Swaragini – Between You and Me (Episode 9)

“How is she?” Laksh asked Sanskar as he came out of the room.
“She blames herself for all that is happening” he said
“She needs time Laksh. It was obvious that she wouldn’t become cheerful after hearing all this” Sahaj said
“How did a smart, mature and understanding person, fall for this dumb idiot? You are an exceptional woman Sahaj” Sanskar said “It isn’t going to be easy for you either”
“No, it isn’t going to be easier, but it is going to be a lot better in the future. I was so blinded by the feeling of being in love that I didn’t analyse whether this would sustain our relationship in the long term” she said
“Sahaj, I am –” Laksh started to say something and she cut him off

“Don’t say you’re sorry, Laksh. It doesn’t mean anything. I know, it’s not just your fault, its mine as well. I am human, so I won’t lie that it doesn’t hurt. It hurts so bad that I cannot express it in words and a simple sorry will not make that pain go away, but that doesn’t mean I will become inconsiderate. Maybe, it wasn’t meant to be, maybe we had to go through this to become wiser with our decisions in the future” she said with tears brimming in her eyes
Laksh stood there not knowing how to react to his situation. He knew nobody was wrong here and wished, if only he could do something to make everything alright, he needed just that one chance.
“Sahaj, I know that a simple sorry is not going to suffice and help you through it, but I really am sorry. If only I could I would show you how guilt ridden and responsible I feel right now, for everything that has happened. You don’t deserve this” he said and hugged her.

She dropped her inhibitions and started to cry her pain out while he stroked her hair to calm her down. After a few moments she they broke the hug.
“I’m going to miss you” she said as she stroked his face “Take care of Ma, Papa” and she started to leave
“Come, I’ll drop you home” Sanskar offered
“It’s okay, I got my car.” She said “Take care of both of them” she whispered to Sanskar as she hugged him
“I will and remember one thing, whenever you need me. One call and I will be there” Sanskar said
“I know that” she gave them a smile and left.

Laksh entered her room to check upon her, she was sleeping and tip-toed so as to not wake her up. He sat beside her, even though she was sleeping, her pained face didn’t falter in describing what she had gone through. He recollected the moments they had spent together, their fights, her constant encouragement, the little things she did for him, how once she stayed up all night just to hear his banter about his fight with Sahaj, how she recognized when he was upset just by the tone of his voice.
He tried hard to remember the times when she had called him up with any of her problem or anytime that she had discussed her pain or sorrow with him and he couldn’t recollect one such incident. Then he realised that he didn’t know anything about her life, her battles. Nothing. This woman, spent most of her trying to make him a better person, fighting his battles with him and he didn’t know anything about her.
All he knew was that he loved her and had not once, not even for a moment imagined his life without her. Six years of buried feelings and all it took were 2 days of being with her, for those feelings to become clearer, for him to understand, what she meant to him.
He couldn’t wait to tell her, how much he loved her, that he wanted the rest of his life with her, that there was no one who could ever take her place in his life and that he was a fool to not realise this before. He kissed her forehead lightly and left the room.

“I have to tell her, how much I love her” Laksh rushed excitedly to Sanskar
“What?” he asked startled
“I love her. I don’t why it took me so long realise this, but now I cannot wait even for a moment to tell her this” he said
“Laksh, have you completely lost it? You just broke off your engagement, for which she is blaming herself; Badi Ma and Bade Papa are still not over what has happened and you’re saying you want to declare your love to her?” he shouted “Do you even realise how grave the situation is?”
“Why do you always have to be so impulsive? You have already made that mistake once, don’t do it again” he said to Laksh “Give everyone some time to recover from this. When the time is right, you can tell everyone”
“More than anyone else, she needs time. Give her little space”
“I know what you said is all correct, but I just want her to know” Laksh said “I have wasted so many years, hurt her time and again. I don’t want her to go through that pain anymore”
“Then, by giving her a little time and a little space, you will be saving her from that pain. Trust me” Sanskar assured him

At night, Annapurna went to check up on Ragini and found Laksh sitting in her room. She put her hand on his head and asked “Laksh, I think you should go and sleep now. I’ll keep checking on her”
“Ma, will she be okay?” he asked her
“It will take a while, but she will be fine” she assured him “Today has been overwhelming for all of us, particularly for her, because she feels responsible”
“But, Ma, she isn’t responsible for anything that happened” he said
“We all know that, but after what happened between you and her last night, it was obvious she would feel this way” she said
He turned to look at her in shock “You…you heard us?” he asked
“I was coming up to check whether you kids had arrived or not. I came to Ragini’s room first, and I heard what happened between the two of you” she said
“Is that why you didn’t react as much as dad did?” he asked her
“Yes, because I knew that it was the right decision.” She said and then she looked at Ragini “I was always aware that she had feelings for you, but she never really confessed it and I did not know how you felt about her. I did not want to invade in either of your personal space” she said “You kids have now matured and can take your own decisions. I am happy that you and Sahaj took the right decision”
“Marriage is not a one day event, beta. It is a lifelong responsibility and if you get into it without choosing your partner carefully, you could end up with bitter memories” she said
“Ma, how do I convince her now?” he asked
“Give her some time to recover. She will come around” she said “Now go and sleep. We’ll talk in the morning” she said
Laksh got up hugged her and said “You’re the best, Ma. Thanks for your support”
“Yeah yeah. Now go” she said with a small laugh
She then sat beside Ragini “You deserve your share of happiness, beta. Don’t run away from it” and he light kissed her forehead and left.

