Swaragini (An eternal love story) Episode 2

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Precap:Ragini cries as her crush rejects her.

Swasan talk at the park.Laksh gets worried on not seeing Ragini.He sees her at a bench sitting.She smiles seeing some kids playing.He sits besides her and holds her hand.She looks at him and says i am fine.
Laksh:I didnt even tell anything…..
Ragini:How do u know me soo much?
Laksh gets closer to her and whispers
Laksh:Coz i am ur frnd.
She smiles and hugs him.

In the evening,
Swara:Sanskar, Laksh kal hum nahi mil sake ge kyunke humare baba ek meeting ke liye jaa rahe hain, tho hum unke saath jaa rahe hain(Sanskaar, laksh, we will not be able to meet u tomorrow as we are going with our papa in a meeting)
Sanskaar smiles:Kal hum zaroor milege Swara!(We will surely meet tomorrow)
Swaragini waves them bye and goes.Sanlak look on.

Next morning, Swara dresses in a red gown and smiles remembering Sanskaar saying we will surely meet! Ragini sees her and teases her.Swara blushes.They laugh.

Swaragini come to Maheshwari industries(diamond company) with their father( who also own a diamond company)
They enter a cabin and the girls get shocked seeing Sanlak sitting.They boys smile and wave at them.Swaragini look at each other and giggles.The meeting starts.After the meeting, Shekhar and Dp leave the cabin to talk, leaving swaragini and sanlak alone.They look at each other and laugh!
Dp comes back and whispers something in Sanlak’s ear.They get happy while Shekhar asks the girls to come.They comply and leave.

In the night, Swara gets a note asking her to come at a punjabi restaurant(north).Ragini gets a note asking her to come at a south indian restaurant.The girls clash into each other.
Swara:Kahan jaa rahi ho Ragini?(Where r u going Ragini?)
Ragini:Hmmm nowhere….and u??
They lie to each other and go in their cars.

Ragini arrives there and a waitress leads her to a room, asking her to change and gives her a saree(pink colour).She smiles and takes it.

Swara also arrives and a waitress gives her a salwar kameez (blue) and asks her to change.She complies.

The girls come out and looks beautiful.Sanskaar comes and takes her to a table.Laksh also takes Ragini to a table.They all dine.After dinner, the boys lights a candle and places it on the ground.A spark ensures and the sparks show I love u!!! The girls get surprised.Swara looks at Sanskaar lovingly.Ragini looks at Laksh suspiciously.Swara laughs and hugs Sanskaar tight.Ragini cries happily and hugs Laksh.Music plays and they dance…….
Sanskaar bends on his knees and makes her wear a ring made of flowers and pearls. and asks her if she will marry him.
Sanskaar:Tum apni poori zindagi iss handsome ke saath bitana chahoge?(Will u spend ur life with this handsome?)
Swara smiles and says:Yes!!!!
Laksh makes Ragini wear a ring made of diamonds and flowers.

Kavita cries seeing Swasan together and Anusha cries seeing Raglak together.They decide to snatch their love.

Precap:Kavita and Anusha join hand with Urvashi maasi.Swara walks to Urvashi maasi’s room.Dp and Annapurna ask pandit to find a nice mahurat for marriage.Urvashi maasi looks on.

Credit goes to:Heera

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