Swaragini (An eternal love story) Episode 6

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Recap:Swasan consummated their marriage.

Swara comes to Sujata’s room and sees sujata talking to Annapurna.She joins them and smiles.Annapurna goes and Swara closes the door.
Sujata:Yeh keh kar rahi hain Swara?(What r u doing Swara?)
Swara:Mom mujhe apki madat chahiye(I want ur help).
She tells her something which is muted.Sujata nods and hugs her.

Annapurna is stiching in the living room.Sujata comes and sits near her.Swara shouts from upstairs and comes down.
Sujata:Keh hua Swara?(What happened swara?)
Swara:Mom explain ur son, He is irritating me, i regret having such a husband.
Sujata scolds her a lot.Swara gets teary eyed and argues.
Annapurna:Sujata, ab bas bhi karo!(Sujata, just stop it)
Sujata:Na jiji, Yeh ladki mare chore ke sath aisa nahi kar sakti(No sister,This girl cannot do this with my son).Swara, if u dont accept and respect my son, then u can get out.
Swara:Mujhe bhi nahi rehna aapke saath(Even i dont want to stay here)
She comes down with her laguage and turns to go.She was about to step out but Annapurna stops her.
Annapurna:Rukh jao Swara!(Stop Swara!).Sujata, She is ur daughter in law!If u dont accept her as ur daughter in law then why did u choose her?
Sujata:Even u chose Ragini, then what happened?
Swara:Yes badi ma, tell what happened?
Annapurna gets upset and goes to her room.
Swara gets teary eyed and looks at Sujata.

Swara:I dont know mom if our plan will work?
Sujata:Of course it will work.See she is getting affected.

Annapurna cries in her room.Dp consoles her.Annapurna comes out and scolds Sujata saying she is wrong.Sujata says even she is wrong! Annapurna tells that she is going to rectify her mistake.She goes to farmhouse and sees Ragini and Laksh.
She hugs Ragini and cries.Ragini cries happily.Annapurna apologizes profusely to her.All smiles.Swara does thumbs up to Sujata.They remember making this plan.

Ragini’s grah pravesh is done.Swara tells all wat drama she and sujata had to do.Annapurna pulls her ears.All laugh.

Swara comes to room and smiles seeing Sanskaar.
Swara:Patidev(husband) wat r u doing?
Sanskaar:chatting with my gf.
She gets serious and sits on the bed angrily.He pulls her closer and makes her wear a crown made of flowers.She gets happy and hugs him.He romances with her.He tries to kiss her.She smiles and kisses him on the cheeks.

Laksh comes to room and sees Ragini lighting candles.She dances with Laksh on raat akeli hain…….plays……She pushes him on bed and they consummate their marriage while the song yeh moh moh ke daage plays…….one by one the candles blows off.

Precap:Swara scolds Sanskaar that he ate all her chocolates.Their nok jhok starts nd they argue sweetly.He pins her to wall and kisses her to stop her from talking.She is surprised.Someone is seen eyeing Laksh(maybe Anusha)

Credit goes to:Heera

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