Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 19)


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Days r passing ragini and sanskar’s nokh johk and masti increases both find every way to trouble each other
after clg ragini moves to her office sanskar wanted to meet her he came to know about kushi
He went to meet her
Sanskar: hi kushi
Kushi: hi
Sanskar: I need ur help
Kushi: what help u want
Sanskar: where’s ragini
Kushi: why
Sanskar: she’s in my team yaar
Ksuhi: yeah ur the same guy na with whom she had fight at Bangalore
Sanskar: yeah but how u know that
Kushi: she tells me everything
Sanskar: oh I see
kushi: u r different from what ragini said about u
sanskar: yeah I am sure she must have said all rubbish about me
u know ur great how u tolerate her
kushi: thanks for compliments all beause of tricks and techniques
both laugh

sanskar: by the way u didn’t say where’s she is
kushi: she goes to office after work
sanskar: oh why
kushi: I can’t tell u more, u can meet her tomorrow if anything important u can tell me
sanskar: nothing I ‘ll talk tomorrow only where u’ll go know
ksuhi: ha I am going to hostel back
sanskar:ok bye
kushi: bye
kushi goes out of university as ragini called her she is moving on road when someone comes and tries to kidnap her sanskar who passes by their see that and help her
sanskar: r u fine and who were they
kushi: don’t know
sanskar: ok come I’ll drop
ragini is waiting for her she sees her coming with sanskar she gets angry
ragini: why u came with him
sanskar: oh hello stop yelling
ragini: why I am talking to u
kushhi: ladoo realx
ragini: what relax first tell me why r u late u and what is this she sees some blood on her hand and what happened to u r hand its bleeding
kushi: this is nothing
she tells her every thing
ragini feels sad she about to sory when she sees sanskar gone

the next day
ragini is trying to search for sanskar but all in vain the whole day she didn’t meet her she was tensed for him ragini try to know about him after clg at office too she was
Unable to concentrate on her work she decided to meet him on her way back she feels someone following her she gets a bit tensed she then feels someone very close to her and she turns and slaps him hard
Ragini is shocked to c see him
Ragini: sanskar tum
Yes he’s our sanskar
Sanskar: ha me (he keeps him hand on cheek ) ahh………
Ragini: is it paining
Sanskar: paining yeah its paining r u a balck belt
Ragini: ha how do u know that
Sanskar:what r u serious that means I should be careful form u
Ragini: sory and yeah by the way why r u following me
Sanskar: who’s following u
Ragini: tell me
Sanskar: ok yester day when kushi was attacked I heard u r name then and then today after I left the place I saw some goons talking about u so I was tensed but poor goons if they had attacked u pakka their would be hospitalised
Ragini: thank u for caring for me
And yeah where were u form morning

Sanskar: why u want to know oh I see someone was missing me(giving naughty simile)
Ragini: very funny
Sanskar: first tell me why
Ragini: to ask sory
Sanskar: for what
Ragini: is their a need to explain
Sanskar: ok actually I was busy
Ragini: with u r gf
Sanskar: no I had some work
Ragini: what
Sanskar: why r u questioning me as u r my gf and u r worried
Ragini: just for my knowledge
Sanskar: r u sure
Ragini: yeah and why u cared for me
Sanskar: not for u but for kushi
Ragini: how mean
Sanskar: nothing can be done with that
They both keep talking laughing and making jokes

Exams were coming near all were busy in preparing for that
at library
ragini is sitting with kushi and meera they r having group studies just near backside of ragini sanskar is sitting he’s sees ragini and thinks something
he slowly leans towards her and pulls her hair ragini gets irritated by this she changes her place he to changes he keeps on troubling her she moves form their she goes towards book shelf sanskar to follows her which ever book she’s upto pick he picks it her anger is crossing all limits she is trying to control her anger he irritates her more finnaly her conrol breaks
ragini: what’s ur problem sanskar
all sees them
librarian: what is all this
sanskar: nothing mam
librarian:why u need all this books
sanskar has so many boks even his face is not visible he peeps from those
sanskar: mam ask her why she is giving me so many books to carry
ragini: me when I gave u u r only picking these books
sanskar: its ur fault
sanskar looses his balance and all books falls down
sanskar: oh no know what
librarian: its ur both fault so u both together place thses books in correct rows hurry up fast
ragini: but mam what I did
librarian: beause of u bith this mess so cleaning will also be done by both
sanskar: wow mam this is justice
librarian: all r equal for me clean fast library is going to get close fast
she goes from their
ragini: this is all beause of u
sanskar: didn’t u heard what she said
ragini: yeah but what know
sanskar: 50-50
ragini: means
sankar: half books I’ll arrange and rest u
ragini: nice idea
sanskar: what u have thought about sanskar maheswari
ragini: don’t think so much hurry up
both move in opposite directions
they have arranged books they see all gone from their they meet at same spot
sanskar: so lets move
they both go out
libriarian checks everything
both r walking outside

ragini: oh no
sanskar: what happend know
ragini: I forgot my phone in
sanskar: go and get it
ragini: u r coming with me
sanskar: why should i
ragini: beause of u we r here na so
sanskar: what I did
ragini: don’t become so innocent come with me she pulls him

at library
librarian checks everything she picks the keys ragsan saw her but she didn’t
they search for phone librarian locks and goes both r unaware about it
sanskar gets the phone
sanskar: meile gaya(he shouts as he got treasure) he picks it
ragini:give it to me
sanskar: no
ragini: plsz sanskar
sanskar: no I wont
ragini is trying to take but he moves phone form here and their he’s troubling her a lot
ragini: sanskar plsz
then she shows as she got tried he too relaxes just then she takes phone from him
ragini: I got it
sanskar: cheater
ragini: what I did
sanskar: what u did let me show he tries to catch her and she runs from here and their
sanskar is chasing her and she’s running from here and their ragini slips beause of water on floor and sanskar too slips ragini falls down and sanskar is top on her they have intense and cute eyelock her hairs r on face sanskar slowly pins them back of her ear they get to sense
they both composes themselves they r avoiding echother sanskar breaks the silence

