Swaragini – Between You and Me (Episode 12)


“She said yes” a voice came from behind him
“Is it just me, or did Laksh really speak in a girl’s voice?” Vidyut whispered to Sanskar and Sahaj
Before anyone they could answer. They saw Ragini entering the house behind Laksh.
“Really?” Annapurna and Sujata asked her in unison
Laksh and Ragini smiled at them and nodded and Annapurna hugged Ragini “I am so happy today” she said with tears of joy
Durgaprasad came out “What is all this commotion about?” he then saw Laksh and Ragini standing at the doorway. Ragini walked towards him
“So, what’s the verdict? Are you ready to handle this fool your entire life?” he asked her with a smile
“Do I have a choice, uncle? You and I both know, no one is going to take his responsibility. So, for your sake I’ll do it” she replied with a laugh and gave Durgaprasad a hi-five and hugged him.
“Oh good, because I had already informed Sumi that you said yes.” He said with a laugh “Also, you don’t get to call me uncle anymore. It’s papa for you, young lady”
“Yes, Sir” she replied
“And you” he looked at Laksh “Don’t pull such a stunt again, I’m letting you off because of Ragini, otherwise I would’ve sent you off to an asylum for being such an idiot”
“Sorry Dad” Laksh said as he hugged him
“Didi, Bhaiyya, we need to discuss with Sumi and Shekhar regarding the engagement and the wedding” Sujata said
“Yes, and this time I want the wedding to be in Kolkata” Annapurna said as they walked in for the discussion

“Okay, let’s leave before she spots us” Vidyut said
“What?” Sahaj asked
“He’s right, we need to disappear for a while” Sanskar said as he and Vidyut were pulling Sahaj towards the kitchen
“Freeze. Right there. Where do you three think you’re off to?” Ragini said coming up behind them
“Exactly my point” Sahaj said “I don’t know why they were running and dragging me along too”
“Because, they are aware that I’m going to kill them” Ragini said narrowing her eyes at both of them “For plotting against me”
“She was in the plan too” Vidyut said pointing at Sahaj and Laksh laughed at them
“I was not; I passed out in the car. They woke me up when we reached home” she said “The three of them planned this entire thing”
Ragini went and pulled Sanskar and Vidyut’s collar and said “If you both ever pull such a stunt on me again, I will bury you alive” while Laksh and Sahaj stood behind her laughing at both of them
“We won’t, now can I hug and congratulate you?” Sanskar said
“Please let me eat” Vidyut said and Ragini hit him in the arm as she hugged Sanskar
“Welcome to the family, kiddo” he said


Ragini sat in the backyard, Laksh came and sat beside her and handed her a cup of coffee.
“Remember the day you had arrived, and we sat like this the same night” he said while sipping his coffee

“So much has changed in this week Laksh. It has been a turbulent ride from start to end” she replied and she kept her head on his shoulder
“I never really apologised to you Ragini” He said “for all the pain I put you through”
“If all that pain was to get us here, I’ll do it all over again Laksh” she said with a smile

He kissed the top of her head and said “I spoke to maa baba today. Everyone is very excited.”
She gave a soft laugh and said “Maa could hardly speak through all those tears, I was surprised she even managed to say those few words with all that crying and I could hear baba laughing at her in the background”
“Three months from now we will be a happily married couple” he said “Seems so surreal”
“I’ll have to give a bar exam here for my practise. Ugh, all that studying again” she said with a frown

“Well, this was going to be my wedding gift. But, now that you mentioned I‘ll tell you something. You don’t have to give the bar exam again” he said
She looked at him and said “What do you mean? Don’t you want me to work here?”
“No, you don’t have to work here” he said
“What? Laksh, you’ve always known my career is very important to me. How did you even think that I would give up my work, just because I’m getting married? And this is what you claim was going to be your wedding gift to me?” she raged
“Ragini, I said you don’t have to work HERE” he emphasised
“Why are you repeating the same thing again? I als-” before she could complete her sentence he cut her off
“Ragini, we’re shifting to Mumbai” he said with a laugh
“WHAT?” she exclaimed “Are you serious? But your hotels and your work here?”
“My hotels are in Mumbai too, Ragini. I can manage my work from there. Plus I have people to look after the work here” he said “we can always travel when required”
“Laksh, I never thought you would come all the way for me” she said as she hugged him
“Baby girl, after all that I put you through. There is still a lot that I need to do for you” he said hugging her back
“I love you” she said
“I love you too” he said “This is probably the first time we’re saying this to each other whilst being sober” he said with a laugh and they kissed


