Swaragini (An eternal love story) Episode 7

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Recap:Annapurna and Ragini reconcile.Raglak consummate their wedding.

Swara comes to room and spreads a lot of chocolates on the bed She smiles seeing them.She goes to washroom.She comes out and gets surprised seeing Sanskaar eating all her chocolates.
Swara:Sanskaar! U r so insolent!
She scolds him a lot.
Sanskaar:i am insolent then wat r u?
Their nok jhok start.
She scolds him a lot.He gets angry and pins her to wall. He gets closer to her.He kisses her cheeks.
Swara:Tume kya laga, main dar jaoungi?(Wat did u think, i will get scared?)
Sanskaar:Tho jab main tumhaare garib aata houn tho tumhaare dil ki dhadkan tezz nahi hoti hain?(So when i come close to u,Ur heartbeat doesnt increases?)
She gets tensed and says no!
He get more closer to her.She smiles and hugs him.

Everyone come down for dinner and gets surprised seeing Halwa on the table.
Annapurna:Yeh kisne banaya?(Who made this?)
Ragini:Mujhe kuch meetha banane ke liye mauka nahi mili tho…..(I didnt get chance to cook something sweet but….)
Annapurna gets sad and folds her hand.Ragini holds her hand and signs no.
They taste the halwa and like it.Laksh compliments Ragini.She smiles and blushes.

Laksh goes into his car.Someone is seen eyeing him.He looks around but doesnt find anyone.He drives off.Anusha comes infront.
Anusha:I will snatch u from Ragini,laksh!
She covers her face with saree pallu and goes in the house.

Swara:Kaun ho tum?(Who r u?)
Anusha:Ji mari ko ek kaam chahiye se(I need a work).
Swara:Tumhaara naam kya hain?(What is ur name?)
Anusha:Anu….Anuradha!Maari maasi yahan kaam kare hain par main unki jaga kaam karne aayi houn(Anu…..Anuradha!my aunt works here but now i am here to replace her).She is expecting a baby,thats why…….
Swara:Tumne ghunghat kyun or rakha hain?(Why r u covering urself?)
She was about to take off her pallu but Anusha stops her.
Anusha:Riwaaz hain yahan,aur yahan admi hain tho….(Its my tradition,and there is men here so….)
Swara:Its ok.
She asks her to start working in the kitchen.Anusha complies and goes.She removes her pallu and smirks.

Ragini comes down.Anusha is cleaning the floor upstair.She sees her and intentionally spills some water on the stairs.Ragini slips and falls.She shouts.Swara shouts Ragini seeing her falling.Ragini gets injured on her head.She faints.

Anusha smirks and thinks its just the beginning.She pretends to care for her.

Doctor bandages her head and goes.Swara carreses her head.Ragini assures her that she is fine.
Ragini:Mere liye juice le ao ge?(Will u bring me some juice?)
Swara:Juice nahi, kesar wala dudh(Not juice, turmeric milk!)
Swara laughs and goes.

Swara,in the kitchen is lost in thoughts.
Swara:Jab main sirion se ghuzar rahi tho tho paani nahi thi,phir…..(When i was coming downstairs,the stairs were dry then…..)
The turmeric milk boils.Sujata switches it off on time.
Sujata:Swara r u fine?
Swara:No mom, i am thinking that when there was no water then how did Ragini fall??
Sujata:Dont worry, i will look into this matter ok, now go and give ragini this milk ok?
Swara nods smilingly and goes.

She comes to Ragini and makes her drink the milk forcefully.Ragini makes funny faces.Swara laughs and hugs her.

Late at night, Ragini tries calling Laksh but he doesnt pick the call.She gets tensed and asks Swara to stay with her tonight as she gets scared of dark Swara complies and they both sleep.
Anusha enters Ragini’s room secretly and throws a paper at her.Ragini gets scared seeing some woman going out.She reads the paper and shouts.Swara wakes up and gets shocked seeing the paper.She looks at crying Ragini.

Precap:Ragini gets hurt on her finger by a a glass piece on the table.Swara looks at Anusha suspiciously.

Credit goes to:Heera

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