Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 18)


Gues thanks for u’ll comments special thanks those who commented and thanks for my slient readres who liked my ff and read it gues for 2-3 episodes it will be only about ragsan love story their confession chemistry nokh jokh and reason for break up and hatered

Kushi calls sanskar at gm they at garden ragini is too their
Kushi came in front of sanskar
Kaushi: will u tell me or not
Sans: what
Ksuhi slaps him hard
ragini: kushi……………….
Sans: what’s wrong with u
Kushi: what’s wrong with me
She drags ragini in front of him
Kushi: what’s wrong with u both u stupids for that silly tanu u were fighting
Ragini: what r u speaking
Kushi: ladoo u be quite I am speaking to sanskar
Sanskar what have thought about urself ha
Sans: what u want to say say it clearly
Kushi takes her phone and shows a video
Sanskar is hell shocked to see that
Sans: from did u get it
Kushi: don’t worry its made by me and sanskar how can u trust that stupid and blame ragini ha u think ur over smart seriously ur big dumb

U know what yester day I saw cctv photage of ur office because I felt something fishy I saw tanu their I was shocked then I called someone and got to know that she’s in Kolkata I got her address and went to meet her but for my luck I saw this karan also their I felt something fishy so I took this pictures
Sans: kushi I know karan Is also here both r getting married
Kushi: how can u trust her
Sans: I am not trusting her
Kushi: sans u r committing biggest mistake of ur life by not trusting ragini
She goes in
Sans: ragini
Ragini: what
Sans: I am really sory
Ragini: sory for what sanskar for slapping me or for what u know I should be sory because I loved u I trusted u
Sanskar: ragini plsz
Ragini goes from their
Swalak arav and swayam hears everything
They all follow kushi

Kushi is sitting on sofa
Arav: kushi who’s this tanu karan
Swara: ha di plsz explain us what’s happening
Kushi about to speak when she sees ragini and stops
Kushi: ragini ………..
She follows her to her room
Kushi: ragini plsz talk to me
Ragini: plsz leave me alone she closes her room’s door
Kushi comes down
Arav: what’s happening
Kushi: its all because of that tanu
Swara: wo’s it di
Laksh: will u tell us or not
Kushi: ok I’ll tell u but not here
Swwayam: ok we can move to garden
Kushi: so let me start but u want to only about tanu and karan or form being everything
Swara: from being
Laksh: yeah its look interesting
Kushi: so the story starts from 6 years from know

Fb 6 years back
At Bangalore
Sanskar had come for a meeting their he’s driving his car when someone comes in front of his car sanskar sees her and puts sudden break the girl get few injuries
Sanskar comes out
Snskar: what the hell r u mad can’t u see and walk
The girl gets up sanskar is memerised to see her
Ragini: oh hello firts because of u I got injuried and u r shouting at me
Sanskar is spell bond he gets his sense when he hears people sounds
Sanskar: oh hello u came in front of my car its all u r mistake
Ragini: oey mr because of u I got hurt how dare u speak like this with me
Sanskar: why r u some princess how dare u
Ragini:areh wah olta chor kotwal ko date
Sanskar: I am getting late I don’t have time for ur nonsense
Ragini: who want to waste time with u
Both leave
After a year of that incident

At London
At London university sanskar is their from a year he’s doing MBA their ragini and kushi too joins same institution for their MBA sanskar is loved and liked by all he has many gf’s he even flirts with his lady teacher’s
Both didn’t meet after clg ragini was doing her office work karama industries were expanding all the responsibilities of that was taken by ragini she was very busy in her work and all

The clg
At canteen,
Sanskar is surrounded by many girls ragini is unable to see him
Ragini sees many girls around sanskar she can’t see his face she feels a bit uncomfortable she aks a girl
Ragini: why r all around him
Girl: r u mad to ask this question so handsome he’s
Girl 2: I think u r new here
Ragini in mind oh so all r mad on him
She sees a gril sanskar is irritated by her for sanskar she’s just frnd but that gril is mad on him he don’t wanna hurt her she is tanu hot and beautiful
Tanu: sanky why r with those girls always
Sanskar: tanu plsz yaar don’t start ur drama again
Tanu: ok leave that she gives him choclates this I bought for u ur favourite
Sanskar: thank u but I don’t need it he goes form their
Ragini sees that
Ragini: why he’e irritated by her
Girl: She always troubles him by interputing in his work sanskar many times scolded her then too she’s just mad on him
Ragini: ha that can be seen anyways I am ragini
Girl 2: oh I am meera and she is jiya I think first year student right
Ragini: ha and she is kushi my bff
Meera: nice to meet u both
Ragini: u were not attracted to him so much as jiya I mean I saw I think she too likes him
Meera: ya ur right and yah sanskar is like my bro
Kushi: r u kidding me means he made u sis
Meera: ya actually we r frnds he treats me as his sis
Jiya: ha but then too she never helps me
They all laugh and have great time

Sanskar comes towards meera he’s unaware about ragini being their because ragini went to washroom some time ago
Sanskar: hey meeru new frnds ha
Meera: ha sansky meet her she’s kushi
Sanskar: nice to meet u both shake hands
He sits with them
Jiya: sanskar r u free today
Sanskar: sory sweet heart I am bit busy today
Jiya is on cloud 9 hearing him calling her sweet heart
Meera: where’s this rags
Sanskar: whose that
Kushi: my BFF
Sanskar: oh I see
Meera: their she comes

