Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 15)


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Ragsan come to hospital
Ragini comes to swara
Ragini: how’s dadaji
Swara cries and hugs her di dadaji’s condtion is critical
Ragini is also crying she wipes her tears and cups swara’s face swara don’t worry he’ll be alright she sees swayam and hugs him
Ragini moves to dadi
Ragini: dadi don’t worry nothing will happen to him
Dadi hugs her
Dadi: ur here na nothing can go wrong
Ragini hugs sumi swara nd swayam also comes and hug her trio have a group hug (sumi, swara, swayam, and ragini)

All maheswari’s r some what happy so see her strong in such situation also
Doc come out they break hug
Ragini: doc what happened
Doc: we have do his operation but
Ragini: but what doc
Doc: his survival chances r only 15%
Ragini: do anything but save him
Doc: we will try our best doc goes in all r tensed doc comes out
Ragini: what happend
Doc: he got consciousness he want to meet ragini whose that plsz come with me

Ragini goes in she sits near dadaji
Ragini: I am sory dadaji all this happened because of me(she is crying)
Dadaji: don’t blame urself
Ragini: no I didn’t understand u I am sory
Dadaji: see I am fine na ragini will u fullfill my last wish
Ragini: nothing will happen to u(she’s crying)
Dadaji: I know my survival chances r less will u do what I say……….
Ragini: why r saying like this nothing will happen to u, I’ll do anything for u………
Dadaji: call sasnkar and dp here
Nurse foes and calls them
Dp: kakaji r u fine
Dadaji: ha dp………………….. I want something from u
Dp: ha tell na
Dadaji: sanskar come here sanskar moves toward him dadaji takes his hand and places ragini’s hand in his
Dadaji: ragini u marry sanskar this is my last wish
Ragini: what r u saying dadaji(she has tears in her eyes)
Dp and sanskar is shocked
Dadaji: if I die also I’ll have no guilt plsz marry him
Ragini: dadaji plsz I can’t
Dadaji: u promised me to fullfill my last wish
Dadaji: Sanskar plsz marry my ragini
Sanskar: dadaji ………………..
Dadaji: I know u love her promise me that u’ll never leave her hand u’ll never leave her alone
Sanskar: I promise
Dadaji:dp take care of my ladoo I know I can’t be with her long
Dp: don’t worry nothing will happen to u

Doc comes in
Doc: we have to do operation
Ragini: yes doc
Dadaji: no if u want me to get operated marry sanskar
Ragini: what is this dadji
Dadaji: if u marry him I’ll get operated
Ragini: ok I’ll marry him first u get treated
Dadaji: no right know I want u to marry him
Ragini: how can this be possible
Dadaji: my last is wish is I want to see u get married plsz marry sasnkar dp plsz grt them married here I want to her marriage plsz my request to u
Dp: yes they will marry
Dadaji: here only know
Dp comes out and tells everyone all r shocked dp ask arav to arranges for pandit and laksh do rest arrangements in hospital itself pandit comes
Small mandap is made in hospital ragini and sanskar sits near fire pandit starts mantas swara covered ragini’s head with red dupptta she is wearing a kurta, sanskar is in his formal office suit they r getting married ragini has tears in her eyes they stand for varmala sanskar puts flower garland in ragini’s neck she too does it they again sit swara does their gattbahndan they stand for phereas they take seven rounds they make seven promises with eachother dadaji is happy to see them get married pandit ask sasnkar to fill ragini’s maang with sindoor and make her wear mangalsuttra sanskar sees towards ragini she has tears in her eyes he does it pandit says the marriage is completed from know thay r husband and wife they satnd up and takes eldesr blessing
Ragini comes to dadaji
Ragini:see I did what us said know get treated
Dadaji: I am happy today that my ladoo got married know if I die also I have no tension I know u can take care of family and I found someone who will take ur care
Sanskar take her care
Sanskar comes to dadaji : I promise I’ll never let her be sad I promise
Dadaji: I know I trust u……………….

Doc takes dadaji to OT
All r somewhere happy for ragsan marriage but sad too by the way they got married and about dadaji
All r tensed
Nurse comes out of OT
Ragini runs to her
Ragini: waht happened
Nurse: his condition is becoming more crtical we already delayed in operation plsz gets this medicens(she gives a silp)
Sanskar takes it: I’ll bring
Laksh too goes with him
Sanskar brings medicens and gives to nurse all r tensed it has been a hrs
Ragini is tensed
Ragini: u’ll go take some rest I am here
Sanskar: ha she’s right laksh plsz take them to canteen no one had their dinner
Dadi: no I’ll be here only
Ragini: dadai plsz for me
Dadi and all agree laksh and arav takes them they all go canteen laksh. Arav,uttra makes them to eat something
Ragini is stressed she is sitting on chair she has leaned her head back of chair sankar comes near her he sits besides her
He places his hand on hers
Sanskar: nothing will happen to him
Ragini: don’t know what’s happening with me in a day my life changed everything changed
Sanskar: don’t worry everything will be fine
Ragini: sanskar why this happens to me the person I love more leaves me first ma then papa then u and know dadaji
Sanskar: I am always with u
Ragini: I really don’t know how to react I am unable to trust u and without trust all relations ruin
Sanskar is shattered by her word
Sanskar: I know and I’ll not force u for anything I know how ur feeling
Ragini: u can never understand
She gets up and starts moving from here and their she sees her mangalsuttra and she is thinking about their marriage their past and everything she is unable to accept what happened

