Swaragini (Episode 2)


both sister and brother reach collage and fell a cold air and their heart start felling something but they ignore and go to join their group
swara and ragini go to pooja and nisha and sanlak go to mohit and rohit
swara: ragini i will go with nisha to princi and you go with pooja and check the notice board about are class
ragini: ok swara
they both headed towards their way and on the other side sanlak
lucky: yar collage temprature is so hot na
rohit: you are right lucky
mohit: what do you mean
lucky: look at all girls how hot they are
sanskar: you again started lucky
lucky: bhai you are so boring
rohit: yes lucky they both are so boring

sanskar: vo sab chodo tum dono jao aur notice boed per classes time deakh kar aao and me and mohit go to princi ok

they also go to their way swara and nisha both are talking with each other and sanskar is talking with mohit they all 4 stike and share a eye lock( bg music plays ankhon me teri) suddenaly they compose themselves and say soory to each other but sanskar and mohit are memerised seeing beauty of both the girls and their heart beat get faster on the other side lucky and rohit are goinig to notice bord and see two girls in traditional attire working hard to see notice board and suddenly they turn towards luky and rohit they both memerised seeing their beauty and lost in them ( bg music plays dekha ha jab se tujko) and came in sense when somebody hits them and they start searching both girls but they are gone and they get sad
swara nisha pooja and ragini to their class and after sometime sanskar lucky rohit and mohit come to class and see their girls goosiping with each other and gets happy as they are in their class and sit behind them and stare only them during their all lecture
after comleting all lecture princi came and tell about thie fresher paty for tommarow at 8:00 pm all student get excited

swaragini nisha and pooja go to canteen and boys folow them
swara: give a childish expesion and says i am very hunrgy
nisha: me too
ragini: ok
and she start talking to pooja
both sanskar and mohit see their childish bheaviour and smile while lucky and rohit are lost in seeing ragini and pooja after some time swra came with food
swra : so what are you talking about
ragini: about fresher party what should we wear
nisha: i thought we should go for shoping
pooja: not a bad idea
ragini: ok then we will meet in SHOPAHOLICS sooping mall at 10:00 am ok
all the girls say ok done and and go to their home and boys see them going
lucky: i did not thought a girl look this beautiful in traditional dress

rohit: you are rigth lucky
sanskar: whom you are talking about
rohit: that girls sitting hera na vo
sanskar thought about swara and yeah you are right lucky she is angel
lucky: bhai whom you are talking about
sanskar: that girl behaving like a child i am talking about her
lucky: then its ok and so you started liking some one other than books
mohit: but they are damm cute
sanskar: iwant to talk to him but when he come my heart beat get faster i cant utter a word
mohitand rohit at same time you are right sanskar
lucky: i have an idea thse girls are going to SHOPAHOLICS shoping mall at 10:00 am so we also go their

sanskar: but hoew did you know
lucky: when i was going to take food then i heard their talk
then lets meet at shoping mall at 10:00 am and they also headed towards home

to be continued

Credit to: shalini

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