Swaragini (An eternal love story)

Heyyyyyy i am back, sorry that i had to stop swaragini(a passionately love story) but i have come back with a new story……hope u like it…..

Gagodia Mansion
Two beautifu girls are doing pooja and Arti.They are Swara and Ragini.The poja ends and they distribute prassad to their family.Urvashi maasi takes the prassad and intentionally burns her hand.She taunts Swara and scolds her.
Urvashi:Early in the morning u r doing such an inauspicious thing!
Swara:There cant be anthing more inauspicious than u!
urvashi gets angry and goes.Swara smiles and goes with Ragini.

Maheshwari Mansion.
Laksh and Sanskaar are chilling on the sofa.They get ready and goes to meet Swaragini(their friend).

The four reach park and chill out.Ragini sees a guy(her crush) and goes to him.She talks to him and Swasan and Laksh looks on.The guy pushes her and goes.Ragini falls down and cries.Laksh helps her get up and gets worried seeing her wound(it was love at first sight).
Ragini:He said he doesnt love me!
Laksh gets a bit happy but stays quiet.
Swara hugs her.Sanskaar looks on.

Laksh brings Ragini to a bench and talks to her alone.He consoles her.She hugs him and cries.Swasan smile seeing them.Sanskaar teases Swara by putting ice on her.She gets angry and runs to beat him.She falls on him and they have an eyelock(Swasan loved each other as it was love at first sight but didnt profess).
Ragini composes herself and sits properly.She shies looking at Laksh.He smiles.Music plays……The screen freezes on the couple’s intimacy pictures.

Precap:Raglak gets close.

Hey guys sorry for the short episode, plzzzzz tell me how it was and plzzz give me ideas…..

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