Swaragini (An eternal love story) Episode 3

Hey guys,kavita loves Sanskaar and Anusha loves Laksh!

Recap:Sanlak propose to Swaragini.

Swaragini comes home late and gets
surprised seeing Maheshwari family there.They take blessings of Sujata,Ramprassad,Dp and Annapurna and hug parineeta and Uttara.Swara hugs her dad.
Swara:Baba,Sach sach batao, aap jante the na?(Tell us truly father,U knew this right?)
Shekhar:What did i know?
Swaragini blush.All laugh.Annapurna asks Pandit to find a nice mahurat for wedding.The pandit says after two weeks is the perfect day for wedding
Sumi:This day Swaragini were born.
Annapurna:Its even sanlak birthday that day!
They cheer and celebrate by sharing sweets.Swara notices Urvashi going to her room.She feeds Sanskaar and smiles.
Uttara:Why dont we spend the night in Gagodia mansion tonight? It will be fun talking and eating whole night!

Ragini and Parineeta are frying snacks in the kitchen.Parineeta goes.Laksh comes and pulls Ragini closer.He romances with her and an eyelock ensures…….

Urvashi closes her room door and turns.She smiles evilly seeing Kavita and Anusha.She remembers joining hands with Kavita and Anusha.
Anusha:Waise maasi, aap swara ko naapasan karte ho par ragini ko nahi…..phir….(By the way aunt, u hate swara and not Ragini then why…..)
Urvashi:I love Ragini but i cannot see her and Swara together in the same sasural and she will get only sadness there coz Laksh isnt good for her!
Swara knocks Urvashi’s room.She gets tensed and opens the door.Swara looks around suspiciously.
Swara:Kisse baat kar rahe the maasi?(Whom were u talking to Aunt?)
Urvashi acts:Meri jiji se, wo keh rahi hain wo iss shaadi se khush nahi hain?(with my sister,She is saying she isnt happy with this wedding!)
Swara:I know i regarded ur sister, janki as my mother but she was a good person,why would she have any objections regarding our marriage?)
Urvashi:As u will do torture on Ragini after marriage being her sister-in-law!
Urvashi scolds her and asks her to stop pestering Ragini.Swara gets teary eyed and goes.

On the way,Someone pulls her.Before she can shout, Sanskaar shuts her mouth.They have an eyelock
Sanskaar:Kya hua tum udaas kyun ho?(Why r u sad?)
Swara tells him everything and cries.Sanskaar consoles her.He hugs her.

The families have a nice night.They spend the night in talking and having fun.
Uttara:Why dont we play antakshari and dumb charades?
They play antakshari and Swaragini sings for Sanlak.They all clap.

Swara signs something and Sanskaar shouts maine pyaar kiya(I have fallen in love)
All laughs.
Ragini signs something and Lasksh says i love u! Ragini smiles and blushes.
Urvashi fumes seeing them happy.She vows in heart to ruin their happiness.

Precap:Swara’s grah pravesh is done while Ragini turns to leave and cries.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, comment how it was and plzz give me some ideas….love u lots

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