Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 12) (holi special)

AT AKL office
Kushi came to meet arav
Receptionist : mam whom do u want to meet
Kushi: arav singh
Receptionist :mam do u have any appointment with him
Kushi: no
Receptionist : sory mam he’s busy in meeting
Kushi:ok I’ll wait
Arav comes to know that kushi was their
Arav quickly comes to meet her
Arav: hi kushi I am sory u had to wait
Kushi: no problem

Arav( to Receptionist): can’t u inform me that she was here to meet me why did u make her wait
Kushi: arav relax it’s not her fault I wanted to wait for u
Receptionist : sory sir
Arav: this should not repeat next time
Kushi: can we talk know if ur scolding session is over
Arav: come
They move to arav’s cabin they r seated
Kushi: do u r always like this angry young man she starts to laugh
Arav: no why did u ask this
Kushi: because I have never seen u so
Arav: I am serious about my work and I don’t like important person’s of my life wait for me
Kushi: so I am important in ur life
Arav: (he gets no word to speak)yeah
Kushi is happy hearing that: and from when so
Arav: from the day I met u ur sanskar’s frnd so mine too
Kushi: just frnd
Arav: ha my first girlfrnd
Kushi:( she is shocked) what…….!!!!!
Arav: ha first girl as my frnds
Kushi: oh ok
Arav: then what were u thinking

Kushi: nothing
They have some talks they laugh they like eachothers company
The next day its holi today
All r at hall they wish eachother happy holi they apply little color to eachothers face
Ragini and swayam r missing
Ragini comes she takes elders blessing swara and kushi wish her
Dadaji: where’s this swayam
Sumi: he’s in his room
Swara and kushi goes near his room swayam opens door to come out
Swra signals kushi
Swara and kushi takes a bucket to color water and as swayam enter out they throw water on him he is fully dreached
Swayam: what the hell is this
Swara and kushi : happy holi
Swayam takes color in his hand and try to apply them they run in whole house
By accident swyam applies those color to ragini ragini’s whole face is colored
Ragini: swayam ke bache I’ll not leave u she takes color and chase him in whole house all r happy seeing her
Ragini finally applies color to swayam
She goes and changes and come
Dadaji: come on we have to go for holi party they all move for party
All r at hall except arav and laksh
They all wish eachother holi
Sanskar: where’s kumbhkaran and arav

Uttra: bhai u know na both don’t like colors
Suji: ha elder(arav) says his hairstyle gets spoiled and other the chote nawbh says(laksh)that his face gets spoiled by colors his charm goes
All laugh
Sanskar and uttra makes plan to get them out of their room
Uttra tells him about swalak
Sanskar gets an idea
Sanskar and uttra r near laksh’s room
Uttra is standing near door holding bucket of water
Sanskar moves towards laksh’s room
And behaves as talking on phone
Sanskar : (loudly)ha bolo kushi
Laksh in his room
Laksh: kushi ne bhai ko kuyu call kiya he moves towards door
Sanskar: kaya swra holi party me nahi aa rahi ha kuyu
Laksh: kaya swra party kuyu nahi aa rahi
Sanskar: ohh islye neahi aa rahi ha
Laksh:par kuyu
He opens the door to ask sanskar the reason as he opens the door uttra throws water on him
Laksh:uttra ki bachi
Sanskar comes in btw:

Laksh: bhai this is not fare
Sanskar: ya its fair and u didn’t say me anything about swra that’s fair na
Laksh blushes: bhai uuuuu
Uttra: see someone is blushing
Laksh takes color and chases her he applies color to her face
Laksh: now tit for tat
Sanskar: ok one more is remaining
Lakh: how will he come out
Sanskar: I have plan for that also
He gives evil simile to laksh
Laksh and uttra r standing near arav’s room holding colors in their hand
Sanskar behaves as he fell down ans starts to scream
Sanskar: ahhh……… it so paining ah…………
Arav hears the sound and opens the door as opnes the door lakutt appiles colors to him
Arav: this is not fair yaar
Sanskar: everything is fair
Arav: I didn’t accept this from u
He takes color and appiles to sanskar
They’ll laugh seeing his expression
Dp: know come we have to go for party
They all move for holi paty
At HOLI party
Gadodia’s r their maheswai’s also comes

Sanskar is searching for ragini swalak and arashi r searching for eachother
Sanskar sees ragini he goes near her ragini sees him she moves away from him she is walking sanskar is following her
Sanskar: ragini listen to me
Ragini: their is nothing to listen
Sanskar: after what happened yesterday also
Ragini: what’s ur problem sanskar(in angry and loud tone)
Sanskar: I should ask u this
Ragini: don’t behave as u don’t know anything(she turns towards him)
Sanskar: yeah u know my problem is u ur my problem(he holds her shoulder) why can’t u understand simple thing that I love u
Ragini(she frees herself)sanskar stay away from me
Sanskar: no I won’t what’ll u do
Ragini: u want to know
She stabs his foot and moves from their
Sanskar(in pain holding his foot standing on one leg): ahhh……………………. she is really too much
Ha but what I can do I love her(he gives a simile)

