Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 16)


Shardha:will u both stop only our half part of plan is finished
Dadaji: u r right still both r apart from eachother and I know ladoo she’ll not accpect all this so easily it is really difficult for her
Kushi:i am sure now ragini will go behind truth and find out the truth about her dad’s accident
Shardha: u don’t worry I will make her work easy
Arav: and waht about these love bird how we will bring them close any plan
Dadaji: I have but
Swara: I want to tell u something she tells about hers and laksh relation
Swayam: why r u telling us all this we know
Swara: areh buddu u know but waht about dadaji
Dadaji : ok why did u say everything
Swara: I have a plan
She says her plan
Dadaji: are u sure
Swara: don’t worry I’ll handle
Laksh: oh miss we’ll handle
Swayam, uttra, arav, kushi, swara, laksh,shardha buhaji and dadaji r their
Swara: thanks u bhuaji on right time u came and said us everything

When they took dadaji to hospital
Dadaji gained conscious shardha came first from all at that a kushi, swara and swayam were their she said them everything all were shocked
She said that arav’s dad arjun was responsible for shekar’s accident and dp promised that he would never say this because he never wanted that arav blames his father sanskar knew everything but he was num for me
All were shocked arav and laksh heard that kushi saw this arav moved from their kushi followed him at garden
Arav went to garden he was crying their
Kushi went behind him she tried to console him
Arav hugged her she too hugged him back
Arav: why kushi because of my father all this happend beause of him ragini lost her father , sanskar lost his love all because of me to not nurt me everyone hurted themselves
Kushi: arav plsz u were not the reason plsz………………
Laksh comes their
Laksh: bhai plsz don’t blame urself
Arav hugs him
Sahrdha comes their
Arav hugs her
Shardha: I am sory beta (she had tears)
Arav cleaned them no ma its not ur fault i promise I’ll make everything fine
Arav (thinks for a while) I want to unite ragsan
Kushi and laksh were happy to hear that
Laksh: bhai how
Kushi: I have an idea
Laksh: what
Kushi come with me they move to dadaji

At ward dadaji, swara, swayam were their
Kushi: dadaji we want ur help
Dadaji: for what
Kushi: to unite ragsan
Swara: what and how(giving shocked expression)
Kushi: get them married this is the only way to unite them because if once ragini got to knew the truth she’ll never except sanskar she would blame herself and I am sure my dumb head frnd will do something big
Dadaji: ok but will agree to get married
Swayam: I know my di she’ll never
Kushi: I have a plan
She says them their plan
They took help of hospital staff and doctor all agreed
FB ends

Swara: but what know
Kushi: we have to make ragini enter MM
Arav: but how we’ll do that
Kushi: areh yaar everything I am only giving ideas can’t u all think of something
Dadaji: I’ll convice ragini but what after that
Swara: we have plan for that also
She says her plan
Kushi: oh hello ur hrlping ragini or urself
Swayam: matalab
Kushi: boodu they r thinking about themselves
Swara: no nothing like that(she is blushing)
Kushi: ah…… see urself ur turned to a red tomato
Dadaji:no problem we can do that
Arav: ok so lets start our mission
Dadaji: know u’ll go ragini may come at anytime
All moves swara and swayam r only their
Arav and shardha return to MM laksh went to drop kushi
Arav sees sanskar tensed
Arav: bro what’s wrong
Sanskar: dodn’t know arav
Arav places his hand on his shoulder
Arav:u can share with me
Sanskar: I am feeling like everything is going too fast we both need time we were unable to except all these
Arav: r u mad u love her
Sanskar: but she don’t u know arav I am also feeling the same as she she is correct from her point of view but really we can’t
Arav: that means u wan’t her to go away from u
Sanskar: no I never wish to and I would never let that happen
Arav: what’s ur problem
Sanskar:don’t know

at hospital
ragini comes to meet dadaji
ragini ask doc when he can get discharge doc says the next day
the next day dadaji got discharge he came to home
maheswari family was also present their rag was taking care of dadaji
dadaji: dp call pandit and ask when bidaai can be done
ragsan r shocked to hear that
rag: but dadaji u r not well
dadaji: so wahat swara, sawayam, sumi and ur dadi is their to take my care u should know start u r new life
rag: but its too fast
sans: I agree with her let u get well then we can do all this
dadaji: waht happened to u both
sasn: dadaji ragini’s need is here
dadaji: she’s married to u I want her to start her life
both unwontedly agree

