Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 24)


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All r gathered their

Except ragsan

Arav: gues thought about any plan
Swara: no its so tough these both r acting like kids
Laksh: then lock them in a room
Kuahi: we can go for some family trip their we can do something
Arav: do u think it would work because know sanskar has backed off
Kushi: u r right we should do something so that sanskar tries to convince ragini
Swara: idea
She tells her plan
Swayam: what’s the need to call him
Ksuhi: duffer he’s best
Swayam: anything else
Swara: I don’t understand what’s ur problem with him
Swayam: ok ok don’t over react
Arav: ok lets start
Kushi calls someone
Swara is also their
Kushi: ok she cuts the call
Swara: what he said
Ksuhi: he said he’ll come their directly
Swara: I am so happy
Kushi: don’t be fast plan something so these both fight for some silly reason
Swara: yeah
Wait let laksh and arav do this work na
Kushi: yeah call them and tell this
Swara informs them

Arav’s room
Laksh: think something na
Arav: I am not getting any idea
Laksh: idea
He tells his plan
Arav: yeah by this ragini’s bonding with family will also increase
Arav told ap also she agreed

At ragsan’s room
Ragini is working sanskar is not their
Sanskar is about to come in arav laksh and ap sign each other ap enters ragini sees her she gets up
Ragini: antuy u here
Ap: nothing
Ragini: do u need anything sanskar is in study room
Ap: actually I need something will u do
Ragini: sure plsz tell na
Ap: first stop calling me antuy call me ma then I’ll tell u
Ragini: antuy I mean ma know plsz tell me
Ap: ragini beta tomorrow we’ll do u r rosi rasam
Ragini: sure ma
Sanskar who listend to all this started to laugh he entered the room
Ap: why r u laughing
Sanskar: sory ma but ragini and cooking
Arav and laksh pretends that they were passing by they both entered
Arav: what do u mean
Sanskar: I mean just ragini and cooking she can handle meetings kitchen
Ragini: I can handle both
Sanskar: really but I don’t belive so
Laksh: bhai stop teasing bhabi I know my bhabi can do anything
Ragini: u r right laksh I can do
Sanskar: yeah if ma and chachi helps then sure
Arav: tomorrow I’ll take ma and chachi to temple ragini will cook all alone
Ragini was bit tensed
Ragini: yeah I can
Arav: listened na what will u tell know
Ap:ok be ready
All leave

Sanskar: ragini no need to do all this I know u can’t
Ragini: oh hello I can do
Sanskar: but why
Ragini: shut up sanskar don’t tell me what I should do
She goes out to laksh
Laksh: bhabi u here
Ragini: I need help
temple with arav
He sees ragini tensed
Laksh: bhabi what happpend
Ragini: I am not under standing what to make I am confused
Laksh: why
Ragini: what all like I really don’t know
Laksh: that’s it I’ll help u
He tells everyone favourite dishes
Ragini: thank u every much
Laksh: bhabi will u able to prepare so much
Ragini: don’t worry I’ll handle
She comes back and sees sanskar already slept She goes too sleep

The next day
Ragini woke up early she’s in kitchen ap and suji went to temple
She prepares everyone’s favourite dishes she’s done with all she sees ap and suji coming
Ap: everything is done beta
Ragini: ji ma only to arrange on dinning table
Sujitha: wah its smelling so good
Ap: ragini we’ll do this u go and wake sanskar all must be coming
At ragsan’s room
Ragini sees sanskar sleeping
Ragini: sanskar wake up
Sanskar:5mins more
Ragini: all r waiting
Sanskar: no
Ragini tries hard but he’s not waking up she sees a jug of water
Ragini: I count till 10 if u didn’t wake by that be ready to face the consequences
Sanskar: we’ll see
Ragini: counts 1, 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ………………9 and 10 she pours water in him
Sanskar quickly sits up
Sanskar: what the hell is this a way to wake anyone
Ragini: I said already
Sanskar:wait know we’ll see who saves he cahese her ragini goes out of room
Sanskar : this girl na
Ragini peeps in and says: be ready don’t be late she goes

All r seated at dinning table all r praisng ragini’s food
Sanskar behaves as if he’s shocked
Laksh: wow bhabi its so tasty
Arav: ha ladoo its so tasty ha na sanskar
Sanskar: ha no let me taste he tastes curry he screams ah………
Ap: beta what happend
Sanskar: its so spicy how can u say its tasty
Arav: r u mad its perfect
Sanskar: why r u lieing
Dp: behave urself sanskar its good what’s ur problem
He sees ragini winking at him he understands
Ragini eventually mixed more red chilli in sanskar’s curry bowl so only he’s feeling its spicy no one else
Ragini is controlling her laugh
Sanskar stares at her and eats it his eyes have turned teary ragini is too upset seeing him in that state he ate it
Sanskar: ma I am finished I am going to my room I have some work
Ragini feels bad for what she did
All elders gave her gifts
Ragini: ma I need to call dadaji something important
Ap: sure beta u can go
Ragini takes rasgulla’s hiddinly to her room

At ragsan’s room
Sanskar is screaming in pain he’s continuously drinking water
Ragini comes their she forwards raggulla’s bowl
Sanskar : why u bought this
Ragini: eat this ur pain would be reduced
Sanskar: oh u care for me
Ragini: no I don’t but u r a duffer what was the need to eat that
Sanskar: for ur sake , I can take any pain
Ragini was touched by his word
Ragini: stop arguing and eat this
Sanskar: no
He’s about to say something ragini puts rasgulla in his mouth he eats that and feels revile he take bowl and starts to eat
Ragini: r u feeling better know
Sanskar: no but I feel best when I get my medicine from u
Ragini: what u want he moves close to her she is moving back side she hits the wall sanskar blocks her way by his arms
Sanskar: know where’ll u go
Ragini: sanskar leave me anyone would come
Sanskar: let them its our room we r married
Ragini: leave me
Sanskar: no not so easily
He leans close to her ragini closes her eyes he kisses on her forehead
He goes form their ragini was a bit shocked by his move
Dadaji called everyone to GM

At hall all maheswari’s and gadodia’s r their
Swara: dadaji what happened
Dadaji: actually I and dp were thinking of something
Dp: we r going to our kul devi temple
Dadaji: ha in evening we r leaving
Laksh: but why so fast I mean
Dp: after a 5 days their’s ganghaur festival we will reach their after 4 days
Arav: its confusing
Dadaji: we r going to family picnic shimla for 3 days from their we’ll go to chittod
Arav: excellent plan
All were happy
Kushi: actually I want to call someone also can i
Dadaji: sure beta so what u’ll r waiting for do packing
All rush

Precap: masti and nokh jokh………………….
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Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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