Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 21)


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At clg campus garden(near hostel area)
Ragini is sitting their
Ragini’s prov
Why was he so angry I don’t understand anything so weird
Sanskar is also their he’s walking form here and their
Sanskar’s prov
Why was I angery when I saw her with someone else What’s happening
He sees ragini sitting their he moves towards her then he sees someone behind her they r around

8-10 goons one is coming towards her holding a cherkief having chloroform he understands what is going to happen next he quickly screams her name and run towards her
Ragini stands form her place hearing her name she sees sanskar and turns around and finds some goons they try to attack her sanskar gives tight puch to him
Ragini too helps him they have fight but they r many and have guns with them sanskar takes ragini’s hand and they quickly runs from their they hide behind a tree both r so close to eachother ragini can hear his heart beat she resting her head on his chest they have a cute eyelock they break that goons r searching for them they slowly move form their and hide in store room which in clg campus no one is allowed their they quickly hide their
Their is immense slience btw them they have eye locks both no one talks first
Sanskar’s prov
Why I should talk first she should it was her fault

Ragini’s prov
So much attitude na see first of all his mistake he should ask sory form me but he’s not even bothered to talk with me atleast can’t he ask who were they
Sanskar’s prov
See her she making faces as if it was my fault was it really mine yeah I think I over reacted should I ask soy no I would not but it was my fault and those goons why they r behind her firat also someone tried to attack her and that’s day incident who were they should I ask but how would she answer I should
Ragini’s prov
He is not going ask should I tell no if he’s not interested then why should i
Sanskar breaks slience
Sanskar: who were they
Ragini didn’t except that he would speak but he did
Sanskar: I am asking u something(in rude voice)
Ragini: why u wnat to know
Sanskar: can’t u answer as much as I ask
Ragini: I am not any toy for u to use and then throw
Sanskar: I didn’t meant that ok I am sory I over reacted
Ragini: over reacted no u did more
Sanskar: I am asking sory I saved u and u r showing attitude ha
Ragini: I am not interested to tell
Sanskar felt something serious so he didn’t question further
After some time ragini felt that this time she over reacted
Sanskar was continuously looking at her ragini observed that
Ragini: why r u seeing me like this
Sanskar: nothing
Ragini: u know they were mittal’s mens
Sanskar: who’s he
Ragini: actually it starts from a year back from know

Fb shows that when ragini was studying in clg a boy called yuvraj was mad on her he troubled her in many ways but ragini always fought against him his father mr.ashok mittal was a leading businessmen of delhi and some connection with under world he has many illegal business his son was a spoiled brat karma industries at that time were leading so his father wanted ragini to get married to YV so that he could gain control over karma industries but ragini rejected that proposal as she never liked them and she got to know their intentions she insulted him badly and warned them but after that she excepted that everything was solved but no things become worsened after that YV know was troubling ragini in every means he even kidnapped swara and tried to black mail her they ragini got to know that their was a long enmity btw their families she was not finding any ways mittal has three sons YV was younger of all his elder son know wanted to take revenge form her she till date din’t meet this both but she heard a lot dadaji tried his best level to get to know about them but failed they had mainted such privacy the only thing they knew was their elder son name was rajveer mittal and other is shouray mittal rajveer is in hongkong he handles business their Fb ends
Sanskar was shocked he didn’t knew how to react he understood that the matter was serious so he was numb for a minute
Sanskar: why was he mad on u poor fellow
He started to laugh

Ragini: stop its serious and yeah on that day too they only attacked kushi
Sanskar: what will u do know
Ragini: don’t know the matter is becoming more serious day by day and I don;t understand how they can knew that I am here in London
Sanskar: that means to esacpe from them u came here
Ragini: no but yeah but really how exactly how can they know
Sanskar: may be someone following u
Ragini: I think u r right I should talk to dadaji about it
Sanskar: what after that
Ragini: means
Sanskar: till how much time u’ll hide clear everything once
Ragini: its not so easy
Sanskar: I have a plan
Ragini: what
Sanskar: call him here
Ragini: r u out of ur mind
Sanskar: I am serious
Ragini: what r u upto
Sanskar:come with me
He takes ragini out goons see them

