Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 17)


Sory gues for late upate I know its becoming boring but s=don’t worry in upcoming episode I reveal about ragsan love story next episode will be full of ragsan only I done a mistake in lat episode I worte about family trip to jaipur yeah family trip will be their but to some other place and after the relevation of ragsan love story pardon me its boring I know……………
Ragini’s prov

I heard everything when all were talking with dadaji at hospital I got really very angry what should I do I thought to talk to them but before them I wanted to talk to sanskar I thought to call him but their was a war btw my heart and mind my mind said what happened was wrong but my heart is asying that they wanted my happiness so they did that dadaji was guilty that because of him I lost my love but no that’s not true I lost it because it was never mine what should I do know sanskar has already done many things to make me simile its true after he returned to my life many things changed my heart is saying to trust him but what should I do I went to meet him I said him everything he was hell shocked we were talking to each other like normal like nothing happened I Was so happy but after I left we went to meet someone I returned back as I forgot my phone I was hell shocked to see that person and then when he slapped me everything was out of my control know I’ll never forgive him for what he did

She was crying vigoursly
Sanskar’s prov
I really don’t know what I should do I am hating myself for slapping her why why ragini I love u so much that I can do anything for u why can’t u understand me I know ur right from ur view but u r wrong at present why r u playing with my emotions why ……………………..
He too sad
Kushi tells everyone what had happened
Swara:what has happened know
Kuhsi: no idea

Laksh: di u said na bhai met someone
Arav: ha
Laksh: we can check cctv camera photage that who was it
Kushi: yeah come lets move we don’t have time
They move to office they see photoage its some girl
Arav: its some girl I have never seen her u know her
Kushi was hell shocked to see her
Arav: kushi
Kushi: know I got to know what must have happened
Arav: what

Kushi: I’ll tell u later I should go somewhere
Will do one thing for me go and talk with ragini make her comfortable with u’ll tomorrow she is coming to mm she may be uncomfortable so plsz
Arav: don’t worry and ya no need to say plsz after she is my bhabi
Laksh: ha I really want to talk to her u know swara told me she likes horror moives and many more things

Kushi in mind I hope she didn’t say about that day incident
Laksh sees her tensed
Laksh: bhai u know swara also told me many more things about the experiences watching horror movies with best frnd
Kushi sees him with pleading eyes to not say anything
Laksh: bahi we have to hurry up
Kushi: ok I’ll leave
She goes from their laksh starts to laugh
Arav: laksh what happened and kushi I saw her tensed
Laksh tells how kushi fainted by fear and ragini how she scared her
Both start to laugh………….
Ragini is sitting alone laksh and arav comes

Arav: hello ragini
Ragini: anything happend
Arav: why they both r seeing her with wiered expressions
Ragini: yaar if u both see me like that then what should I do
Laksh: ragini leave him
arav: ragini
Laksh: opps I am sory I mean ragini bhabi
Ragini: ok laksh and arav bhai
Laksh: arav bhai
Ragini: ha he’s elder to me
Arav: so that means I got one sis today they have side hug they talk for a while ragini is frndly them
Ragini is comfortable with them
Its decorated beautifully ap is busy in making preparations
Sanskar comes with ragini arav laksh and uttra r with him

Ap does ragini’s ghar parvesh she enters MM ragini is avoiding sanskar they take blessing from all they do rest of rituals
Uttra: bhai know its tym for some fun I mean we’ll play the games suji brings a falt vessel of milk andwater

Uttra throws a ring in it : ok bahi and bhabi whover finds it will win
Laksh: I am sure my bhabi will win
Arav: ha ofcourse my ladoo will win
Sanskar: ladoo…
Arav: any problem
Sanskar: no
Arav: don’t feel jealous she’s like my best frnd and my sis
Laksh: u replaced sanskar bhai
Arav: ha when their such a beautiful gorgeous girl like ragini as frnd who need sanskar
Both give hifi to eahother
Uttra: ha bhai don’t worry I am with u

Suji: ok lets start ragini u know its said that which ever patner wins whole life the other will listen to who wins
Laksh: papa that means u lost in this game
Rp: why
Laksh: because u always do what mom says so
Suji holds his ears: u r talking verymuch these days
Laksh: ah…………..ah…………… mom its paining she leaves
All laugh at him
Laksh: areh what wrong I said its logic
Dp: ha rp had lost in this game
Laksh:see know bade papa also said
Bhabi u have to win for my sake
Uttra: for u why
Laksh: if bhabhi wins bhai will listen to her bhabhi is on my side of course bhai will also listen to me its logic
Uttra: what an logic ur such big cheater

