Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 13)


Gues tanks for u all rashya thanks I’ll definetly use ur idea thanks to all who commented o gues majority choice was first ragsan marriage then their reuinion gues for two episode u have to bare some dram but I pormise they r going to get married soon and all their family secrets would be soon relieved thank u all…………….. love u all…………………….

At holi party
All r shocked
Kushi:sanskar what is this all about tanu
Sanskar: we can talk later
Kushi: no I want to know right know
Sanskar: plsz kushi I’ll tell u but this is not right time and I should talk to someone first
Sanskar takes ragini in his arms they move to guest house which is at venue he places her on bed
Sanskar(in his mind): I promise u ragini I’ll clear all ur misunderstandings and know I got to know why u hate me just wait and watch ragini I’ll get u back he similes and moves from their
The next day

Ragini in her room
After party she got conscious they came back to GM
She wakes up, quickly gets ready and come down
All r having breakfast ragini is tensed about what she did at holi party after having bang
She is bit tensed swara kushi and swayam r eying her
Ragini gets frustrated by the way they r seeing her
Ragini: why u gues r seeing me like this what have I done
Kushi: u know what have u done
Ragini: plsz if u don’t want to tell don’t give me tension like this
Swara: di u know what and all u did
Ragini: plsz tell me
She gets sanskar’s call
Ragini in her mind why je’s calling me and how did he get my number
Swayam: di pick the call and who’s calling u he sees the screen flashing name kadoos…….
Di who’s this kadoos
Ragini picks the call
Sanskar: good morning ladooo…..
Ragini: first u don’t have right to call me that and second why did u call me
Sanskar: ragini yesterday u were so nice to me u were calling me sweetheart, darling, janu..
Ragini cuts his words
Ragini: stop it I can never call u that.
Sanskar: oh really u know what and all u did yesterday
Ragini gets tensed
Ragini: what I did
Sanskar: do u want to know ha………….. yesterday I got to know u r so romantic
Ragini who was eating toast spills it out

Ragini: what…………….
She gets from their and moves towards study room
Sanskar: yeah u asked me to kiss u u hugged me, u said u love, and …………………….i can’t tell u more mujhr saram aa rahi ha voh…. sabh batene me
Ragini: just shut up sanskar I don’t belive u……
Sanskar: oh u should belive me and u told me many things
Ragini: like what
Sanskar: u told that I made six pates to impress u
Ragini: I can’t say that
Sanskar: u said ok ask kushi she’ll tell u if she says yes then u’ll belive that u did all what I said
He cuts the call………………
Ragini is tensed should I ask her or not let me ask
Kushi comes to ragini
Kushi: ladoo why u came here
Ragini: I want to ask u something
Kushi: yeah
Ragini: did I say that sanskar made six pates to impress me(in nervous tone)
Kushi: yeah u said u said many things
Ragini: I don’t rember more ok I’ll leave for office
She in hurry goes to office

On way
Ragini is driving her car she is tensed by sanskar’s words on way she sees a car hits a lady she is bit injured ragini stops her car she comes out of her car she moves towards that lady she is ap
Ragini: aunty r u ok
Lady: ha beta
Ragini recognises her as ap
Ragini: aunty u r injured we need to go to doctor
Ap recognises her as ragini
Ap: beta I am fine
Ragini: no aunty see ur wounded plsz listen to me come with me
Ap agrees she takes her to hospital get her wounds dressed she takes ap to MM
Ragini comes with a ap is unable to walk she helps her she come to mm
all r at dinning table
sujitha sees ap
suji: jiji what happend she moves toward ap
ap: nothing much
sanskar: ma how u got injured
he didn’t notice ragini their