Early in the morning, Annapurna rushed to Sanskar’s room and woke him up “Sanskar, wake up, quick”
He woke up with a jolt and rubbed his eyes “What’s wrong Badi Ma? Why are you so tensed?”
She handed a note to him and said “I found this in Ragini’s room. She’s gone”
“What?” he exclaimed as he read the note “
“Where can she possibly go? She doesn’t even know anyone here” Annapurna said with a shaky voice and Sanskar tried to think of all the places she could be
“Badi Ma, calm down. I know where she is. I will go get her” he assured her “Just be normal and do not let anyone know about all this. If they ask, tell them I took Ragini for a legal advice for one of my contract and we will be back by evening” and he got to get dressed
“But where is she?” she asked him
“Just trust me. I will get her back” he said and gave her a re-assuring hug and rushed to his car while dialling a number
“Hello? Sorry to disturb you this early. I need your help” he spoke into the phone

Elsewhere, Ragini set her stuff in the room and curled up on the sofa, thinking about all the events of the previous day. She felt as though nobody would understand her, and she didn’t want to hurt anyone more than she already had, unintentionally. She decided she would never go back to their life; she was just waiting for her return tickets and would leave, never to return.
A knock on the door broke the chain of her thoughts. She went to open the door and was surprised to see the visitor “What are you doing here?”


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Hey guys, i know i know you must be upset because i am late..sorry about that, as stuck with work and thank you so very much for all the appreciation on my previous update. So, here is the new episode and really hope you like it, also sorry again for Vidyut’s absence (he will be back, trust me) 😀

Lots of Love


  1. Bela

    Oh My God! Amazing chapter! 😘😘😘😘
    High on emotions, fully charged with feelings………….and Laksh has realized his love too!😊😊😊😊
    Keep going Anvita. You are doing a fantastic job!

  2. Priyashini


    |Registered Member

    Very nice dear…. It was really fabulous..you must keep continuing…I know love is not just a word but you really mean it here . So nice take care and keep smiling

  3. Ria


    |Registered Member

    This update was so amazing. The feelings and emotions were portrayed so beautifully. Well, as far as I can guess, Ragini is in Vidyut’s home, right? I guess that’s the only place she could’ve been to. Moreover, the visitor is Sanskaar/Vidyut or, or, LAKSH!! I’ll be waiting for the next one. Please try updating soon.


    • AnvitaSharma



      hey Riya…so glad you liked the update..i wasn’t really sure if it was good enough..as for where she is is who turned up…you will have to wait for the next episode to find out 😀

  4. Fats


    |Registered Member

    Amazing update Anvita. I loved the heart to heart conversations between several characters. They really put emphasis on the story’s emotional element. And aww, Laksh finally knows and accepts his love for Ragini. I wonder how lover boy Laksh will be able to contain his emotions and romance after being told Ragini needs time 😊. Can’t wait to read the next part 💕

  5. Kutty

    Amazing anvi… Hope she gets out of this trauma soon. She might be in vidyut’s place nd Sanky came to see her.. Sahaj char is so lovely, a practical girl… Laksh realised his love… Take care nd update soon…

  6. Asra


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    awesome dear….loved it…ap know about raglak….waiting for vidyut arrival and ur nxt update…tkcr dear….

  7. Akshata


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    Finally, the most awaited day has arrived, laksh finally confessed that he is in love with ragini, he only loved one girl and she is ragu. sansku is right she needs little time and space to regain her strength. awesome update.

  8. Advaita

    Hi , Anvita! Sorry I couldn’t comment on the previous one . Actually I read both epi 8&9 today itself . My exams are going on , that’s why visiting TU less these days.
    The story has become so interesting ! I loved Sahaj’s character . Such a practical and mature girl. Feeling bad for Ragini though. I know it’s not her fault and so does everyone else but she needs her time and space too to digest all this . And this Laksh!! He is such an impulsive fool! Am glad that he realised his feelings for Ragini though but the way he realised that was quite filmy 😉 . Guys! Jealous much !! Oh, and I too missed Vidyut! Hope to see him soon .
    Bye bye!
    Take care 🙂

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