Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 14)


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Sanskar and arav returns laksh and uttra r also their
Dp arrives
Dp: what happened sanskar
Sanskar: dad this was all planned by malhotras
Dp: what
Sansakr: ha dad they took advantage of misunderstanding btw me and ragini
Dp: does she knew about it
Sanskar: ha she got to know
All head towards their rooms sanskar sees laksh tensed

Sanskar: laksh what happened
Laksh hugs him
Sanskar: laksh is eveythhing fine
Laksh tells him everything about what swara said
Sanskar: don’t worry everything would be fine
Laksh: why ragini is blaming bade papa for her dad’s accident
Sanskar: don’t think about it much
Laksh: bhai what r hiding from all us ha plsz tell me bhai
Sanskar: laksh the truth dad didn’t got shekar’s uncle accident their was someone else behind it and plsz don’t ask me who was it I will be unable to tell u or anyone even ragini
Laksh: I trust u bhai
Sanskar: don’t worry I’ll talk to swara
Laksh: thank u bhai
At gm
All r in hall
Ragini comes and tells them everything swara feels bad what she done
Dada ji: see ragini without knowing truth u blamed sanskar their was no fault of his
Ragini: I know dada ji
Kushi: ragini I want to tell u something sanskar loves u a lot he can do anything for u he can never do any such thing ever

Ragini: kushi plsz don’t start that topic again
Ragini moves towards her room
The next day………….
At gm and mm
All had break fast and move towards their works
At clg
Sanskar came to drop lakutt
He’ waiting for swara
Swara and swayam comes
Sasnskar see her he moves towards them
Sanskar: swara……….
Swara: ha bolo………..
Sanskar: swra laksh ki is me koi galthi nahi ha
Swara: kya
Sasnkar: laskh ne mujhe sab bateya ha

Swara: oh…………. so app kaya kahene ayaa ha
Sanskar: swara tumre dad ka accident mere dad ne nahi karwaya
I know ragini said she is wrong If I wnet to tell her truth she will be broken I can’t see her like that trust me this is all one big misunderstanding I’ll clear it
Swara: u want me to trust u why
Sanskar: because I love u r sis u know verywell that and about our realation I’ll clear her all doubts
Swara: I am sure after yesterday’s incident she must have done big hungma in our house and u still love her after so much hatered she shows for u ur family
Sasnkar: ha I know her she is angry on me but when I know the proper reason how can I be angry on her I love her lot and know no one can come in btw us and the existing misunderstandings I’ll clear soon
Swara: know I trust u that no one can love my sis more than u kushi di was right about u
Sanskar: ok did u forgive laksh
Swara: yeah I did that long back
Sanskar: thank u
They have side hug laksh comes their he’s happy seeing them
Sanskar: and ha if he troubles u u can complain to me

They both laugh
Laksh: what is this bhai
Sanskar: areh………. what
Laksh: when u teamed with her
Sasnkar: when u had break up
Laksh: what break up when whose………………..
Swara: stop it laksh……………..
Laksh: bahi this is not fair………………
Sanskar: ok ok I’ll leave know if I stay anymore time here this lakh will kill me
They all laugh and sanskar goes from their
Rgini heard all conversation she was standing their she moves when she saw sanskar coming
Laksh: so swara do want to tell me something
Swara: no I don’t
Laksh: areh yarr say at least sorry ok don’t want sory say I love u at least……….
Swara: why r u begging for sorry

Laksh: ok I don’t need that but u can say I love u
Swara hugs laksh
Swara: I am sory
Laksh: it ok
Swara: I am sory not trusting u I love u
Lakh: I too love u swara
Swara I want a promise
Swara: uh………. tell me
Laksh: promise me that u’ll trust me in all circumstances
Swara: I promise
Swayam and uttra comes
Uttra: coughs loudly………
Swalak comes to senses
Uttra: if ur romance is over can we go in.
Laksh: always kabbh me haddi…………..
Uttra: what did u say
Laksh: oh nothing can we go in
They move inside the clg
At karama industries office

Ragini was guilty for what she did
Ragini gets a call she attends it she gets shocked
She moves to gm
Ragini sees towards dadaji and move towards him
Dadi: ladoo what happened
Ragini: dada ji u went to meet dp maheswari(in loud tone)
Dadaji: yeah but first listen to me
Ragini is more angry
Ragini: what I should listen to u , u went to meet that person who is responsible for my father’s death ur’s son’s death how can u dadaji(she is arguing with him )
Dada ji tensed
Dadaji: ladoo he was not behind that(in loud tone)
Ragini: oh really u trust that person more than the evidence, the proofs clearly says he was the one how can u dada ji how can u do that how can u forgive him he was the reason for dad’s accident
Dadaji cuts her words

Dadaji: he was not the reason for ur dad’s accident ur mother was
Ragini: how can ma be responsible for all this(in still more loud tone)
Dadaji: because she is not ur mom
Ragini is shattered to hear that all r shocked sumi and dadi have tears in their eyes
Ragini: what r u saying
Dadaji: ha this is truth she is not ur mom ur mom died when ur were 1 year old
Ragini starts to cry she is unable to stand
Ragini: u hided one more truth from me how can u
She runs from their outside the house all calls they try to stop her but all in vain she quickly goes in her car
Swara: what r u saying dadaji
Dadaji: I was afraid of this only when my ladoo will get to know about truth she will be shattered
Dadi: no one can console her
Kushi gets an idea and calls sanskar he can help u
She calls sanskar and tells him everything sanskar is shocked

