swaragini: eternal love of two sisters epi 5


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Recap-everyone is glad to see swaragini home ?. Lakshya tells Mr maheshwari about his love for rags. Shekhar accepts the proposal.. Swara scolds sanskar.. She pledges that Mr maheshwari will accept her.

Sanlak r back home ?. Swaras words flash in his mind. He thinks of talking to his father. Swara congratulates Ragini on her marriage ?. You didn’t have to do much.. You impressed Mr maheshwari. U r jus awesome ?. Ragini smiles n says r u jealous of me only being married? R u sad ? as u r not going to be chosen by uncle so easily.. Swru I’m ur sister!! I know what silly things are going in ur mind. Do not think so much.. I’ll help u dear.. Now don’t u worry too ?.. Swara looks at her amazed by the same.
Sanskar goes to Mr Maheshwari n talks to him..

S-dad it’s sooo nyc that Ragini is going to become the bahu of this house ?..
M-sooo or is
S-the sisters bonding is soo good.. One was in trouble, other went to save her
M-yes.. Both the sisters are very attached.
S-dad I was thinking that Ragini will miss swara so much here
M-so it seems. Anyways each girl had to face it.
S-if swara can come anyway in this house..
M-no ? way ‼ I won’t accept it. Swara can’t come on this house.
S-if I marry her, Ragini will also be glad and I..
M-u fool how dare you speak such words ‼ u know very well that I wont accept Bengali as a bahu. What u think al this is a drama series? We’ve to go to Ragini’s home today, don’t make me angry ?.
S-but I love..
M-enough is enough..
S-u’ll accept if lakshya loves Ragini but..

Mr maheshwari slaps sanskar.. Don’t u understand what somebody is saying?? No means no..u better understand that otherwise the result won’t b good. He goes away.
Sanskar is sad ? that’s why I asked swara to wait.
Swara makes Ragini ready. Sorry for behaving that way.I really felt a bit jealous but now I’m okay I’m sure that uncle will have to accept me. She puts the necklace in Ragini’s neck ?. She adorns her. Shomi smiles seeing it. Ragini shows swara a salwar kameez. U wear this today pls. Swara smiles ? and takes it.
Lakshya is shown ready. Mr maheshwari asks the family to pack the gifts in the dicky of the car ?. The family sits in the car n leaves..

Swara gets ready in a Marwari attire. Shimi n Dadi ? makes ladoos.
Mr Mahesh arrives and shomi does their aarti n welcomes them. Swara looks on. Sanskar n lakshya come with their moms n other family members. Shomi makes them sit n asks Ragini to bring tea.
Ragini brings a tray with tea ☕ n snacks ?. She keeps the tray on the table and touches Mr maheshwari and sujata’s foot ?. Sujata and Mr maheshwari smile ? and admire her. She shies away ☺ . Everyone laugh. Lakshya smiles. Sujata asks Ragini to sit down. Sujata n Mr maheshwari discuss for sometime and finally approve the marriage. Shekhar says he’ll call the pandit to finalize date of the lucky engagement ?.

Precap-a girl says that she wont let this marriage happen. She tears the photograph of raglak. Ragini and lakshya exchange rings ?.

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Credit to: Vanshika

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