Laksh appiles color to swara she too appiles him back both r having fun they dance on song rabta
Arashi play holi with eachother they r having fun teasing eachother, caring lot of fun
Sanskar sees ragini alone a evil plan flashes in his mind he takes color and move towards her
Ragini sees him with colors she moves a bit back
Ragini: sanskar no…no………………
Sanskar: yeah (he gives a evil simile to her he move towards her)
Ragini is running from here and their sanskar is chasing her
They both r running they r in garden where’s no one
Ragini is moving here and their taking help to trees to esacpe
Ragini: sanskar see leave it
Sanskar: not so easily
Ragini: no ………..
Sanskar finally ctaches her and pins her to tree
Ragini: sanskar no plsz……….
Sanskar: oh ho……. so ms.gadodaia is afraid of colors
Ragini: no I am not
Sanskar appiles color’s to her face ragini closes her eyes seeing him appliying colors to her
Ragini opens her eyes she sees him leaning close to her she’s thinking he is going to kiss her
Sanskar leans close to her ears ragini opens her eyes
He wishper
Sanskar: so eager to come close to mee……… I love u ragini………..i love u
Ragini pushes him and runs from their
She stops near pool side where all r playing holi
Ragini is breathing heavily

Ragini’s prov
He is really too much don’t know what he’s upto I don’t know why I felt happy when he came near me when he applied colors to me my heart started to beat so hard don’t know why such feeling I try to avoid him but he tries to come near me no ragini no u can’t u can’t fall for him again
She sees a waiter taking a tray of glass she thinks their is tandai in it she takes a galss a drinks it the waiter tries to stop her but she drinks their was not tandai but their was baanga in it
She drinks it she is feeling dizzy she sees sanskar and goes near him smilingly
Sanskar: what happened to her why she is similing and coming towards me I think I am dreaming he pinches himself ah…………… no its not dream she is really coming towards me
Sanskar: what happened to u
She moves close to him and put her hand around his neck
Ragini: saanssskaaar……………………………
(gues imagine she drank baanga imagine how she would behave )
Sanskar: ragini r u fine
Ragini: no ……………. I am not because of u(she makes pout face)
Sanskar: u drank bang
Ragini: no………………. I drank tandai
Sanskar: u duffer it was not tandai it was bang
Ragini takes her hand away and starts to cry she is screaming loudly she’s not crying but behaving to
Sanskar is tensed: ragini stop crying
Ragini she starts to cry still more loud she sits on ground and is behving like a child all r seeing towards them
Sanskar: ok I am sory(he holds his ears) know plsz stop

Ragini sees towards him she stops crying she gives a big simile to him
Ragini: ok but my one condition,no two, no three(she is showing her fingers for each no for one three, for two one, for three both hands) she makes a innocent face
Sanskar: ok but u have come with me
Ragini: ok(she gives a big simile she stands up
She hugs him tight
Sanskar is shocked but he too reciprocates to that
Ragini: sanskar I love u alot
Sanskar: I love u too
She breaks the hug
Ragini: no u don’t u r a cheater
Sanskar: what I did
Ragini: sanskar ur a cheater
Sanskar: ok tell me what I did
(She swings)Ragini:no I wont
She moves from their
Sanskar: ragini listen to me

Ragini is romancing from here and there sanskar is behind her he finally catches her and makes her sit on bench
Ragini: sanskar I hate u
Sanskar: what I did
Ragini: I want a kiss from u
She moves close to him
Sanskar moves back
Sanskar: no……………
Ragini makes a pout face
Sanskar calls kushi and tells her everything
Arashi and swlak come
Sanskar:kushi plsz handle her
Kushi moves towards ragini but ragini holds sanskar’s hand and pulls him close to her he sits on bench with sudden jerk
Ragini holds his hand tight she rests her hand on his shoulder
Kushi: wow sanskar u must be happy na(giving a tesing simile)
Sanskar: very funny she is making circus of me from that time and u
All laugh at him
Ragini: why u’ll r laughing at my cutiepie
Swra: di whose that cutiepie
Ragini: my handsome and cute sanskar………………….(she simile bright and holds him more tight)
All laugh again
Laksh: bhai cute ha……..
Kushi: oh she calls u cutiepie also

They laugh again
Sanskar: ragini plsz leave me…….
Ragini: no I wont I won’t……….(she makes a pout face)
Kushi:sanskar she’s out of her sense
Swra: I have an idea I have heard that from water dizziness lows down
Laksh: good idea
Sanskar: ok he gets up
Ragini come we have to go
Ragini: no I won’t ( she forwards her hands to him)if u carry me in ur arms then I’ll come
All r shocked
Laksh: ragini bhai can’t carry u
Ragini gives a angry look to him): why can’t he carry me u know he made six pates to impress me I know he can
Arav and laksh have opened their mouths they see towards sanskar sanskar is seeing here and their he gives a simile to them
Arav: this I was also not knowing laksh and arav give shocked and angry expression to sanskar
Kushi and swara laugh at their expressions
Sanskar:gues ok na ok I am sory for hiding know plsz help me if she is more in this condition don’t know what and all she would say about me
Laksh: then let it be bhai we r also eager to know ut secrets laksh and arav sits beside ragini
Arav: ragini tell me what and all sanskar did to impress u
Ragini starts to laugh
Ragini: sanskar shall I tell them…..
Sanskar: no u wont
Ragini: what happened to u my sweetheart……………..(she makes a pout face)
Sanskar: ragini come with me u won’t listen to ur sweetheart
Ragini stands up :no I wont u cheated me u ditched me…………. I hate u sanskar
Swara: di what happend tell us
Ragini: no I can’t…………..

Kushi: ok tell me atleast how he cheated u
Ragini: he cheated me he cheated me for that tanu………….. she falls unconscious In sanskar’s arms sanskar has terars in his eyes listening to her
Preacap:ragini at mm
swara slaps laksh………
dadaji tells truth to ragini

Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

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