Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 23)


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Arav:plsz tell us what happend
Sanskar: after that proposal
Fb start
Sanskar and ragini bonding increased day by day but one day yuraj called ragini he said he wanted to meet her after a long time ragini agreed they decided to meet at garden ragini informed sanskar about that

At garden
Yuraj is waiting for ragini , she comes
Ragini: tell me why u called me here
Yuraj(uv): darling why r u so eager to know ha
Ragini: if u didn’t stop u r nonsense I am going form here
Uv: wait wait why so eager ha
Ragini: don’t waste my time
Uv: ok let me come to point do u want to know who was behind ur dad’s death I mean accident ha………,
Ragini:what u want to tell
Uv: I’ll tell darling but why should I what will I get
Ragini: what u wnat and what u know about my dad’s accident
Uv: the person who did this u don’t wanna know
Ragini: don’t puzzle me tell it straight
Uv: sanskar maheswari son of durga parsad maheswari, the person whom u love
Ragini:u called me to tell this
Uv: no just listen (he is mmoving around her) so miss.ragini gadodia daughter of shekar gadodia do u know u r father’s accident was planned by non other than ur lovers’s dad durga parsad maheswari was responsible for u dad’s death
Ragini was hell shocked she didn’t wanna belive that
Ragini:what rubbish r u talking
Uv: I am speaking truth u know what after u told me that u love him I went to my dad he said me everything ok do u know what’s relation btw our families so let me tell u ur dad had a sister who was my step mom my rajveer bhai’s mother …………………….
Ragini started to laugh

Uv: why r u laughing
Ragini: what a joke ok tell me why should I belive u give me one reason that I should trust what u said
Uv: ha why u trust me I show u a proof then
Ragini: oh so show me na
Uv shows her a video clip which has conversation btw his dad and dadaji and some photos
Uv:after seeing this will u not trust
Ragini: no I wont do what ever u wish to she goes from their
Uv’s word r echoing in her ears she is frustrated a lot she wants to share that with someone but how sanskar calls her
Sanskar: hey sweet heart
Ragini: hi
Sanskar: anything happened
Ragini: yeah nothing woh……………
Sanskar: I want to meet u know
Ragini: know
Sanskar: ha will u come or shall i
Ragini: what ok I’ll come
Sanskar: at garden
Ragini: ok

At garden
Sanskar is waiting for her ragini came their
Sanskar: how much time will u take he pulls her by holding her hand
Ragini: sanskar what happend
Sanskar:wait na
They r at place
Ragini is happy seeing that the place their is beautifully decorated with flowers light curtains their is a round table and 2 chair its just beautiful
Ragini: sanskar this………..
Sanskar: stop seeing me like that how’s that did u like it
Ragini: its awesome
Sanskar: then for what u r waiting for come lets go
They both go their sanskar pulls chair for her
They both r seated they have their dinner sanskar stands up and forwards his hand

Sanskar: dance
Ragsan dance romantically ragini is resting her head on his chest he’s having a tight grip on her waist and shoulder
Sanskar: ragini
Ragini: hmm
Sanskar: u want to tell me something
Ragini; why
Sanskar: u were tensed what happened
Ragini: nothing
Sanskar: do u trust me
Ragini: more than anything
Sanskar cups her face: then tell me what’s bothering u…………….
Ragini tells about what uv said her
Sanskar: what ok I’ll talk to dad about this
Ragini: don’t
Sanskar: why
Ragini: what will he think for a girl no I don’t want any misunderstanding to be created
Sanskar: relax ok I’ll try to know but secretly
Ragini: thank u for coming in my life
Sanskar: thank u too for making my special by coming in that………..
Ragini: ahh……… then I am special
Sanskar: ha u r special my angel
They have a hug

Ragini: form how many names will u call me ha
Sanskar:what can I do u r so special
Ragini: really
They have some chit chat for some time
At india
Sanskar comes to Kolkata
Sanskar return
He try to ask dp about gadodia’s but no use when he was talking to dp he saw shardha tensed sanskar said everything to dp about him and ragini but didn’t mention that she was ragini gadodia
He then went to shardha
Sanskar: bhua what r u hiding
Shardha: what do u mean
Sanskar: I didn’t mention one thing to dad that she is ragini ragini gadodia elder grand daughter of jaymal gadodia
Shardha was shocked to know that

After a long conversation sanskar convinced her and she said that about dp and shekar’s frnsdhip they were child hood frnds I got married to arjun everything was good shekar got married to janki his first wife she was arjun’s sister their bind was so strong she gave birth to ragini their was a tashan in business btw shekar and arjun arjun didn’t like dp and shekar’s bonding they were partners in company they were then shekar was going somewhere to wrong path dp and arjun tried to stop him but no and this everything was because of that ashok mittal he was shekar’s cousin sister’s husband janki too tried to make him understand but no he was not ready at that time janki was pergant because of the on going incidents he health was worsing arjun started helding shekar responsible for everything after a 4 months of ragini’s birth she died ragini was too young at that time she needed mother’s love and care dadi was taking her care shekar married sumi after 3 months of janki’s death arjun was helding shekar responsible for janki’s death and when he married sumi his anger crossed all limits their relation were at range of breaking and that happened shekar and arjun had big fight ………….. for four years they had no contacts the we got to know that sumi gave birth to twin childers
Arjun wanted to take revenge for everything so he planned shekar’s aciident but fortune or destiny he to died in a car accident only what exactly happend was known only to arjun and shekar their was a third person but who we don’t know

