Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 22)


Gues u may feel it some what boring but wait for next episode its going to be full of masti nohk jokh and romance plsz gues comment and thanks to all who commented my regular readers thank u all…………..so lets start……………..
Its a valentine party arranged in clg
Sanskar: ragini with whom u r going in party
Ragini: with karan
Sanskar: why him
Ragini: sanskar he’s my frnd so why not
Sanskar got angry he went from their
Ragini: what happened to him
At party

Ragini come with karan and sanskar comes with jiya
Sanskar is very angry to see ragini with karan
The anker announces paper dance ragini says no but sanskar drags her
They both r standing on paper the song start
Ragini: why u bought me here I don’t want to dance with
Sanskar: why u want to dance with that karan
Ragini: with whom ever its my wish I am going
She is about to go when sanskar pulls her close by holding her waist they r very close to each other

Ragini left with no other option agrees the song stops paper is folded
Very time the distance btw them is decreasing they r lost in eachother as their is no world around them ragini has full faith on him she trusts him sanskar is trying to hold her more close to him as he never wants her to go away from him he’s having a tight grip on her waist ragini is least botherd about that as she feels his love and care towards in that his every move proves that how immensely he loves her he can’t see her with someone else he never wants to lose her ragini is becoming spell biund by his each move she is comfortable with that as she has given him all rights on her
The song finshes they get disturbed by claps sound
The anker annoces them as winner

Both r trying to avoid eye contact they r bit embraced for that
Ragini in mind
What must be he thinking about me why I didn’t restricted him
Sanskar in mind
What have u done sanskar what must be she thinking about me what was the need to do that wait why didn’t she restricted that if someone else was their what’s happening He sees ragini with karan he grabs her hand and takes her out
Ragini: sanskar what is this leave me
Sanskar: I should ask this why r u with that karan
Ragini: did I ask when u were with jiya
Sanskar holds her by shoulder

Sanskar: why r u doing this she frees herself
Ragini: I am doing nothing
Sanskar pulls her close to him
Both have a cute eye lock
Ragini: sanskar leave
The whole time they talked they din’t break eye contact
Sanskar: no I won’t
Ragini: why who am I to u
Sanskar gets boggled by her question
Ragini: answer me
Sanskar: I don’t know
Ragini: then why sanskar she leaves from their with teary eyes
The whole night both didn’t sleep as that question was killing them both what was their relation what was that which they both had but didn’t wanna give it a name
The next day
Sanskar gets arav call
Arav: hey bro

Sanskar: hi how r u
Arav: I am fine what about u ha
Sanskar: nothing all’s good
Arav: really
Sanskar: yeah
Arav: ok I am in London I want to meet u
Sanskar: what u didn’t inform me
Arav: realx ok meet me at xyz hotel I have flight in 2hrs
Sanskar about to speak he cuts the callAt xyz hortel
Arav is waiting for sanskar he just comes their they both have hug
Arav: what happened chera par 12 kuyu baja huy ha
Sanskar: to ask this u called me here
Arav: hey what’s wrong ok tell me what happened
Sanskar tells him everything about him and ragini
Arav: what
Sanskar: yeah
Arav controls his laugh but finally laughs a loud

Sanskar: h laugh at my condition
Arav: ok ok u know what u love her
Sanskar: yeah I love her I love u ragini(he scerams)
Arav: control yarr but u forgot what u did ha what will u do know
Sanskar: ha yaar I should think about it
Arav: I suggest try to know what she feels I mean u said she didn’t restricted
Sanskar: but how
Arav: make her feel jealous if she loves u she would feel that and then propose her
sanskar: ha that can help me a lot
arav: all the best I should leave know
sanskar: so fast
arav: did u forget waht I said I have filght I should leave
sanskar: meet her
arav: no some other day
he return back

the next day
its a pleasant morning the screen spilts at similing faces of sanskar and ragini
at clg
the whole day sanskar didn’t talk to her he ignored her
ragini: what’s wrng with him why he’s ignoring me
she goes to him he’s about to go
ragini: sanskar wait
sanskar: what
ragini:w hy r u ignoring me
sanskar: no I am not and if I am then why r u bothered
ragini: why I should not be
sanskar:ragini think why r u bothred u’ll get ur answer
sanskar talks and behaves closely with jiya and tanu ragini gets very angry seeing that
ragini in mind

what’s happening why I am angry no I am jealous but why because u love him(he heart) no I don’t yes I love him
but see him he’s always with those girls I feel to kill them all but why would he be bothered about me
after a week a trip was arranged to Europe all students were their
sanskar in mind
wait and watch ms.ragini what I do I am going to propose u today as no one have ever thought to propose
jiya meera kushi and ragini r waiting for sanskar
sanskar: meera will u go for sky dive
meera: what u r going na I am not coming
sanskar: plsz yaar
meera: take ragini
sanskar: ragini I don’t think she would come
ragini: oh hello what do u mean by that
sanskar: I mean u will get scared na so leave I’ll go alone
ragini: I will come and with u only see how I trouble u
sanskar: we will see