Sanskar: wait their only call ur boss
Goon: why
Sanskar: do as I say
Goon call UV after some time he come their
He sees ragini with some one he gets more angry
Ragini: sanskar what r u upto(in low voice)sanskar holds her hand tight
Sanskar: don’t worry
UV sees that
UV: leave her
Sanskar: no I won’t, be in ur limits don’t even dare to move a step head
UV: don’t mess with yuvraj mittal
Sanskar: u don’t dare to mess with me
UV: who r u
Sanskar: I should ask this
UV: hey u , u don’t know me ha tu kiss baap ki aaulad hai ah
Sanskar: tu kiss baap ki aalulad ha
UV: hey u( he about to punch him ragini comes in btw)
Ragini: don’t u even think of touching him
UV: who is he for u ha
Sanskar: she’s my GF
UV: what
Sanskar: ha I love her and she loves me
Ragini was shocked to hear that
UV: I’ll kill u for that
Sanskar: wait mr.yuraj mittal do one thing call ur dad and ask about maheswari’s
Uv: mr. maheswari who the hell u r
Sanskar:for u sake do that

Uv calls his dad
Sanskar takes phone
Sanskar: hello mr. Mittal this is sanskar sanskar maheswari
Ashok(uv’s father): maheswari
Sanskar: ha explain ur son who I am
He gives phone to him
Sanskar: talk to him and ha after that we will disucss what to do ragsan
UV goes from their ragsan r their only
Uv:dad whose that
Ashok: he’s son of a big business men
Uv explains what and all happend
Ashok ask him to come back and forget her uv in anger breaks his phone he’s hiding their
Ragini: r u mad what have u done
Sanskar: relax he sees uv and hugs ragini tight
Ragini: sanskar leave me
Sanskar tightens his grip
Sansakr: be quite plsz
Ragini too hugs him back
Uv burns in more anger
He goes from their
Sanskar: uv was their
Ragini: what do u think by this everything would be sloved
Sanskar: no but why they r behind u their some other reason too
Ragini: ha I complained against them

Ragini got some proofs against them he complained and got ashok arrested he was under brass for a year but know he’s out
Fb ends

Sanskar: u r really brave
Ragini: thank u
Sanskar: not so soon come know we should go its not safe here
Ragini: ok gdnight
They go from their
Days pass like this sanskar and ragini’s bond has become more strong they r know good frnds but they still fight for silly reasons their possessiveness has increased a lot
Ragini’s and karn’s bond too have become strong sanskar hates karan and tanu she hates ragini she has tried to trouble her a lot but sanskar is always by ragini’s side karan too don’t like sanskar
One day tanu got ragini’s dairy at canteen it fell down from her bag she reads that
Its written that she has allergy to peanuts it can be highly poisonous to her but unfortunately she losses that and it reaches to sanskar , sanskar was shocked as he never accepted that ragini would also write a dairy he reads a page about her likes and dislikes and allergictic to peanuts
At canteen ragini is sitting with meera as jiya and kushi had some work sanskar too joins them
Tanu comes their sanskar ignores her
Tanu: sanskar plsz talk to me
Sanskar: plsz go from here or else I don’t know what may I do
Tanu: I know u r angry with me I came here to ask sory from ragini
All r shocked