sanskar: so junglli billi come lets go
ragini sliently follows him
sanskar tries to open the door but is unable to
ragini: what happend
sanskar: don’t know this door is not opening
ragini: r u mad let me try
she pushes him and tires to open door bur unable too
sanskar:so ms tried
ragini: we r locked
sanskar: yeah hey u said na u have phone so call someone
ragini tries to call
ragini: oh no
sanskar: what happened
ragini: my phone is dead
sanskar: what now what to do
ragini: use ur phone
sanskar: If I had I wouldn’t have asked u
ragini: why didn’t u bring ur phone
sanskar: in libraray who carries phone
ragini: ok now what to do
sanskar: what to do what wait here till tomorrow morning
ragini: waht no way
sanskar: we don’t have any other option
ragini: ok

she moves towards table and sits sanskar sits beside her
he keeps on glaring at her
ragini feels awkward
ragini: why r r seeing me like this
sanskar: I am seeing look so innocent form outside and from talks ur like junglli billi who can kill anyone
ragini gives out a simile: thank u for compliments till know I didn’t think to kill anyone but if u continue for sure u’ll be the first to be murdered by me
sanskar: ha changeling me ha
sanskar I am feeling hungry
sanskar: so eat me
ragini: I can’t u would taste bitteru r more bitter than neem and kearla If we do competition who’s more bitter u’ll win for sure
sanskar: if it was a joke then very funny
ragini: no I am serious
sanskar: then eat this
he forwards a chocolate
ragini take it quickly she starts to eat its dairy milk silk she is eating like kid her mouth is filled with it full of chocolate on her face
sanskar laughs seeing her
ragini: why r u laughing
sanskar: see urself he grabs choclate from her hand quickly
ragini: give it to me
sanskar: no ways I am too hungry he starts to eat and gives some to ragini
both laugh seeing eachother
ragini: u look good while laughing
sanskar: thank u
ragini cleans her chocalte on her face
sanskar:so someone was observing me something is fishy
ragini: why
sanskar: nothing
ragini: I am getting bored
sanskar: what u want me to dance like joker and entertain u
ragini: not bad idea
sanskar: r u mad
ragini: u r too
they both laugh

ragini: shall I ask u something
sanskar: what u can ask
ragini:but u have to be prompt
sanskar: ok
ragini: how amny girlfrnd u have
sanskar is shocked by her question
sanskar: why this question
ragini: answer me na
sanskar: why u want to know u too want to br or what(giving naughty simile)
ragini: who want to be a monkey’s gf ok know answer my question
sanskar: around 27 and 28
ragini: what and how many breakups
ragini: how’s that
sanskar: beause from one year I didn’t met my one gf who’s at Kolkata and another is joona here
ragini: how shameless u r
sanskar: thank u for compliments
ragini: I didn’t compliment u flirty
sanskar: ok know tell me why u wanted to know
ragini: ah…….. beause I was getting bored
sanskar: be prompt
ragini: beause I saw tanu around u u were irritated by her u like girl’s company but not here’s and then meera as ur sis I was shocked so I asked
sanskar: u know I never said anyone that how many gf’s I have even arva don’t know
ragini: who’s that
sanskar: as u have kushi as ur BFF and scert keeper I have him he’s my cousin bro and from child hood we r together he’s my BFF
ragini: me too I share my every scert with dadaji and kushi
sanskar: dadaji
ragini: ha
sanskar: after arav I share with my chachu and then dad ………………
ragini: not bad ………………..
they talk for long and sleep their only

the next day
its early morning
sunrays distrub their sleep
sanskar wakes up he sees ragini he’s lost in her innocent face she soo beautiful
sanskar: rgaini wake up
ragini: kushi plsz 5 min’s more
sanskar: oh jungle billi wake
ragini : why r u talking like sanky
sanskar shakes her she wakes up
she sees him
ragini : what r u doing in my room
sanskar: yeah we r in u r room
ragini sees here and their
ragini: oh no
sanskar: know remember
ragini: ok librarian must be coming
sanskar: yeah
sanskar: waht know
ragini: if we both go at a time what she will think
sanskar: yeah what can she not think
ragini: what to do
sanskar: use ur dective mind and think something
ragini: ok I’ll go first I’ll try to distract her at that time u go
sanskar: fine

librarian opens library
Librarian: what r u doing here
ragini: mam I got locked
Librarian: oh I see
Ragini: mam plsz come this side she takes her aside and distact her sanskar utilises the opportunity and goes near door he sees ragini talking to her ragini gives a death glare to him to go out he wanna trouble her so he passes a flying kiss to her
Ragini is shocked she wanna kill him for what he did he quickly ran from their
Ragini moves out she searches for sanskar
Someone taps her shoiulder
Ragini turns and sees
Ragini: how dare u do that
Sanskar:what I did
Ragini: don’t be so innocent
She starts to beat him playfully
Sanskar: ok ok I am sory
Ragini: beause of u we were almost caught today
Sanskar: yeah
Ragini: oh its late I should go hostel back classes r going to start soon
She goes from their sanskar too goes in opposite direction sanskr quickly comes near her and whisherpers in her ears
Sanskar: that was only for u and always will be urs
He runs from their
Both r similing
Precap: jealousy…………………………………..
Possiveness increases………………

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Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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