Sanskar: kushi don’t worry I know where she can go I promise I’ll bring her back
At this time dadaji was feeling pain in heart he fell down uncouisous kuahi sees it and screams dadaji
Sansakr: kushi what happened
Kushi and all run towards him
They all take him to hospital sasnkar is continuously trying to call kushi but is unable to reach her
Finally kushi picks the call sasnkar: kushi waht happened
She starts to cry and tells him everything
Sanskar is shocked: I promise I’ll bring ragini back
He quickly moves downstairs all r at hall its time for dinner
Ap is bit tensed
Suji: jiji waht happened
Ap: see na sujitha outside the weather has changed so much its looking like a storm is going to come
Suji: jiji u r tensed for weather
Ap: no don’t know why I am feeling strange something is going to happen
They all see sanskar running
Laksh: bhai what happened
Ap: ha sanskar why r u in hurry

Sanskar tells them everything all r shocked
Sanskar: I am going to find her
Laksh: bhai I’ll also come
Sanskar: no need u go to hospital all may need u their fast
Sanskar drives his car
At mm
Laksh: bade papa I am going their
Dp: wait I am also coming
Ap: ji plsz tell me what’s happening
Dp tells them about gadodaia’s ap rp and suji remembers about them
Rp: bahisa I am also coming
All maheswari’s moves to hospital………
At hospital
Dadaji is in icu…………
All maheswari comes their ap and suji consoles dadi and sumi
All r tensed laksh consoles swara
Doc comes out all move towards him

Dp: is everything fine
Doc: no his condition is crtical
All r tensed to hear that
Ragini is drving her car sanskar is too searching for her ragini drives her car near sea side sanskar knows everywell she must have gone that side only he too drives their ragini’s car broke she gets out of car and kicks it sanskar sees her car he too gets down
Ragini starts to cry sitting in ground sanskar is unable to see her in that condition he moves towards her
Ragini she is crying: why always me the person I trust more I love more why he cheats me always why he leaves me always
Sanskar comes to her he too kneels he cups her face
Sanskar: ragini listen to me
Ragini: why sanskar why it happens always with me why
She hugs him cryingly a tear escapes from sanskar’s eyes he quickly wipes it he tries to console but all in vain she is crying
Sanskar: ragini plsz don’t cry see I am with u I promise I’ll never ever leave u plsz ragini

Ragini breaks the hug she gets up sanskar too gets up
Sanskar: ragini ……………..
Ragini cuts his word
Ragini: stop it sanskar I don’t have anymore strength to get my heart broken anymore time plsz leave me alone plsz
She tries to move from their sanskar holds her hand and pulls her towards him
Sanskar: what have u thought about urself ha ur fanily is tensed I am tensed for u why u don’t care for them I know u r angry on me don’t wanna talk to me but for ur family for dadaji
Ragini fress herself
Sanskar: ragini listen……………..
Ragini is crying
It starts to rain
Ragini is still crying sanskar is unable to see her like that he is feeling like someone stabbed his heart thousands time
Sanskar cups her face
Sanskar: ragini I am sory

Ragini: just leave me sanskar just go away from here just go(she shouts)
Sanskar don’t know what to do he got angry and pulled her near him ragini fornt hitted sanskar’s front he held her by waist they were very close to each other ragini tried to free herself he got more annoyed by her behaviour
Ragini: sanakar just leave me(she yelled at him)
Ragini: u r a big cheater a big filrt I hate u sanskar maheswri u r playing with my emotion s just leave me her word hurted sansakr ego he pulled her more close to him ragini was tensed and shocked by his action ragini about say something he keeps his lips on her’s he kisses her on her lips he kissed her hardly ragini was shocked he bitted her lips it was giving immense pain to her a tear skipped from her eyes she yarned in pain she was trying to free herself which made sanskar more carzy about her he started kissing her know she too reciprocated to that she placed her one hand on his shoulder other was clutching his collar tightly the kiss was passionate they break the kiss ragini hugged him tight
They were in that positions from many minutes they were fully drenched it was still raining suddenly ragini realised what they did she moves apart she moves backward when she hits a rock and
falls down
Sanskar: ragini…………. he quickly moves to her

Ragini got a bit hurt as it was raining the road was slippery she got hurt on her foot she is
holding her foot
Sanskar: ragini r u fine…………. he holds her foot Ragini is lost in seeing him
Ragini: ah……………
Sanskar: is it paining
Ragini nods yes
Sanskar: come we have to go
He stands up and gives his hand to her
Ragini: no need
Sanskar: holds her by her shoulder and make her to stand
Ragini is unable to walk her foot paining she is stammering to walk
Sasnkar tries to help her but she is not caring to him
Sanskar gets bit annoyed by her behaviour so he moves towards her and carry her in his arms ragini is shocked but she didn’t say a word he took her and placed her in his car at front seat he too sat at driver seat
Arav calls him
Arav: sanskar did u find her
Sanskar: ha she’s with me we r coming what happend
Arav: dadaji got heart attack he’s condition is critical

sanskar: what
Arav: ha come fast
Sanskar: we r comig
Ragini: what happend
Sansakar tells her everything
Ragini is shocked
They move to hospital

Precap:dadaji ask ragsan to get married……………….
Ragsan marriage……………………….
Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………

Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya du

Credit to: poonam

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