Swaragini: eternal love of two sisters (intro)

Hi ? friends‼‼ this ff is on the all Time fav swaragini.. If u lyk the intro.. I’ll continue with the story.. So read it and comment pls..
A girl comes out of a college with books in her hand. There is a school in front of the college. The girl seems to b waiting for someone. She looks at d watch and says rags is late today.. Maybe she’s gone home.. I’ll go and check. Meanwhile another girl comes out of the school.. “Finally found you rags!!!” Says d girl in front of clg. Rags says sorry swru.. Actually the students has just… Okay okay, now come lets go home.. Ma papa must b waiting says swru. They go home ?. Ragini is a school teacher n swara is a professor in a college ?.
Swrus mom wlcms them. Come, there is hotty hotty food made fr u.. U eat. Then u go home rags. Ragini nods and they eat food. Swru says I’m going to ruby’s home.. I hv to make exam papers. Ruby is swru’s friend. Out comes a boy of clg age. He’s swara’s bro. He says di I’m gng for extra class. Swru says come, I’ll drop u. They go. Rags bids them. She says okay ma ? now I go.. Dadi must b waitin. She joins her hands to the Pratima of lord Krishna on the wall and goes..

“Ooooops” swara crashes wid a man ? on the way and falls down. She exclaims seein the man.. Sanskar u!!! He doesn’t reply and picks up swaru’s papers and gives them. Swara takes the papers and goes away startled???…

She phones Ragini.. Rags., I saw sanskar .. R- so wat..
S-he didn’t reply me..
R-so wat..
S-he didn’t seem shocked..
S-he has changed
R-so wat,
S-that means lakshya..
S-he must b here only.
R-mysterious circumstances eh..

Sanskar to himself — she’s swaru.. My swaru.. She hasn’t changed. She wasn’t shocked.. She was happy.. Or angry ?.. Egoistic gal will always remain egoistic.. Does she love me yet.. She called me wid love ❤.i hurt her heart. He goes,

Swara walks engrossed in thought.. Sandy hasn’t changed.. He’s still angry ?. And full of ego. He’s a fool. I shouldn’t think abt foolish ppl. I’m gettin late. Ruby must b waiting for me. She runs fast.

Ragini nods and thinks lakshya has returned with a new lakshya/target.. Does he love me even now.. Will v meet again??
Sanskar goes home ? and tells lakshya. I saw swru today after yrs.. Aftr yrs..
L-was she lookin fab?? Did u meet my rags??
S-no I didn’t c rags. Swru was alone. Abandoned gal..
L-shut up u fool.

Wat is the mystery of the past and how they’ll fall in love again.. This is the story, if u like the intro pls comment about it so I’ll continue with my ff..

No Precap

as I’ll give Precap from 1st part

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  1. It’s Swasan raglak yay…nice

  2. i luved it… plzzz plzz plzz do cont.

  3. awesome story….continue,,,,and update soon…..

  4. interesting

  5. Is this vanshu from skr family???? Sry if u r not…but dont know y I feel like u r from skr family and my cutie vanshu…. Pls say if u r vanshu???

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Yay priya di u r ryt..

  6. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Thnx fr comments I’ll continue.. Next part next week perhaps., sry fr d delay

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      I’ll post next part today itself….

  7. Nice intro

  8. NYC one .. Happy bcoz it is raglak and swasan.

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