at night
sans calls rag
sans: r u ok
rag: no I am not why did u call
sans: to infrom u that tomorrow evening my dadi is returning back
rag: so
sans: so what , ok tell me anything u have planned about what next
rag: no and u
sans: yeah I am going to London
rag: why
sans: why u want to know u want me to go way then u should be happy right
rag: sanskar answer me directly
sans: I don’t want to
rag: ok then why r u troubling me by saying this
she cuts the call

both r tensed
just then kushi comes in she sees ragini she goes to her
kushi: what happened
rag: nothing
kushi: is everything fine btw u and sanskar
rag: nothing is fine(in loud tone)
kushi: u can sahre with me
rag: I don’t know yaar I trust him that his dad is not behind my father’s accident then what but still
kushi: but what still
rag: he’s so stub burn
kushi: talk to him
rag: talk to him he’s not ready to talk to me directly and what should I talk he behaves as if understands me and other side he acts as something big wrong I have done
kushi: what’s u both’s problem
rag: he’s a big problem
she goes from their
and on other side
sans after rag cutting call bangs the wall with his hand
arav comes in
arav: bro what r u doing
sans doen’t care
he moves near him and places his hand on his shoulder
arav: what know she done
sans: she’s so stub brun can’t she understand me
arav: what happened
sans: I am moving to London
arav: why when
sans: I don’t wnat to see her around me
arav: what’s wrong with u both
sans: whar’s wrong go and ask her
he goes from their
arav calls kushi he says about recent happenings kushi to informs him about everything
arav: what to do
kushi: bring sans tomorrow to cafe
arav: but why
kushi: u’ll get to know tomorrow
the next day
kushi takes ragini to cafe and arav brings sanskar
they both see eachother and r shocked
sans: why u nought me here
arav: bahi relax we’ll sit and talk
rag: kushi I don’t wnana talk with him
kushi: plsz
sans: I said no na(in loud tone)
rag: then who wanna talk to u ha
kushi: will u both stop it for my sake plsz
they sit facing opposite to eachother they r not looking at eachother
kushi: ok tell me what’s ur both problem
ragsan: ask him/her(at a time)
rag: u have problem
sans: u know what u r problem
rag: yeah every problem of mine is realted to u because of from when u came in my life my life’s became so complicated
sans: I should say that because u can’t except ur feeling u don’t know to listen to anyone and on that day too if u had listened to me nothing would had happened like that
rag: what should I had listened too u crossed ur limits didn’t I try to talk to u
sans:why r u so stub brun
rag: u r such a sadoo
arav: will u both stop(in very loud tone)
they both were numb

kushi: we called u to slove ur problem not to fight here
arav: r u both mad first rag was screaming that she hates u when she is ready to trust u, u have changed what u both r thinking about urself ha r u both playing any ignore games then gues grow up u both r married know have u ever thought about ur family at least once after u r break up u both changed so much and u r families sans u know how much badi mami bade mama all family members were tensed for u they lost their old sanskar
kushi: and u ragini u had stopped similing and sanskar returned to ur life it gave everyone a hope wher’s that strong ragini who was always similing in all situation she was beloved of all and see urself once
both ragsan were numb they saw at each other
kushi:see gues tell us atleast whaht happened
ragsan at a time: ask her/him
both move from there both have teary eyes

precap: family trip to rajsathan(jaipur)
sanskar’s dadi’s entry

gues what had happened btw ragsan what’s wrong with sanskar why he’s behaving so odd what had happened why is sanskar leaving to London will this family trip bring ragsan close or will sperate them forever will swalak arashi be able to unite them. What was the real reason of their breakup who’s was behind their breakup and whose entry has created so much misunderstanding btw them two new entries who is the real culprit why sans blaming rag all …………….. he’s so understanding but suddenly why he changed……………………
plsz plsz plsz comment ………………………………….

Credit to: poonam

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