Swaragini (An eternal love story) Maha Episode

Hey guys, i would like to end Kavita and Anusha’s track as my fans arent liking it…..
I would to hope from wedding…….

Its morning,Swara wakes up and gets surprised seeing flowers and cards all around the room.She reads its from sanskaar.She smiles and hugs the cards.Ragini too comes to the room and smiles seeing cards from laksh.Swaragini tease each other.Sumi comes and wishes them happy birthday.
Sumi:Aaj meri donon princess apne sasural mein jaaegi!(Today my both princess will go to their in laws!)
Swaragini:But we will always be ur princess, my Queen!
The three hug and cry.

Swaragini get dressed and come down.There is a party.Sanskaar and Laksh come there and dances with Swaragini on le jaaenge……Urvashi angrily goes from there.Swaragini and Sanlak cut the cake together.Swaragini hug while Swaragini plays…….

Later,Swara gets dressed as a bride.She smiles seeing herself in mirror.
Swara:Pata nahi Ragini kaha chali gayi hain?(Dont know where Ragini went?)
Kavita comes crying there and bends on her knees.She apologizes to Swara.
Kavita:I am sorry Swara!
Swara:Kyun Kavita?(Why Kavita?)
Kavita:Main tumhe aur Sanskaar ko alag karna chahte the!(I wanted to seperate u and Sanskaar!).But now i realized my mistake.Sorry!!!
Swara cries and hugs her.Kavita wishes her all the best for marriage.
Swara:Meri ek kaam karoge?(Will u do my work?)
Kavita:Of course!
Swara:Can u look for Ragini and asks her to meet me!
Kavita nods and goes.

Urvashi comes and taunts Swara.Swara answers her back.
Urvashi:Main bataa rahi houn Swara, meri jiji iss shaadi se khush nahi hain!(I am telling u swara, my sister isnt happy with this wedding!)
Swara:Oh just shut up!
Urvashi goes yelling she will regret.Swara tries calling Ragini but she doesnt pick the call.She sits tensedly.

She sees Janki’s photo and prays near it.She lights the diya there.She suddenly sees someone passing.She is shocked.
Swara:She is wearing the same saree which janki wore in that photo!

She follows the person and sees her going to the balcony.She stops her and turns her.She gets shocked seeing Janki.
Swara:Janki ma!!!
She shouts and faints.Janki cries and goes.

Kavita comes to Ragini.
Kavita:Ragini, Swara tumhe kabse doondh rahi hain!(Ragini,Swara is looking for u since long)
She takes Ragini to the room but doesnt find Swara there.She hears scream of Swara and they both rush upstair.Ragini shouts Swara!!!! seeing her unconcsious.

Sanskaar and Laksh arrive there.Sanskaar sprinkles water on her.She wakes up and says she saw janki mom! They all get shocked.
Urvashi starts acting.
Urvashi:Maine kaha tha na jiji iss shaadi se khush nahi hain, isiliye yeh sab abshagun ho raha hain! Dulhan is tarah behosh……(I told u, sister isnt happy with this wedding,Thats why all this inauspicious is happening! The bride is unconcsious……)
Shekhar shushes her up while Kavita eyes her angrily.

They make Swara lie on the bed.Swara faints again.They let her rest for sometine and all leave.Ragini looks on.She goes upstairs and looks at a mask on the ground.She picks it up and is taken aback seeing Janki’s mask.She rushes downstair and slaps urvashi hard across her face.
She cries.
Ragini:How can u do this with us Maasi?? I didnt expect u will turn out to be like this…..
Urvashi:Lado main…..(i….)
Ragini shouts:Dont dare to call me lado!!!
She slaps her again and throws her out of the house.She pushes her and is about to close the door but Urvashi stops her.
Urvashi:Main akele hi gunehgar nahi houn!(I am not guilty alone!)
She looks around and smirks seeing kavita.She doesnt see anusha.
She points to Kavita and says
Urvashi:She was with me!
All turn and are shocked to see Kavita.Kavita cries and feels ashamed.
Ragini:Kavita…..Maine tho tumhe dost samjha par tumhe meri hi behen ke saath……(I regarded u as a frnd….but with my sister only….)
Kavita:Ragini main…..(i)
Ragini shows her hand and stops her.She cries and breakdown.Laksh consoles and hugs her.