At canteen
Ap: see na within a day many things changed
Suji: ha jiji our sanskar got married
Ap:we should be happy but we r sad for kakaji
Dp: don’t worry nothing will happen to him
They all move towards OT
Doc comes out
All rush to him
Sanskar: how is he
Doc: he’s out of danger
All gets reviled
Dp: when we can meet him
Doc: after 2 hrs he will get conscious then u can meet him
After 2 hrs dadaji is shifted to normal ward he gains conscious
Doc:he got conscious but I can allow only two persons
All look at eachother

dadi: ragini and sanskar will go
doc: ok but be careful because he’s still weak be clam with him don’t stress him and ha while talking also be careful do what ever he says because a small stress or tension can kill him
sanskar and ragini goes in
ragini: I said na nothing will happen to u see ur fine
dadaji: ha I am happy for u both thank u for listened to me
ragini: plsz don’t talk more u need rest
sanskar: ha she’s right u need rest
they both come out
laksh: what’s next
sanskar: what
arav: areh yarr u both r married know
sanskar and ragini look at eachother
swara: I am very happy today sanskar jiju
kushi: ha I am sure sanskar would be on cloud 9 ops………. I mean sanskar jiju
ragini gets a bit annoyed by all this
ap: will u stop stop it

she comes to ragini
ap: I am very happy for u both
sanskar is happy he sees ragini stressed rp: I think everyone needs rest
ragini: u’ll go I’ll be with dadaji
swara: ok di we’ll go and I and swayam will come back then u go
ragini: ok
sansakr: papa u’ll go I’ll be here dadaji may need us
dp: ok laksh u drop ragini’s family to GM
laksh:ok papa
all move
ragsan r left their
sanskar: do want to tell something
ragini: ha can we go out
sanskar: sure

they move to garden
sanskar: tell me
ragini: If i ask u something will u tell me
sanskar: ha
ragini: do u love me
sanskar: more than my life
ragini: if u then then tell me everything about my dad’s accident that u know
sanskar: trust me it was not my dad
ragini: then whom
sanskar: I can’t
ragini: ok I want to ask u more one more thing
sanskar: u can
ragini: do trust me
sanskar: why this question
ragini: answer me
sanskar: more than myself
ragini: but I don’t I don’t trust u sanskar I don’t love u I am unable to trust u
sanskar: I know that
ragini: then too u married me
sanskar: ha because I love u
ragini: If u love me then plsz leave me alone I can’t do this anymore see sanskar I need time for all their r many misunderstanding btw us how can I when I don’t love or trust u
sanskar was shatterd
sansakr: I can do anything for u but I can’t leave u and I know u need time u can take ur own time no one would force u for anything
ragini: thank u for helping me in fulfilling my dadaji’s last wish
she goes from their
ragini comes to dadaji she talks with him
after some time swara nd swayam comes ragsan leaves ragini goes to gm and sanskar to MM
sanskar was shatterd by ragini’s word he didn’t knew how to react

at GM
ragini came back she’s in her room she is standing in front of mirror seeing her mangalsuttra nd sindhoor in her maang
ragini prov’s
I don’t know how to react should I be happy that I got married to sansakr or I should be sad the person I love is in my life but I am not happy this is true that I don’t trust him I am unable to belive what happened why its so difficult for me to accept that know I am ragini sanskar maheswari why its so difficult for ?
Her inner soul comes infront of her it speaks
Badone: because u hate him
Good one: no because u love
Ragini: how can that be possible
Bad one: don’t forget ragini he cheated u his father is responsible for ur father’s death maheswari family is responsible for all trouble u have been facing
Good : no she’s wrong u love him trust urself listen what ur heart says he never cheated u u heard na what he said to swra what and all he did to make u simile
Bad: no he did for his benefit
Good: no for ragini he did he loves her she also loves him
Ragini gets teary eyes listening to both she closes her ears and shouts plsz stop it
Ragini: my heart is saying to trust him I’ll find the truth out
She calls someone and informs about janki
Ragini: I want to know what r hiding from me

At hospital
Swara to dadaji
Swara: wow dadaji u know because of u today ragsan r together
Dadaji: ha I know it was very difficult for me to do all this
Laksh: really my planning was really awesome
Swara: oh hello it was all my planning
Shardha:will u both stop only our half part of plan is finished
Dadaji: u r right still both r apart from eachother and I know ladoo she’ll not accpect all this so easily it is really difficult for her
Kushi:i am sure now ragini will go behind limits and find out the truth about her dad’s accident

PERCAP: ragini’s entry in MM
Ragini’s bonding with other family members and ragsan nokh jokh

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Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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