Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 11)


Arav and sanskar come
Laksh and uttra r also their
Sanskar is tensed
Ap: sanskar what happedn
Sans: nothing ma I’ll go and freshen up
Sans goes towards his room all r tensed by his behaviour
Suji: arav beta what happened to him
Arav: nothing mami ji I’ll talk to him

Ragini’s room
Ragini opened her cupboard she took a box
She sits near on floor near bed she opens the box their’s a pendent in it is in heart shape she opens it their’s her’s and sanskar pic in it she stares at it then she sees towards the bracelet on her hand she rembers her’s and sanskar’s moments at mall she strats to cry
Ragini’s prov
Why this happens with me all the time the person I love more why he’s sperated from me what wrong I did I loved him from pure heart what he did he ditched me he cheated me after knowing the truth about baba’s accident I wanted to give him a chance I talked to him he said he would clarify all my doubts I was happy but he cheated me he loved me for some bet he cheated me he never loved me in these past 4 years I know how much pain I have gone trough why he again in my life why ……
I hate him I just hate him but howmuch ever I hate him the truth is yes I love him I can’t stop myself from loving him I can’t I become weak when he’s around me I know he loves me alot but I promised myself that I won’t leave the person who killed my baba I hate sanskar I hate him because he is becoming shield for those who r responsible for my father’s death I can’t move back now I just hate him
Sanskar’s room
He takes ragini’s pic

Sanskar’s prov
Why ragini just once listen to me try to understand what u r thinking is wrong knowing truth also I can’t tell u I can’t tell anyone I promised bua that I’ll never tell this to anyone on the day when u told me everything I came back to Kolkata I talked it with papa but he didn’t say anything I knew only bua can tell me everything I forced her she told me everything I was shocked but I can’t say this to u I can’t clear ur misunderstanding but I’ll not loose u this time I’ll get u back at any cost I’ll make u confess ur feeling I’ll prove that u love me
Kushi tries to speak with ragini but all in vain
Ragini’s room
She slept in that positions she wake up she sees time its 8 am she quickly gets up and gets ready and comes down
Dada ji: good morning beta
Ragini: good morning all
Ma I am leaving for office
Dadi: have ur breakfast
Ragini:dadi ma I’ll have in office I am getting late
She moved
Sumi: what happened to her
Swara: ma don’t worry and u take care of ur health we r leaving for clg
Swayam and swara leaves for clg
Sanskar moved to office early
At dinning table
All r seated
Laksh comes
Laksh: good morning ma where’s sanskar bhai
Suji: don’t know
Ap: he went to office early
Uttra: what happened to him yeaterday he was fine
Dp: arav what happened yesterday

Arav: mamaji don’t know he’s behaving strange from yesterday
Dp: r u sure
Arav: yeah till yesterday he met ragini
Laksh: what when
Arav: no idea they both were locked in lift yesterday don’t know what happened
Dp: did u ask him
Arav: I tired but all in vain
shardha: bhaisa everything will be fine
ap: ji what is this all about ragini u r hiding something
dp: nothing ap
suji: ha bhaisa whenever they come in front of eachother big drama happen and after that interview
rp:sujitha can’t u be quite
ap: ji I have seen my son changed so much I thought I got my son back but again he’s same
shardha: bhabi relax everything will be fine we’ll get ur old sanskar back soon
all leave for office and uttra and laksh for clg
at clg

laksh is worried if swara rejected him he talks with uttra
uttra: what u love her
laksh: don’t get so much shocked I am worried if she rejected
uttra: ha she can
laksh: can’t u think positive if u can’t then be quite
uttra: laksh bhai relax I have an idea
laksh: what
she tells his idea

laksh:r u sure
uttra: yeah if she loves u she would be jealous seeing u with someone
laksh: yeah ur right
swara and swayam comes
uttra: bhai all the best I have talked to tina she’ll help u
swra comes to laksh to talk to him but he keeps on ignoring her
swara: what’s wrong with him
the whole day laksh didn’t talk to her
at AKL office
arav calls kushi
arav: kushi I am coming to pick u where u r
Kushi tells him address arav picks kushi they go to some uyftey restaurant
Arav pulls chair for kushi they both have their lunch they keep on talking they share about their hobbies their likes dislikes they have some nice time with eachother
Ragini and sanskar where busy whole day in their office work
They day ends
The Next day