Sanskaar holds Kavita angrily and tries to reprimands her but Swara shouts from behind.
Swara:Rukh jao sanskaar….(stop sanskaar….)
Sanskaar:Swara she…..
Swara tells that she came to apologize and was about to go but i stopped her and asked her to stay back for our friendship’s sake.
She angrily looks at Urvashi and throw her out.Kavita hugs Swara.Ragini looks on and apologizes to Kavita.All smile and head toward the mandap.
Sanskaar:Do some makeup, u look bad without make up.All ur make up has gone coz of crying.
She beats him.They laugh.
Laksh:U r looking different without makeup, u cried a lot thats why it went.
She acts to be angry.He smiles.

Sumi and shekhar does their kanyadaan and Kavita does their ghat bandhan.They take pheras(round).they make each other wear garland.They put sindoor in Swaragini’s maang and put mangalsutra in their neck.The pandit declares them as married.Everyone shower flowers on them.Swaragini smile and hug Sanlak.The vidaai starts and they get emotional

They reach Maheshwari Mansion.They were about to do their grah pravesh but someone throw some photos to Ragini’s feet.She takes and sees it and gets shocked.She looks at Laksh and cries.She shows him the foto.He is taken aback by seeing edited foto on him and anusha’s intimacy pictures.
Laksh:Ragini believe me, i did not cross my limits ever.
He tries to holds her but she stops him and cries.Annapurna shoves herm
Annapurna:Ragini,If u dont believe my son who is now ur husband, u are not considered my daughter in law.Ragini cries being shocked and looks at her.Swara tries to speak but Annapurna shushes her angrily.Till u dont apologize and accept my son and trust him completely, i will not get ur grah pravesh done.U r free to go.
She shows her the door.
Swara cries and looks at Ragini who cries.

Sujata does Swara’S grah pravesh while Ragini turns to leave.Swara steps in while Ragini steps out.Laksh holds her hand and stops her.
Laksh:I will also go with her.
Annapurna:But Laksh…..
Laksh:Maa if u really believed her and considered her ur daughter, u woulnt have done all that wat u have done today.
Annapurna is in shock while Raglak leave.
Sanskaar takes crying Swara to room.

Swara cries sitting on the bed.
Swara:Today its proved Sanskaar that i am not a good sister, my sister was insulted in front of me and i couldnt do anything.She even left her sasural on the wedding day but me……
Sanskaar:U have done a wise job u know! Coz u were practical not emotional.Dont blame urself.I am sure Laksh is taking good care of her.we have to know wat we r gonna do ok.
Swara hugs him.Uttara calls them for ring finding ceremony.

Laksh and Ragini are walking on the road while it is raining.
Ragini:Laksh kya hum tumhare farmhouse mein nahi jaa sakte?(Laksh cant we go to ur farmhouse?)
Laksh:Its being renovated.
Ragini:And ours also.

They come to a stable.She feels cold.He gives her his Cloth around his sherwani.She thanks him.She gets sad seeing him upset.She gets an idea.She removes the cloth and dances in the rain.He is amused seeing her dancing and smiling.He goes to her and dances on Sawan Aya Hain…..plays….They have an eyelock.They get close.She turns and he pulls her closer.He kisses her cheek and ear.She smiles and blushes.She closes her eyes.She suddenly remembers Swara and gets sad.She cries and hugs Laksh and says Swara!!!

Swara,While doing the ring finding ceremony,Suddenly feels that Ragini is calling her.Swaragini…..plays…..She gets sad.She finds the ring and smiles a little.Sanskaar looks on.

Precap:Swara runs to Ragini and hugs her.Swaragini…plays…..Sanskaar romances with Swara.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, comment how it was….love u lots….

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