ap tells him everything she says ragini helped him
sanskar turns to her but she has gone
ap: she is really very good
sanskar: ha ma she is(he similes a bit)
arav comes near him he wishpers in his ears
arav: bro control urself otherwise ur secret will brust out
he laughs…………….
time passes it has been a week that sankar and ragini didn’t meet eachother ragini went to Bangalore for some important meetings sanskar was too busy they say na distance increases love same happened sanskar was missing ragini badly he was missing her fight, her attitude, her anger one day also not passed when he didn’t rember her ragini was too feeling something missing but she never concentrated towards that feeling she ignored it she decided in mind that she hates sanskar swalak too became more close to eachother swara said many things to laksh about gm, ragini and all laksh too shared his many secrets with her kushi and arav became more good frnds they became more claose to eachother their was something more than frndship btw them ap was happy that sanskar loves ragini she feels that sanskar deserves ragini no one can be better for him than her……………….
ragini returned to Kolkata sanskar got to know about it he wanted to meet her but how a plan flashed in his mind
ragini came out of airport sanskar was waiting their for her
ragini saw him ragini in her mind(waht he’s doing here I am sure he’s upto something nig what can it be) ragini moved out of airport when sanskar dragged her into his car sanskar was on driver seat ragini was next to him

ragini shouted at him: what the hell r u upto
sanskar: jannu raelax…………………. he gave a naughty simile to her
sanskar drove the car
ragini: where r we going stop the car sanskar
sanskar: ur mouth doesn’t pain after talking so much
ragini: where r we going
sanskar: something special for u
ragini: and about my luggage
sanskar: he bhagwan can’t u think about me I am with u she gives a angry look to him
ok ur lugguage will reach GM
ragini: and me
sanskar: I’ll drop u and know don’t do any question
ragini is tensed that what he’s upto

sanskar stops the car
ragini: where r we………..
sanskar: just get down from car u’ll know
ragini: I don’t trust u……………
sanskar: ladoo I was not knowing u were thinking about romance…………….
ragini cuts his word: just shut up……………. don’t try to take adavnatge
sanskar: see if want to take ur advantage I could have taken when ur in drunken
but u know that only I was enjoying not u so
ragini opened her mouth hearing his words ragini is shocked she is really angry on him
ragini: sanskar just stop what and all is running in ur mind put break to all otherwise I’ll break all ur bones(she yelled at him)
sanskar laughed seeing her expressions

sanskar moved close to her: so ragini gadodia is scared ha
ragini: me scared my foot I hate u I hate u such a big filrt ur ……………
she gets out of car
sanskar :come with me
ragini: no I don’t
sanskar holds her hand starts to move ragini is surprised to see the place sanskar brought her to orphanage their r many children’s
ragini: sanskar……………
sanskar: he raises his collar I know I know u wabt to say thank u but no need to say…………..
ragini was happy seeing them all
sanskar gave her a bag their were many gifts cholcates clothes books in it
sanskar: gift it to all
ragini gifts that to all children’s she is happy they have nice time their sanskar makes kids to gift her roses one by one kids come and give roses to her and she pecks them on their cheeks sanskar also comes holding a rose she takes it
sanskar: areh………….. this is not fair
ragini: what not fair
sanskar: they gave roses to u u gave return gift to them I too want that
ragini is blushing but she hides it ragini: u’ll never get that

sanskar: if u don’t I’ll take it by my self
he moves close to her ragini sees wet mud near by her she moves in that direction
ragini: ok u want return gift ha(giving a naughty simile)
sanskar: yeah I want
ragini moves close to sanskar and pushes him in mud
she laughs seeing him
ragini: this is ur return gift
sanskar: this is not fair ragini u cheated me
ragini: acha ji I cheated u she moves close to him
u said na everything is fair in love and war so everything is fair she laughs and goes from their sanskar cleans himself sanskar and ragini leaves from their sanskar drops ragini to GM
at GM
all r waiting for ragini
ragini comes

dadi: where were u ladoo ur kuggage came but not u

ragini: dadi woh…………
kushi sees mud on her dress
kushi: ragini why r ur clothes dirty
ragini don’t get word to speak
ragini: dadi woh I had some important meeting so I went their and this mud I slipped while coming in
sumi: u didn’t get hurt na
ragini: ma I am fine
swara: di really their was a meeting(giving teasing simile)
ragini: ha ma I am going to my room I am tired
she goes from their
The next day

Ragini in her room
She wakes up, quickly gets ready and come down
All r at hall
Ragini gets a call and is shocked
She in anger breaks the phone
She screams a aloud:mr.sanskar maheswari I’ll not leave u
Dadaji: ragini beta what happened
Swara: ha di
Ragini: I’ll come back and talk to u
She quickly moves from their
All r having breakfast
Ragini comes their
Ragini(in loud tone): mr.sanskar maheswari………………….
All hear the voice
Sanskar: ragini………
Dp: what ragini is doing here
All family members move to hall