Arav and laksh r happy remembering kushi and swara
All r seated at dinning table
Laksh in his mind: today I’ll make u realise that u love me wait amd watch miss swara gadodia
Uttra comes and disturb him
Uttra: bhai stop ur day dreaming
all laugh at him
sanskar comes their
ap: beta come have ur break fast
sanskar about to say no he thinks something and comes to diining table he sits on his chair
he starts his breakfast ap is seeing at him he notices that
sanskar: ma what happened
ap: nothing
uttra : arav bhai where were u in evening
sanskar: ha arav at afternoon I came to ur office u where not their
laksh: what arav bhai from afternoon u were missing where were u
arav: woh…………. I was in a meeting
sanskar: u didn’t infrom anyone
arav: ha the clinet is my frnd from London
laksh: what a girl ur frnd

arav:ha any problem
sanskar feels something fishy
sasnkar: papa I was thinking that if we can host the holi party “range de colors”
dp: nice idea
arav: why this sudden plan
sanskar: woh
rp: for companies profit bhaisa I was about to speak with u about this
dp: ok as u both wish
sanskar gets happy
lakutt leave for clg and rest for office
All r having breakfast
Dadaji: ragini we got invitation for rang de colors holi party
Ragini: ha dada ji
Swara: wow I am so excited about holi
Kushi: me too u know it has been ages that we all celebrated holi grand
Swayam: ha di but this year we’ll celebrate it grandly ha na ragini di

Ragini: ha
Ok mine is finish I am leaving for office
She goes to office swara and swayam goes to clg
at CLG
they r planning for holi party
swara and swayam denies as they were going for range de colors party lakutt too gives same reason
the 4 of them r at canteen they discus about
uttra: know I get why sanskar bhai decided to sponsor it
swayam: I think he’s upto something big
laksh: ha I also agree with u anyways I am getting late tina is waiting for me he goes from their
swara gets angry seeing him with her
laksh and tina r dancing romantically they r practising for farewell party of seniors they r going to perform swra is jealous of them
swra know can’t control her anger she comes to them she holds laksh’s hand and goes from them leaving everyone stunned
laksh: swra ……………….swara what happened

swra: I should ask u this
laksh: what I did
swara: don’t be innocent that u didn’t do anything
laksh: ok tell me why r u angry
swara: what r doing with that tina
laksh: oh I think something is burning
swara: laksh stop it answer my question
laksh: ok tell me why r u jealous
swara: I am not jealous
laksh: don’t lie
swra: no she about to move from their laksh holds her hand
laksh: swara I want to tell u something
swara: I am getting late
laksh: swara I love u
swara turns around
swara: what

laksh: ha swara I love u I don’t know from when but I love u from core of my heart I don’t know
when I started to feel for u but from when I started I am happy that I love u I know u may feel strange but u can take ur own time
swara: laksh I never accepted this from u I thought u as frnd but u know i…
laksh cuts her words
laksh: I know u r feeling strange and I am sory u…
swra keeps her finger on his lips
swara: shhhhh……. u know I too love u
they both hug eachother
laksh: swara I am very happy today I am very kucky to have u
swara: me too laksh I love u a lot
they r disturbed by uttra
uttra: bhai………………ops I am sory
laksh: ha first wrong timings then sory
swra: laksh………..
uttra: ok ok I am going
swra: wait I am also coming
uttra: r u sure
swara: ha come lets go
she turns back and sees laksh
laksh is very happy

PRECAP: holi party swasan romance……….
Ragsan nokh jokh and masti

Swra slaps laksh……………………………

Gues plsz plsz comment…………………………………………
Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam du
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja
Kushi raichand: kushi from iss payaar ko kya nam du

Credit to: poonam

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