: first listen what’s punishmet
laksh: I’ll do anything
swara: do 50 sitsup
laksh: what
swara: ha u said na any thing so do it
laksh: anything else
swara: no if u don’t want to do leave it she is about to go
laksh: wait I am doing
with great difficulty he does upto 25 swara stops him
swara: stop it punishmet is over she hugs him
episode ends with similing faces of swalak and jealous face of sanskar
precap: masti…………………………

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Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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