She comes from sanskar back side sanskar didn’t turn to see her
Meera: rags meet him my bro my best frnd sansky
Ragsan see eachother
Ragsan at a time: tum
Sanskar:meera tum pure clg me yehi chipaklai meli this dost banna ke liye
Ragini: oh hello mr.kadoos how dare u call me chipakali
Sanskar: ur right u r not chipakali ur jungle billi who finds a way to fight with all u look like jungle billi
Ragini: see urself monkey don’t know form which angle ur handsome why they r mad on u
Sanskar: they r u have any problem jungle billi
Ragini: again u r jungle mad idiot joker
Meera: gues stop it
Kushi: ragu pls come
Sanskar: jungle billi
Ragini gets anger and stamps his foot so hard he’s screaming in pain holding his foot ah……………
Ragini: tit for tat
She goes from their

One day,
A fresher’s party was arranged
All seniors and juniors r their
Anker: hello everyone this is a frehser’s party to welcome all r new comer I hope u’ll enjoy so lets start our program
Lets start our program by a song by our rockstar
All screams sanky sanky……………………….
A boy is facing his back he’s having a guitar
Kushi: awe who’s that I am so excited
Ragini: control urself
He starts to sing (gues I don’t no which song it could be u can imagine any of ur favourite song which has both male and female voice)
Sanskar song patner forgets her lines when a girl continues to sign she is standing at back
Of stage sanskar is memerised by her voice they both make a good pair the song finishes the girl gets a call she moves from their sanskar keeps his guitar and follows her the girl is ragini dadaji called her she’s at garden outside the venue sanskar comes their and sees her talking she’s facing back sanskar is unable to see her face she cuts the call and about to turn when sanskar talks to her
Sanskar: hey miss u signed very well
Ragini feels the voice similar as she knows him
She’s till facing back

Ragini: thank u, u too sing very well
Sanskar feels as he knows her
Sanskar: thank u for compliments by the way I am sanskar u can call me sanky he forwards his hand
Ragini: me ragini u can call me rags she turns and forwards her hand and both r hell shocked
Ragsan: tum
Ragini: oh so tum muhj se frndship karana chate ho
Sanskar: oh hello don’t dream who want to be frnd with u
Ragini: oey u came here by following me not i
Sanskar: ha I came not following u (he sees here and and finds a girl ) by following her (pointing towards that girl)
Ragini: then why r u wasting my time go with her
Bechari ladki kiss baandar ke sath pas gayi(in low tone)
Sanskar: tum ne kuch kaha
Ragini: nahi kuyu laagtha hai tumre kaan baaj rahe hai
Sanskar: mane suna tum ne kaya kahe
Ragini: toh kuyu pucha
Sanskar: kitini aajbhe ho phele galti kar te ho aur doorse par roobh jathe thi ho
Ragini: tume koi probelm
Sanskar: ha jaabse meli ho meri life me problem he aa rahi ha
Ragini: yeh mujhe kahne cahe yeh any ways tumre sath Time waste kuyu karne
Sanskar: Ha tumre wajase se woh ladki chali gayi
Both moves

Kushi Sees her frustrated
Kushi: Kya hua
Ragini: Kya kya hua tume yaad he mani ek ladke ke bare me batay tha joh Bangalore me melia tha
Kushi: Woh jsiki gaadi ke saname tu aa gayi thi
Ragini: Be quite ha wohi I met him here
Kushi: What, what is he doing here
Ragini: He’s the same guy who was singing
Kushi : Oh u should ask sory because it was all ur fault
Ragini: Yes I know but never say this in front of him
Kushi: Ok
At first year students class(rag and kushi’s class)
Teacher: students u all be paired with ur seniors for ur next assignment
Some seniors student comes in sansakr is also their
Ragini: oh no
Sanskar: what she’s doing here hope I am not paired with her
Teacher: so u’ll be paired by this she has a bowl their r names of all students of this class in this the seniors students will pick three chits who’s ever names would be their they would in one team
All picks kushi is in some others team know its sanskar turn
Sanskar picks up three chits at once and teacher announces names

James lara and ragini
Both r hell shocked
Ragini: mam can I go to some one else’s team
Teacher: what’s ur problem
Ragini: mam I don’t wanna be in his team
Teacher: he’s among topper of clg what problem u have
Ragini: mam plsz
Teacher: no ways ur in his team
Sanskar simirks at her evilly
Ragini is bit tensed
Sanskar comes towards his team
Sanskar: so team ready for our task
James: yeah but how will we start
Sanskar: I’ll tell i soon but I feel someone uninterested (winking at ragini)
Ragini: I think that’s u because u have no plan
Sanskar: ms.ragini I have plan and u r task Is to get all the materials ready (he hands a file)
Ragini: oh hello I am new here I don’t know about places
Sanskar: don’t worry when sanskar’s here
Ragini: what do u mean
Sanskar: I can help u but at some condtions
Ragini: and what is that
Sanskar: ask sory from me nad u have to be my assistant for whole day u will have to do as I say
Ragini: in ur dreams
Sanskar: then task also in dreams
Lara: I can be I have no problem
Sanskar: no sweet heart only she
John: rags plsz agree plsz for task
Ragini: ok fine but I’ll not tell sory
Sanskar: ok I can mange
Ragini: ok then from where to start
Sanskar: from know
The whole day sanskar troubles her a lot he’s making her to carry all bags do his all works teasing her by calling jungle billi, chipakali, ms.killer, and many more new names ragini is irritated by him a lot

Precap: flash back continues
Ragsan becoming frnds more nokh jokh and masti

Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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