Laksh: nothing can be done for that
Suji: ok 1,2,3 go both put their hand both r searching sanskar catches ragini’s hand she eyes him angrily he leaves sanskar gets ring but he don’t pick ragini picks it up she wins
Laksh: wow bhabi I said na chipakali see my bhabi won
Arav: ha I am so happy sanskar maheswari lost for first time
Ragini is happy seeing all but she is still angry on sanskar she’s not speaking to him
Ap comes to ragini and give her a necklace
Ap: ragini this my ma gifted me when I was married I want to give this to u
All r happy
All family members give her gift
Shardha: where’s gift for ragini arav and laksh
Laksh: we bought it but we’ll not give it front of all later we will give
Suji: tell that u didn’t bring

Arav:no way choti mami how can I forget to bring gift for my sis
Its here ha kumbhkaran can forget
ragini: whose this kumbhkaran
Uttrra: of course laksh bhai
All laugh
arav: u know why this name
Arav: beause he gets up late in morning
Laksh: ok stop it I have gift for my bhabi but after seeing gift who will save me from bahi
uttra: what gift u bought that u need protection
Lakh: I need protection from bahi
Arav: give it na
Laksh: ok bhabi u have to save me
Laksh give her gift two gifts
uttra: what’s that
Ragini opens one gift and looks at laksh with shocked expressions she opens another one too
Laksh: u liked it na bhabi
Sanskar: what’s their in that ragini
Ragini gives weired expressions to laksh

Raglak starts to laugh
Sanskar: ragini why r u laughing
Ragini shows the gift
Arav laksh ,ragini start to laugh see sanskar he was giving weired expression
Sanskar: disguisting yaar lucky
uttra: what’s that gift she sees it
horror movies who gifts horror movies to anyone and projector
Sanskar: u didn’t get any better gift than this
Ragini: laksh u know this is my best gift till ever, no one gifted me this
They give hifi to eachother
Sanskar: this devar bhabi team is really every dangerous
Ragini: but laksh I can’t watch this alone with whom can I watch it
Laksh: with bhai
Ragini starts to laugh: with whom sanskar he’s so scared

Arav: don’t worry we their na
They give hifi
Sanskar: till know laksh was their and know u also
Sanskar left from their laksh arav and ragini were cracking jokes and laughing
Sanskar was happy o see ragini laughing and similing he was lost in her he then rembers yestarday’s incident and gets angry and goes from their
At night
At ragsan room
ragini is not talking to him
Sanskar: ragini u sleep on couch
Ragini was shocked she took pillow and bedsheet
Sanskar: hurry up I am sleepy
Ragini gave shocked expression and throws pillow and bed sheet to him
Sanskar: why u gave me
Ragini: beause u’ll not sleep on bed

Sanskar: oh hello its my room……
Ragini cuts his words
Ragini: it was till I am here its mine and don’t dare to argue with me regarding bed u should feel happy that I am not throwing u out allowing u to be in this room
Sanskar: so u care for me
Ragini: no for my and ur family
Sanskar: oh u care for ur family tell me one thing when u don’t belive me u have hurted all of them by ur behaviour u changed so much u didn’t ever try to listen to me what u care for them he moves closer to her ragini gets teared eyes hearing his words
Ragini: its non of ur business and yeah I married u only for dadji I am staying here only for my family if u had not promised dadaji I would have never stayed their where my father’s murderer leaves she turns around sanskar hold her wrist back and turns her towards him he has so much anger in his eyes ragini is wincing in pain

Sanskar:stop it
He sees what he’s doing and losses his grip but ragini’s saree’s pallu gets stuck in sanskar’s watch ragini slips and fall on bed sanskar too falls on top of her they have a cute eyelock both r lost in eachother ragsan gets their senses they composes themselves ragini tries to free her saree sanskar sees ragini’s braclet it’s one that he had gifted her
Sanskar: so u still have it
Ragini gets to know what he’s speaking
Ragini: its non of ur business
Sasnakr holds her close by her waist
Sanskar: yeah its my business
Ragini: leave me sanskar
Sanskar: no I won’t what’ll u do
Ragini: I’ll scream
Sanskar: ok scream
Ragini: u r crossing ur limits
Sanskar: we r married we can complete that incomplete work
Ragini is shocked her mouth is open

Ragini: just shut up he leaves her and laughs at her expressions
He goes and sleep on couch
Sanskar prov
How helpless I am sory ragini for hurting u don’t know what to do I want to protect u and I’ll do that I should hurt u also I’ll do that also I am sory I can’t even tell u truth
Ragini prov
Why sanskar I feel weak when u r around me when u r with me why I want that time to be stopped why If u love me then why this hatred I want to trust u sanskar but everytime u break it why
Sanskar’s prov
I know I hurted u but I have no other option sory for breaking u r trust again but what can I do belive u or on what I saw
Ragini’s prov

I know u love me and I promise I’ll find out truth soon about everything
Sanskar prov
Ragini I promise this time no one can spearte us even god can also not do that I’ll always be with u I promise I’ll make u realise ur love for me soon I promise I’ll clear all misunderstanding btw us

Precap: kushi slaps sanskar
ragsan love story
Some scerts about ragini’s past..

Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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