Swaragini (An eternal love story) Episode 8

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Recap:Ragini slips and falls due to Ansuha.Ragini gets a chit and she gets shocked.

Swara looks at crying Ragini and looks at the paper.It is written with blood,
Laksh ka accident ho gaya( Laksh has has met wil an accident).She consoles Ragini.
Swara:Ragini, dont worry, Laksh theek hoga i am sure…..(Ragini, dont worry, i am sure Laksh is fine…)
Ragini:Nahi Swara,Laksh khattre mein hain!(No swara, Laksh is in danger).

She rushes downstairs while Swara follows her calling Ragini stop!She takes the car with Swara and rushes to a hospital nearby.
She cries and runs to the receptionist.
Ragini:which room is Laksh Maheshwari?
Receptionist:Sorry ma’am, there isnt any Laksh Maheshwari here.
Ragini hugs Swara and cries.
Swara:Maine kaha tha na Ragini, Laksh theek hain(I told u Ragini, Laksh is fine)
She nods and they return home.Ragini get happy seeing Laksh home.She hugs him and cries.
Laksh signs to Swara what happened?
Laksh:Kya hua Ragini?(What happened Ragini?)
Ragini:Laksh are u fine?That lettet must be fake!
Anusha:I am sure it must be fake coz Laksh is fine!
Swara:Tumhe kaise pata ke wo letter…..?(How do u know that letter….?)
Anusha gets shocked and lies that Ragini just told that letter was fake.She goes and Swara looks at her suspiciously.
Raglak goes upstairs.

Swara comes to her room.Sanskaar shuts her eyes from behind.He presents her a box full of chocolates.
Swara:Wah prince, bohat pyaar aa raha hain?(Wow prince,U r loving me?)
She sees rain is falling and goes in the balcony.She dances in the rain.Sanskar,amused goes to her in the rain and pulls her closer.He dances salsa with her on the song aaj phir tumpe pyaar aya hain……plays……They dance romantically.
He falls and she laughs.He pulls her and she too falls.They have an eyelock.She hugs him while the song continues to play…..

In the middle of the night,Swara hears a glass breaking.She goes to check.On the stairs,She sees Anusha/Anuradha picking up the glass pieces and putting in on the table.Before she can see her,Swara hides behind a pillar.
Swara(thinks):Yeh anuradha glass ko kyun jama kar rahi hain table mein?(Why Anuradha is keeping all the glass pieces on the table?).

In the morning,Everyone come for breakfast.They sit to eat.anusha starts acting.
Anusha:Ragini mamsaab ke liye letter aya hain, table pe hain!(A letter has come for Ragini madame, its on the table)
Ragini goes towards the table, unaware of the fact that there is glass under the letter.She gets hurt from the glass.She screams and cries.Laksh cares for her.Seeing that, Anusha fumes and goes.Swara looks at her doubtfully.While going,Anusha’s bracelet fall and Swara picks it.She gets stunned seeing Anusha on it.

She angrily drags Anusha to the living room where eveyone is present and slaps her hard.She falls and her pallu goes from her head.She looks at Swara and all are shocked to see her.Laksh is super angry and slaps her again.
Swara:What did u think, u will win in this cheap game of urs?
Anusha:Even if i lost, u wont be able to do anything!
Swara laughs and calls the inspector inside.They arrest Anusha.

All get proud of Swara.They bless her.Ragini hugs Swara and thanks her.Swaragini……plays……

Precap:Swaragini and Sanlak go for their college reunion party.

Credit goes to:Heera

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