sanskar prov
my first part of plan is finished
soon we sat in plane the tiny plane took off as smooth as slik the feeling of apprehension and excitement, a bizarre underlying feeling of clam spread through me as we climed 10,000 feet in the air I looked out through window observing the cotton ball cloud she was having a simile on her face seeing those clouds I know she loves adventure I too love that but such type I never had this was my first time I questioned her
“did u have such adventure before” she was not borthred about my question but then she turned and said”yes, this is my second time”
I was a bit scared because what I was planning to do can I really be able to do so she has so much confidence on her face seeing her I was forgetting what I should do a war was btw my mind and heart that will I able to be do so but it was her wish but was it really but know I can’t back out
Ragini’s prov

He was behaving strange I can see fear on his face I know that he’s scared but he would not share with me I placed my hand on his trying to assure him that I am with him he gave a simile to me I did the same i said “ don’t worry its just nothing u’ll have fun belive me”
He replied “ this would be a life time experince for u” he said that with a proud simile
I was boggled I know became sure that something is running in his mind before I could question him
The plane door banged and opened we moved together towards the door he was nervous that could be clearly seen on his face but he wanted to show that we steeped out onto the ledge he was holding my hand so tight I was happy for that we followed the instructions I said him “ don’t look down” he was not in a condition to understand me but still why was he doing that this question was disturbing me a lot we jumped I was enjoying the evry moment he was screaming like anything as something would happen I just had an absolute blast, completely in the moment with no concept of time or space my gazed struck to him he was trying to come near me he was holding something in his hand I questioned him “ hey what’s that
He said

“ ragini this is really a special moment I want to make it still more special for us from the time u came in my life everything changed for me the time I am with u I don’t want that to move u r special for me I forget the world around me when u r with me today I want to say nor in sky nor on land nor on water on in it we r at a point where the land and sky meet I am nothing with out u I love u ragini I love u “
I was puzzled I never excepted him that he would say something like that I was overwhelmed I din’t wanted my mind to control my emotions
“I love u sanskar I love u” I screamed a loud as I could their was a bright simile on our faces we landed
This exeperince I could never forget that experience afer landing the first thing we did was we ran towards each other and hugged tight
Sanskar: I love ragini
Ragini: I love u too
We broke hug
Ragini started to beat him play fully
Sanskar: hey stop ok tell me what happened what I did
Ragini: u idiot if u loved me then why didn’t u tell this before
Sanskar: ok ok I am sory but u also didn’t said that

Ragini: ok I am sory she again hugged him tight
Kushi meera came their seeing them they broke their hug
Meera: what’s special ha
Ragini: everything is special
Kusshi: means
Ragini explains the everything
Meera hugs sanskar I am so happy for u we need treat
Kushi : I doesn’t wanna talk to u
Ragini: I am sory
Ksuhi: what sory u hidded such a big thing form me
Ragini: I am sory na plsz forgive me for this
Kushi goes towards sanskar: so mr all the best to handle her
They have hug
Kushi: we need trear
Ragsan: sure
At pub
Sanskar come on stage
Sanskar: hello everyone today I wanna share something with u’ll gues u’ll know what I am in love I love someone
A boy: whose that lucky
Sanskar: she is none other than ragini

All r shocked
Sanskar takes ragini on stage and kneels down
Sanskar: ms.ragini gadodai will u marry me
Ragini: yes
He lifted her up they enjoyed a lot
Days passes like this ragsan trust on eachother have increased so much they were busy in their exams sanskar’s it was final year their he was happy has he was going to his family back but sad to ragini he had to sperate from her but he promised her that he’ll soon come back ragini informed dadaji about this and sanskar to dp dp and dadaji decided to meet but who was knowing that everything was going to change
Fb ends
Swara: kushi di what happend after that

Kushi: their brek up
Arav: ok but how
Kushi: I know only one reason but exact what happned on that day I really don’t know I tried to know by ragini but she never told me
Laksh: but what must have happened
Sanskar comes their: I’ll tell
All shocked
Kushi: sanskar……………
Sanskar: ha I know u’ll wanna know true reason the reason was
Uv and meera
Kushi: what ok uv can be but meera
Sanskar: ha she was some where but not truely
Kushi: means
Sanskar: meera was like a sister for me her death changed everything
All were hell shocked

Kushi: wha…… what meera is dead but how ………………….. she was
Sanskar: yeah that’s true she is no more and this was all beause of that yuraj mittal
Precap: reason unrevealed…………………………..
Sorry gues I had to end their love story so soon but its not the end because what must have happend u’ll get to know in next episode and their is many things that happened after their proposal about that u’ll get to know with story like in FB’s of ragsan they would recall their moments ………………………. their’s lot of things to come up more darma…, masti, nokh jokh and romance…………… arashi love story and their confessions ragsan romance and a big twist ………………… so keep on reading…………………
Thank u…………

Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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