swaragini: eternal love of two sisters epi 3


Recap-swara and sanskar talk. Raglak c them and laugh. The deal is finalised. Swara asks Mr maheshwari if he liked the tea ?.
Today’s epi is a very big dhamaka/blast
The epi starts with Mr maheshwari appreciating swara. They go to make a presentation. Sanskar phones swara… Ring ring… Swara picks the call. She asks who r u? He says your love ❀. Swara asks him- wat happened I’m busy call me later when I’m at home ?. She keeps the phone ? and teaches the students. Sanskar thinks watts her prblm…lakshya asks him where he got lost.. This is office ? not your house ? Sanskar says nothing much… Lakshya tells him to concentrate on his work. so lets v continue the presentation.. ? sanskar opens his laptop ?.

Swara calls Ragini.
S-hello rags
R-kya Hua swara
S-yaar sanku phoned me
R-okay ?
S-I’m serious
S-I dint talk to him.
R-u r d most foolish person I hv ever met
S-rags stop βœ‹ taunting me.i was busy. How he got my new phone ? number.
R-he must hv asked to god.
S-shut up. I know you gv him my phone ? number don’t fool me.
R- why r u doubting on me????
S-kyunki u gave him my phone number..
R-I dint
S-u did.
R-oh god I am gonna b mad ?
S-u r mad ?
R-okay bye ? I hv some imp work ?… Ragini thinks I’m sure sanskar had done it.o gosh this is jus foolish.. Save me from swara.. The bell rings.

Sanskar thinks now swara would hv broken a mountain on rags… Fb shows sanskar picking up swaras phone and calling on his number. He thinks now I’ll get swaras phone number… ?..
Swara steps out of the college ?… Rags is not there. She phones her but its switched off . she’s is shocked to find rags missin. She finds rags dupatta fallen down. She picks it up and says Ragini… Where r you.. She sees two men ? loading sacks in a truck. One sack seems heavy to her.. Wat is dat?? She takes an auto rickshaw and asks the driver to follow the truck. Her phone ? falls down in the way… She asks the driver to hurry up. It’s matter of someone’s life. That truck entered a deep jungle . Auto driver says that he can’t go inside the deep forest. Swara gasps. She pays him money ? n goes in d forest. She finds out that the phone ? is missing. She’s shocked ?. She thinks she’s trapped in the jungle wat will I do now..i need u sanskar.. Ragini my sister where r u?? She’s lost in the jungle. A man ? comes from behind and hits her head with an iron rod. She collapses holding her head. Another man ties her up and takes her to a house ? in the forest. He ties her besides Ragini. Ragini is unconscious.
Swaras mom and Dadi r upset as lado n swru haven’t returned from work. Shekhar Tells them not to worry unnecessarily. Mr.maheshwari comes there. Dadi? says both phones r switched off. Sanskar asks them where their daughters are. Dadi ? says they r not at home. They haven’t returned yet. Their phones r switched off. Sanskar says that they must register a police ? complaint ?. Shekhar tells after meeting is finished they’ll register the complaint. Mr. Maheshwari says that it’s better if they registr the complaint first. Shekhar agrees with him and they go to register police complaint. Shomi cries. Dadi tells her not to worry everything will be fine.
Lakshya is angry ?. He shouts. Sanky asks him wat happened. He says u wont understand. I’ll kill all ppl who try to harm rags. Sanskar tell him to carry on his speech. Lakshya hits him. Sanskar apologizes. They reach police station and register complaint. The policeman ? says That a gang of kidnappers is roaming these days n v hv doubt that they’ve kidnapped 56 ppl who are either girls or kids. Shomi prays. The police ? team depart. Sanlak accompanied them. Shekhar and Mr maheshwari return home ?.

Precap-Ragini wakes up swara is still unconscious. Sanskar beats some men. They keep swara on gunpoint.

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Credit to: Vanshika

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