Tanu: ha don’t be shocked ragini I am really sory because of me u had to face problems I am really sory
Ragini: its ok
Tanu: so frnds
Ragini: yeah
Sanskar and meera felt something strange
Tanu: so today a treat from my side
She calls waiter and ask him to bring a dish(it has peanuts in that )
The waiter place that on table
Meera: waht’s this
Tanu: its newly added in menu try it
Ragini: is it vegetarian
Tanu: yeah its vegetrain u plsz try that
Sanskar eats a bite he understands that their’s peanut in that he’s about to stop ragini buts its late she already ate
Ragini is feeling dizzy
Sanskar: ragini
Ragini plsz open ur eyes
He picks he in his arms and they rush to hospital
She is admitted
Sanskar and meera r their kushi too come their

Kushi: what happend to her
Sanskar: she ahd peanuts
Kushi: what how is she know
Sanskar: don’t know
Meera: but sanky how u came to know
Sanskar: I just knew
Doc comes out
Sanskar:doc how is she know
Doc: u brought here at right time otherwise today she would have died how can u be so care less
Sanskar:sory for that doc
Doc: take her care u can meet her
Sanskar: doc I need u r help
Doc: yeah sure
Sanskar: doc this again happens and we r unable to find medical help what we can do then
Doc: u can give her antidote
Sanskar:what’s that
Doc:come with me I’ll give it to u it can help u for some time but after giving it once check up is necessary
Sanskar: thank u doc
They meet ragini and take her back

At night
Sanskar’r room
Sanskar prov
Why was I so rest less when I saw her in problem when she closed her eyes I was feeling as if I missed my heart beat I felt like I was dying for even a second I was unable to see her like that what’s wrong with me why ragini I feel like that
Then he rember that dairy and decides to read it
My wish list about my better half
. he should have sixpates he must be body builder
He must be handsome cute and tall frndly with all should always suprise me give me many gifts should do shopping with me always do as I say
He should never see any other girl except me he should take care of me always make me feel special treat me as a princess should like horror romantic movies should should be romantic and some what naughty
After reading that
Sanskar:oh my god I never excepted that ragini would wirte such things he opens next page
He should be possive should take fof me should be ready to do anything should be ready to even sacrifice his life for me he should prove that he’s capable of taking my care
He should be sanskari should go for temple every day pray god take elder’s blessings respect them help old people
Sanskar: r these really he wishes
They way he proporse me should be different from all not on land nor in sky nor in water nor on it something that anyone would have never ever imagined to do so he should be adventure loving person
My wish: to run away from house and marry
He should be sweet and loving person understandable his thoughts should be free and good
Sanskar: what ok I am fun loving person I like adventure I am frndly with all I have body some what work out can help I am understandable
Wait why I am comparing myself to this did she really right this why no no what’s happening

The next day
Sanskar gifts ragini something he’s trying to make her feel special
Ragini feels something fishy but doesn’t show that
All r at canteen
Ragini is some what tensed
Jiya: what happend today something special sanskar gave gift to u
Ragini: nothing
Kushi: she is tensed because she lost her dairy
Sanskar come s their
Sanskar: what’s up babes he sees ragini a bit annoyed
Sanskar: what happend to u atom bomb
Jiya: woh she lost her dairy so she is tensed
Sanskar: what’s special ha, have u written about ur better half so ru tensed
Ragini: stop it yaar
All laugh

Ragini too joins
Ragini: u know what yes its true its written about something like that but
Sanskar: but what
Ragini: most of the pages were filled by my sis bro and kushi and one whole page was written by my dadi like he should sanskari and bla bla
Sanskar who was drinking coffee that time spills it out
Sanskar: what
Ragini: ha and what happend to u as if u have that and u tried to
Sanskar: shut up
Meera: poor guy if he thinks to impress u by that his plan is pakka flopped
All laugh sanskar is bit annoyed
Sanskar in mind what were u thinking idiot at right time god saved u other wise don’t know
Meera:what happend to u
Sanskar: nothing by the way ragini who would propose u ha
Ragini: very funny
Sanskar: tell me u have written nothing in that
Ragini: no last 2-3 wishes were written by me
Precap: ragsan romance sanskar proposes ragini
Break up…………….. how

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Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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