Ragini(in loud tone): sanskar maheswari……………
Sanskar: ragini what r u doing here
Ragini is very angry on him

Sanskar come forward to her
Sanskar: ragini what happened
Ragini: what happened my foot what happened I should ask u(in loud tone)
Sanskar: ragini relax tell me exactly what happened
Ragini move towards him and held his collar
Ragini: sanskar I am warning stay away from my family other wise u’ll face ur life’s worst fate
Sanskar fress himself
Sanskar: fist tell me what happened
Ragini throws a file to his face
Ragini: don’t try to make me fool that u don’t know anything
She moves from their
Dp: sanskar why she was in so much anger what have u done
Sanskar: dad I don’t know
Arav picks the file and checks
Arav: oh my god sanskar after this I am sure here anger must have crossed all limits
Sanskar see the file and is hell shocked dp too sees it
Dp: what is this sanskar I never excepted this from u
Sanskar: papa I didn’t do it and why should I do

Arav: then sanskar we have to find real culprit u know ragini in her anger can do anything

Sanskar: u r right
They both go from their
Ragini returns back
Dadaji: ragini where u went what has happened
Sumi: bolo ragini
Ragini: dadaji that sanskar leaked some important information about our company I don’t know how he got that file but because of him our company could have faced big loss
Dadaji: say clearly
Ragini says that companies some important documents were steeled last night and those documents could have proved that many of our big deals were illegal but on right time she got to know about it and got that file
Dadaji: but how sanskar is involved in all this
Ragini: he’s only behind all this
Saying this she goes to her room
Swara and kushi follows her
Kushi: ragini what r u hiding
Ragini: nothing
Kushi: don’t lie
Swara: di plsz tell me
Ragini: u both plsz leave

Swara: di why u hate sanskar so much, how can u say that he’s behind all this why so much confindence
Ragini is irritated by all this and in ager
Ragini: because only he knew my safe password that I only told him when I was kidnapped and u know
why I hate him because he is protecting those who killed our dad
Swara: what do u mean by that
Ragini: dp maheswari is responsible for ur father’s accident
Swra is shattered to know all this she’s internally broken by the truth
Kushi: ok listen he knew password but how do he know where safe is he never visted GM right he can
be innocent

Swara rembers something
Swara: ragini di I am sory
Ragini: sory for what
Swara: I told laksh one day that their’s safe in our house i said location also
Ragini is very angry: how can u be so irresponsible swara and by the way why did u tell him so much about me , our house to laksh
Swra: di he proposed me he said that he loves me
Ragini: so u dumb head said whatever he asked

Swara: no di I don’t know after knowing that u and sanskar were in relation I, uttra, swayam, laksh became frnds and during that rime all this
Ragini: I can’t blame u also because I know very well that this is all planning of that sanskar know I won’t spare him
Ap: ji what’s all this
Do: ap not know we can talk later
He and rp goes from their
Suji: jiji that ragini is really brave hearted so much courage anger……………….. I am also getting fear know
Uttra and laksh r shocked
Dadaji gets dp’s call they decide to meet
At farm house
Dadaji: dp what’s all this
Dp: kakaji I am sure their’s some big misunderstanding
Dadaji: ok wand what that can be

Dp: kakaji trust me sanskar can never do that
Dadaji: I know I trust him but
Dp: what
Dadaji:tell me truth dp about shekar’s accident
Dp: I am sory I was not who planned all this and I can’t say who did it
Dadaji: sanskar knows everything
Dp: yeah
They live from their
At clg

Laksh sees swara and swayam coming he moves towards them
Laksh: swara I need to talk to u
Swara: I need too
She graps his hand move towards a empty class room
Laksh: swara what happened
Swara slaps laksh hard
Swara: I hate u laksh
Laksh is shocked
Laksh: swra tell me what happened
Swara tells him everything what ragini said
Laksh: swara trust me I don’t know anything about it
Swara: how can i
Laksh: ok give me atleat a chance

Swra: no I can’t she moves from their

Preacp: truth revivled
Dadaji ask sanskar to marry ragini swalak patch up….
Ragsan marriage………………………….

Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………

Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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