Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 20)


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At clg
Sanskar is walking near pool side ragini sees that she pushes him un water she ‘s laughing he’s drenched all start to laugh at him
He comes out and about to say something ragini cuts his word
Ragini: this is for morning what u did
Sanskar was unable to say anything to her as he was spell bound the strangest feeling he was enjoying her company her pranks he moved form their
At canteen
Jiya, meera , kushi and ragini r seated
Sanskar comes their
Sanskar: hey meeru what’s up

Meera: come sit na

He takes seat
Sanskar: waht’s up EF
Jiya: what is that and who’s that
Sanskar: it means enemy for ever
Jiya, meera nd kushi starts to laugh
Ragini: very funny
Sanskar: no I am serious ok let it be meera today is my foot ball match u should come and kushi u too come with my EF(he press this word)
Jiya: why ragini I’ll come
Sanskar: no she will come ha na ragini
Meera: why u said na she’s ur EF then why(winking at him)
Sanskar: u heard they say poison cuts poison
Jiya: ha what’s connection
Sanskar: my joustish said that today is tough day for me my biggest enemy will be stronger over all my other small enemies so if she comes I’ll definetly win
All laugh
Ragini makes a pout face she glares at him
Sanskar: don’t see me like that I feel something something
Ragini: u know meera they say dushman ka dushman dost
(All try to control their laugh)
So mr. Sanskar I’ll come for sure and u’ll lose
Sanskar: challenging ha
Ragini: we’ll see
At ground
Its sanskar’s match their scores r less ragini didn’t come still
He’s waiting for her to come
Team mate: what’s wrong with u u missed 3 goals why
Sanskar: just chill see know what I’ll do(he sees ragini)
They play very well sanskar’s team wins ragini is impressed by him a bit
After match
Ragini is standing their when a boy comes near her and taps her shoulder she thinks as sanskar
She turns around
Ragini: sanskar
She is shocked she feels a bit bad
Boy: its not sanskar its abhi
Ragini: oh I am sory
Abhi: its fine by the way u look beautiful
Ragini gets irriated as she excepted sanskar their and that boy is trying to filrt with her sanskar comes their and sees her he gets a bit anger he feels to punch that boy hard the suddenly he hears a slap sound
Yes ragini slapped that boy hard
Sanskar feels happy seeing her doing so he don’t know why but he is
Abhi: why u slapped me
Ragini: beause of ur cheesy lines go and try on someone else
Abhi: when sanskar tell u u don’t react so then why with me

Ragini holds his collar
Ragini: don’t dare to speak anything about him and if u speak one more word u would be sure for hospitalised
Abhi gets scared and goes from their sanskar hears everything he’s so happy but doesn’t show it
She is standing their alone
Someone taps her shoulder she thinks as its abhi and shouts
Ragini: can’t u understand one thing…………………… (she stops seeing that guy yes he’s sanskar )
Sanskar: yeah whom did u except
Ragini: no one
Sanskar: come lets go and celebrate for my win
Ragini: no I have some work
Sanskar: I know don’r give me some silly reason as u have office work and bla bla
Ragini: stop it…………. ok I’ll come
Sanskar: ok tomorrow evening at pub
Ragini: fine but why tomorrow
Sanskar: I know u very well u can’t skip ur office work so a day before I have informed u so no bahana’s
Ragini: very intelligent ha but why u want me their
Sanskar: beause of u we won my EFF
Ragini: know what’s this EFF

Sanskar: enemy friend forever
Ragini: wait when we became frnds
Sanskar: why I am asking u know ok will u be my fnrd
Ragini: I have to think

Sanskar: what’s their to think
Ragini: why I should be careful na I am thinking to make frnd a monkey
Sanskar: ok I know it ur yes so be ready tomorrow don’t dealy and bye
He quickly goes form their
At night
Sanskar’s room he’s seeing celing of his room lying on bed
Sanskar’s prov
I felt so happy when she slapped him why was I so anger when she talked with someone else why was it jealousy no how can that be no sanskar u r thinking so much but then too why I was so happy as I was on cloud 9 when she slapped him when she took my side why I feel like I am in heavens when I am around her she’s so innocent beautiful why I like to irritate her when she ‘s angery on me I enjoy it why she looks so cute in anger her cheeks turn red when she laughs her simile sanskar stop thinking what rubbish ur thinking no no I should not think so he sleeps
At ragini’s room

She is lying on bed but not getting sleep
Ragini’s prov
Why I was excepting sanskar their and why I slapped him when he spoke about him why I felt that only he has right to filrt with him talk chessy lines with me tease me trouble me he was right why know a days I don’t feel irritated or get angry when he troubles me why I have these right to him morning when he said that flying kiss was for me and will always be for me why instead of getting anger I had a simile on my face why I like his company I like him calling me from different names I get anger when I see him with other gilrs I am feeling jealous no it can’t be but thats true I am attracted towards him if someone else was in his place I would have beaten him so badly that’s true but no no stop thinking rubbish ragini what r u thinking
She goes to sleep
At clg
Ragini make karan as her frnd
sanskar is sitting she goes near him
ragini: what up EFF
sanskar: nothing its so boring here
ragini sees tanu coming their
ragini: u won’t be more see who’s coming
sanskar: oh no
ragini: what happend u should be happy na enjou her company she giggles and anout to go sanskar holds her hand
sanskar: wait
ragini: why

sanskar: plsz help me plsz plsz I beg u this time she’s in serious mood pakka she’ll do a big darma plsz plsz
ragini: ok but at one condition
sanskar: I agree but help me know
tanu comes their
tanu: what r u doing with him
ragini: why u have any problem

tanu: yeah he’s my BF
ragini: form when
tanu: what do u mean
ragini: only I have copyright on him so search for some one e lse she takes sanskar’s hand and goes from their
sanskar is so happy for what she said
sanskar: what u meant by that

(winking at her)
Ragini: don’t think so much
Sanskar: what I was not thinking anything I feel u have naughty ideas in ur mind
Ragini: sanskar stop it I have helped u and u
Sanskar: what help ha if anyone comes to know what u told no girl will be around me
Ragini: its better for u and why they’ll not come
Sanskar: oh everyone knows that ur black belt who will mess with a black belt’s copy right ha
Ragini: oh stop thinking so much

Sanskar: ok meet u at pub they both move from their
At pub
Sanskar is waiting for ragini just then she comes she is wearing a short balck knee length dress she’s just looking dame hot and beautiful
Kran takes ragini’s hand and start to dance with her sasnkar feels very angry seeing them close karan is becoming good frnd of her actually he likes her a lot but don’t wanna get rejected so he became her frnd first he moves towards them
Sanskar: u go from here
Ragini: sanskar what’s wrong with u
Sanskar: I said na go then go
Ragini: why should he go
Sanskar: don’t intefer just go(he yelled at him karan went)
Sanskar takes ragini’s hand and goes out
Ragini: sanskar leave my hand
Sanskar : why r u with him
Ragini: when u r with others I ever questioned u

Sanskar: who stopped u
Ragini: what has happened
Sanskar: I should ask u why r u avoiding me why r u always with him
Ragini: why what’s ur problem
Sanskar: ur my problem
He goes from their
Precap: sanskar asking sory from ragini
Sanskar try to impress her
Ragini’s wish list……………………………..
Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du

Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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