swaragini: eternal love of two sisters epi 2

Recap- swara and Ragini recall past moments. They see a photo album.sanlak leave for their house, unaware of the fact that they r gonna meet swaragini…

The epi starts with swasan n raglak Standing face to face. They r absolutely shocked. Dadi ? calls swara to take the plates out ????.. Ragini comes with the tea ? ☕. They try to hide their astonishment ? they smile and serve everyone snacks and tea ?… Shekhar shows some papers to Mr.maheshwari. Mr. Maheshwari checks the file ???. Sanskar excuses himself. I am going to washroom.. Swara shows him the way. In they way they stop ✋n have a talk..

Swa-sanky v u nt answered me when v met yesterday…
Sans-my mouth ? my wishes …
Sw-don’t try to lie.. N how come u r here in Delhi?? U were in Mumbai after the so called transfer na…
Sa–oh Ho… Actually dad had some work in Mumbai. When v were finished, v returned to Delhi.
Sw–y u dint meet me all these days??
Sa-it’s my wish ?..
Sw-acha beta.. Y baat, why then u come suddenly to snatch my sleep ??..
Sa-u r worried of ur sleep ?,, r u kumbhkrn??
Sw-shut up u know what I’m talking about..
Sa– aa ha.. Very funny ?..
Swara pushes him away and he falls. Swara gets worried. Sanskar acts of being in pain.. He shouts ?.. Swara seems worried. Sanskar feels happy ?. Finally this egoistic gal is worried he says. Swara is angry ? and leaves him. She turns to go when sanskar puts his feet in her way and she falls. Aaaa she shouts… Sanskar tells her it’s the result of her ego. Ego always loses dear her says. He offers her his hand ✋ she refuses. O u Mr.. I can stand myself okay ?. Swara holds a table nearby and tries to stand up. Sanskar holds her hand and picks her up. They share an eye lock ..
Shekhar asks Ragini to go and find swara. Lakshya accompanies her. O I’ll also go.. They reach where swasan r standing and laugh seeing them. Swasan r shocked but then relieved ? to c raglak, who r still laughing ? at them ?.. Swara angrily leaves (a bit scared ?) sanskar follows her. Ragini laughs and says.. They will never improve in these matters. Lakshya laughs. They share a hug.. They don’t talk much(they don’t want themselves to b made fun of ?)

Mr.maheshwari finalises the deal and says, well, we’ll meet tomorrow evening at my home ?.. Swarag r disappointed ?. They wanted it to happen at their home just to meet sanlak. Swara tells Ragini that she alone is enough to handle all of it. Ragini says then exhibit your talent.
Swara goes in front of maheshwari and joins her hands and feet and says-if u didn’t like the food then we r extremely sorry sorry.. If u really liked the food then u r invited.. U can come again. Pls don’t refuse pls… We’ll make delicious ? food just for u. Mr.maheshwari says but… Ragini says hows the tea ??? Did u like it?? Maheshwari says yes its nyc. Swara asks how were the pakoras and samosas?? Sanskar speaks in between… Ya of course they were excellent u r good cooks. Dad, we’ll have food here tmrw also.. We’ll meet here. Mr.maheshwari has no other option than to reply in the affirmative. All r extremely happy about it. Ragini appreciates swara. U r a nyc actress.. ??.. Swara boasts herself. Ya ya ya ya I know I’m the most magnificent actress na.. Ragini laughs ?…
Sanlak leave along with Mr.maheshwari..

Precap– Mr.maheshwari appreciates swara. Lakshya is shown angry ?.

I’m sorry friends for the delay.. I’m quite busy… And pls comment as ur comments r my support and strength

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  1. Superb episode

  2. Show some swaragini bonding dr…

  3. Show some mre swaragini bonding dr…

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Of course… U wait and watch, the main twist is remaining..

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