swaragini: eternal love of two sisters epi 4


Recap– Ragini n swara r kidnapped..

The epi starts with police ? going to the clg where they were kidnapped. Lakshya finds Ragini’s dupatta n tells the policeman ?. It’s Ragini’s… Where is my rags… The policeman takes it from him. He questions the auto drivers and shows them the photographs. One of the auto rickshaw drivers(the one who had dropped swara ) told the policeman–sir sir.. She’s the girl ? I left in the forest. She had asked me to follow a truck ?. I followed it and reached jungle. P-which jungle? Where did u leave her? Driver -sir I told her that my auto rickshaw can’t go inside the jungle. I left her at the entrance of the jungle on the Lakshmi road. I told her is risky but she said that she has some imp work there. So I dint follow her. The policemen ? ? and sanlak leave for the forest.
Ragini wakes up shocked.. Where am I?? She sees swara and tries to wake her up by making noises though she can’t call swara. She moves her but she unconscious. A man comes and Beats her. She shouts. The man injects drugs into Ragini’s arm ?. She faints saying save is lord. The man laughs and says no wisdom here.. The police r on their way. The tyre punctures and the car stops working. Al r shocked… Lakshya is angry and asks what it is??? Sanskar replies the tyre puncture.. Lakshya hits the car ? angrily while the police ? try to repair it. The car is repaired and they leave. They reach the jungle and start looking here and there. The policeman ? says that there is no evidence of any kidnapping here.. A hawaldar brings something and says we found it. It’s a mobile phone ?. Sanskar sys I know It.. He tells lakshya to remember. We saw this phone in swrus house ?.. Lakshya exclaims it’s Ragini’s!!! The policeman checks and says SIM card is missin. The kidnappers r very intelligent. The policeman calls the auto driver and asks him if he saw the no of the truck ?. He says yes.. It’s DL 6564.. Someone attacks them from behind and they engage in a fight. Sanskar and lakshya along with the policemen beat the attackers. Dhishum dhishum… Suddenly a voice roars–stop ✋!!! None will attack. If u did u’ll lose the life of this young lady.. Another man brings swara on gunpoint. She asks them not to stop ✋. Jus beat ’em up. Don’t worry about me. These kidnappers deserve punishment sanskar. Pls don’t leave them. The kidnapper hits swara. She shouts. Sanskar stops beating d men. The attackers tie his hands while swara asks him to beat them. She cries ?. Ragini arrives from the behind bound by some men. Lakshya sees her unconscious. He says Ragini…. Leave my rags pls wat do u want. Swara shouts Ragini and asks her to get up. The men tie up lakshya and tell the policeman ? to leave Rajat Bhatia and his gang if he wants to c his 60 hostages alive.. An officer hits that man from behind. Other police ? vans come and surround their gang. The policeman says your ? game over. U wanted Rajat Bhatia, now go n meet him in prison. The four are untied and they share a hug. Police officers untie their hands. They tie handcuffs in the kidnappers hands and take them away. They thank sanskar and lakshya for their contribution in saving 58 ppl. Ragini asks swara what was the need to follow her??? Swara says that you r my sister. Ragini calls lakshya a coward. Lakshya asks her the reason. She replies that you became weak in front of your heart ❤. They laugh..

Precap-Mr.maheshwari tells Shekhar that lakshya loves Ragini. Swara is angry ? on Sanskar.

Credit to: Vanshika

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