swaragini: eternal love of two sisters epi 1

Dears I’m extremely sorry for late update n short epi. Actually I’m not well. The ones who haven’t read the intro u shuld read it before continuing.. Ok.. Here it goes..

Recap -swru bumps into sanskar. They r shocked.

The epi starts with Lakshya scolding sanskar..
L-shut up u fool.
S-sorry bhaiyya
L-that’s better.
S-u wanna meet Ragini
L-no no u go away leave me alone.
S-okay ?. He goes away smiling ?.
Lakshya thinks.. Finally.. Now I’ll meet rags. I’m coming rags.,,
swru goes to ruby.
S-here r d papers.
R-wat happened.. U look tensed eh
S-u remember sanskar
R-that clg one
R-lakshya’s bro ..
S-haan baba haan..
R-so.. Did u c him in ur dream..
S-no in real
S-u don’t believe me when I need you
R-no swara I trust uuuu..
S-okay leave him yaaaaa.. So lets discuss about exams……….. Here r the books ?.

Aftr one hour or two…

Swara goes home. Ragini is looking at a photo album ?.. She sees a photo with raglak and swasan together.. She moves her hands on lakshya’s pic.. I’m missin u. Where r u? Swru comes and sees the photos. They talk.

S-I wish that function hadn’t happened..
R-it seperated two couples forever..
S-lakshya and sanskar must having fun in Mumbai I thought..
R-but they r here in Delhi only.
S-wat happened after the transfer??
R-don’t know.. Perhaps they have returned here. But why??
Fb shows a party.
Swasan r dancing. They r college friends. ?.. Raglak r talking.. Laksan’s boss comes and tells them that they’ll have to go to Delhi (their father lives there) as their father had called them as he’s very ill.. Sanskar asks lakshya
To go there, but rags says I’ll also come with lucky. Lakshya refused plainly. Raglak argue on it. Sandy asks them not to fight. Fb ends as at d same tym ragini’s dadi comes shouting lado.. Rags closes the album, hides it behind a cupboard and swara opens a book ?. They act of discussing something.
Dadi comes and says lado.. Shekhar has brought something for you. Actually he had finalized a job deal with great businessmen here. So u come. They r cumin here to meet us. U dress up in prpr clothes. And swara u go n help ur mom in making snacks.
They oblige. (actually in my ff swru mom n dadi r not enemies ryt now)…

Location:sanskar house:: Sanlak’s dad asks them to prepare for a meeting. He says Mr.Shekhar is a renowned businessman. Wr have held a meeting there. Sanlak r shocked ??. Mr.Maheshwari asks them to prepare.
L-Shekhar was the name of rag’s father
S-and he’s renowned businessman
L-lets prepare well..
S-I wish that we were sure abt them…
L-we r sure..
S-okay bhaiyya let’s go ahead..
L-hmm ok ?..u take the papers.

Sanskar n lakshya leave for Ragini’s mansion along with mr.maheshvari. They reach. Swarag see sanlak. They r fully astonished ?..

Precap – Swara asks sanskar y he not talked to her. They argue. Mr.maheshvari finalises the deal with Shekhar.

In my ff I’m not using locations and tracks of show..

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