Sanskar was shocked he didn’t knew how to react
Shardha: promise me u’ll tell this to no one arav for arav u’ll not tell anyone
Sanskar: I promise
He returned to London
He was avoiding ragini and uv was manipulating ragini
Ragini’s frustration and anger was crossing all limits she askes dadaji he said that ashok mittal was shekar’s cousin sis husband but nothing about dp
Ragini was broken she wanted answer to all her questions
She called sanskar and asked him to meet her
Ragini: what r u hiding
Sanskar: what
Ragini: don’t act dadaji told me everything
Sanskar:what he told
Ragini: about ashok mittal
Sanskar: and
Ragini: what …………………….. u know what this fact is killing me form in if u know something plsz tell
Sanskar: do u trust me
Ragini: yeah
Sanskar: then belive me my dad was not behind this and who was I can’t tell plsz ragini trust me
Ragini: I trust u sanskar

Uv was very angry seeing their bonding
Uv calls her to meet
Ragini: why u called me here
Uv: u r mistaking by trusting him
Ragini: what u want
Uv: u ragini I love u I love u ragini
Ragini slaps him hard she is about to go
Uv: ragini if u can’t be mine then u can be no one’s(in loud tone)
Ragini: u know what u don’t love if u loved then u would have from my life
Uv: u have to suffer for this

After some days a party was arranged it was farewell party for last year students them party masked party very one
was wearing masks by fate ragini’s and meera’s mask was same their outfits colors to matched all were having great fun but all of sudden lights goes uv kidnaps meera thinking her as ragini when light comes back sanskar is searching for ragini as she was missing
Sanskar: ragini where were u
Ragini: relax I went to attain the phone call
Sanskar: don’t know why but for a moment I was feeling restless
Kushi comes to them
Kushi: meera don’t know where she is
Ragini: come we’ll search she must be here only
They search for her but they didn’t find her then she remembers uv’s word their masks many thoughts r running in her mind she is sweating thinking about all that many wrong thoughts
Ragini: nothing would happen to her
She rushes out and tries to call uv but no use some goons make her unconsciousness and take her to some place sanskar was tensed as he didn’t find her he sees a braclet in gorund that he gifted her he the sees someone taking her in car he follows them

At go down
Ragini gains conscious she finds herself tight and sees meera uv and some goons their
Uv: hello sweet heart
Ragini:w hy u bought me here
Uv: should I tell u ok kill u
Ragini: u know u r doing biggest mistake of u r life
Uv: I like to see na this poor girl beause of u she would be killed
Ragini: leave meera what she has done to u
Uv: areh see I wanted to kidnap u but I kidnapped her she has seen everything so she has to die with u
Ragini: leave her
Sanskar sees everything and calls police uv’s goons catch sanskar they bring in fornt
Uv: see ragini ur romeo
He holds sanskar chin
See know from ur eyes how ur love dies
Ragini: leave him
Uv: no ways babes by seeing u dead he’ll also die
Sanskar: don’t u dare to do anything
Ragini with meera’s help unties herself sanskar beats goon uv points his gun towards ragini but meera comes in btw she gets shooted
She falls down
They run towards her
Sanskar is keeping her head in his laps
Sanskar: meeru open u r eyes
Ragini: meera

Meera takes ragini’s hand and places in sanskar’s hand
Meera: always be together saying this she closes her eyes
Uv:ha ha ha (he laughs evily)
Poor girl because of u both she lost her life but don’t worry u’ll soon go to her
Sanskar gets very angry on him he’s not reacting
Uv: what r u seeing areh catch these both ragini gets caught uv is about to satb her sanskar comes in btw he fights with them uv is about to shoot sanskar whose fighting with goons ragini comes in btw she hits on uv’s hand the gun falls they have a big and tough fight by accidentally uv gets shooted by his own hands
Ragsan r hell shocked to see that
Poice comes their ragsan hug eachother both r injured
That incident chaged many things this was kept secret beause the universities reputation shouldn’t be spoiled this was knownly only to ragsan sanskar was helding ragini some where the reason for all that happened what uv said ragini was unable to forget tanu created many misunderstanding btw ragsan karan whom ragini trusted was also in this ragsan were not in a position to understand anything they knew what was right and wrong but still didn’t wish to see that side
Dadaji and dp met dadaji took promise form ragini that she would forget sanskar he was too helding him responsible for shekar’s death dp tried to talk but no use everything turned so stub burn and wrose sanskar returned to Kolkata ragini left her studies incomplete she came back to delhi both had no contact with each other ragini’a hatred towards maheswari increased she still loves sanskar but her mind is not allowing her to express dadaji was feeling himself guilty
In these four years ragini was changed so much with her hard work and dedication she achieved what that no one can achieve at young age she never letted her name out she was only known by rag the MD of karma industries because of her karma industries was among top companies of india
Fb ends

Kushi has tears
Kushi: I can’t belive that meera is no more
Sanskar: that’s true
Arav: why don’t u talk to her
Sanskar:see gues I said all this because I don’t want anything more
Laksh: what do u mean
Sanskar: stop u r silly attempts plsz it hurts us a lot and about our realtion we would think plsz gues don’t infer
He left from their
Dadaji and dp heard everything
Swara: so much pain ………. this two r ture lovers we should do something
Kushi: no I don’t think so
She goes from their
Arav follows her she is crying
Arav: kushi
Kushi hugs him
Arav: kushi see everything would be sorted out
Kushi: I am too responsible because of me they r apart
Arav: hey how can u be responsible
Kushi: that’s true because of me ragini was going through so much pain
Arav: kushi relax tell me
Kushi: no
Arav: if u feel guilty then do something and unite them
Kushi: wipes her tears u r right
Know we should do something to unite them
Arav: that’s like my girl know come we have to think

Precap: pooja arranged at temple
accident………………. whose

Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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