“Laksh, help me with this” Ragini called out for him while trying zip up her dress
He entered the room and saw her struggling with her dress, it had been two years since their wedding and even today he was mesmerised by how she managed to look beautiful even when being a complete klutz.
He stood there at the door and wolf-whistled, which made Ragini turn around “If only I had known that you’re a pervert, I would have never agreed to marry you” she said as he walked towards her with a smile.
“That’s exactly why I didn’t tell you about this before” he said and turned her around and traced his fingers on her bare back.
She looked at him through the mirror and said “I asked you to help me with my dress not play around and take a chance”
He looked at her and swept her hair on one side while closing the zip and then he planted a kiss on her neck “We could’ve had some fun today but no. You had to call bunch of animals for dinner”
She laughed ruffled his hair and said “If you behave, you might just get lucky tonight” which made him look at her and she winked
“Ahh, that’s not fair, you always use this trick” he whined
She turned around gave him a kiss and said “Well, it’s your choice now; you want to get lucky tonight or sleep on the couch?”
“Hey, those are two very extreme choices. Also, why would I want to sleep on the couch” he said and pulled her closer, just then her phone rang and he frowned. She let out a laugh, planted a kiss on his nose and went to answer her phone.

He went to the living room as the doorbell rang “Does everyone have to call and arrive at the same time” he whined and went to open the door.
“Don’t you have a spare key to our apartment?” Laksh asked as Vidyut entered
“It’s good to see you too and here is my contribution for tonight” he said as he handed Laksh a bottle of Red Wine
“Really dude? Wine. You could’ve got some whiskey” Laksh said
“I have the whiskey” Sahaj said entering behind Vidyut and handed the bottle to Laksh “and you Sharma next time we’re coming in separate cars. I’m never driving with you again” she said as she settled on the couch

“I thought I heard you both” Ragini came out and hugged Sahaj and Vidyut
“What did you do this time?” Laksh asked Vidyut
“I played my favourite songs, that’s it and she got mad for that” he said with an innocent shrug
Sahaj turned to Ragini and said “I am going to kill your friend” and then she turned to Vidyut “please tell them the songs you listening to”
“Eye to Eye and Angel by Taher Shah” Vidyut said
He and Laksh started laughing while Sahaj huffed and poured herself a glass of wine “I hate both of them” she said to Ragini, who gave a small laugh.

“Till today, I haven’t understood how you and Vidyut ended up together” Ragini asked Sahaj as they walked to the kitchen and the boys sat in the living room watching a match
“I ask myself the same question everyday” Sahaj sighed and set her glass on the kitchen counter and went to rummage through the fridge “So, does Laksh know yet?”

Ragini looked at her with wide eyes “How did you know?”
Sahaj laughed and said “By these untouched wine bottles in your refrigerator. How far along are you?”
“2 months” she replied “and of course Laksh knows” she said with a laugh
“Congratulations. I am so happy for the both of you” Sahaj exclaimed while hugging Ragini
“Now stay calm and help me carry these dishes out. Sanskar must be reaching” she said
“How can I stay calm, this is huge” Sahaj said while collecting the dishes
“Calm down little girl, we’re announcing it today, we’re waiting for Sanskar and a friend of mine is also coming over”

“A friend? Is this your attempt to set up Sanskar with someone again?” Sahaj asked as they were setting plates on the table
“She’s a nice girl. She’s beautiful, smart, funny” Ragini said “She used to work with me and Vidyut”
“I don’t mind, but you know how he starts to react” Sahaj said “Wait, I think I’ve met her. Are you talking about the girl who was freelancing with you?”
“Yes, that one” Ragini nodded
“She’s super sweet. Oh, I hope they click” she said

“What are you both gossiping about?” Sanskar said from behind them
“Hey, when did you come. I didn’t hear the doorbell” Ragini said as she hugged him
“Unlike Vidyut, I use my spare key” he said with a laugh
“How was your merger last week?” Sahaj asked as she hugged him
“Done and dusted. Forget all that” he said while taking a beer from the fridge “I heard from the guys that one of your friend is coming for dinner too”
“Yeah, so?” Ragini asked avoiding eye contact with him
“So, if this is one you’re your tricks of setting me up on a date again, I will walk out” he said while following her around the table
“Ragini cooked today, you are never going to walk out on her food” Laksh said as he and Vidyut entered the kitchen
“Really? Ragini cooked? Sahaj, book a hospital bed for me” Vidyut said and a towel flew in his face from Ragini’s direction.
“Sweetheart, you need to work harder on your jokes.” Sahaj said while patting his hand
The doorbell rang. “I’ll check” Laksh said and went out to the open the door
“How come you aren’t drinking? I got your favourite wine” Vidyut asked Ragini
“She’s not feeling too well” Sahaj said trying to cover up for her
“But the wine I got two months ago is also stocked in the fridge” Sanskar said “I thought it must’ve gotten over in a week”

“Everybody. Look who’s here my wife’s geeky friend” Laksh said with a laugh pointing to a petite girl entering behind him
“Thanks for the introduction Laksh” she said and walked towards Ragini “Congratulations” she whispered in here ear
Ragini smiled and mouthed Thank You to her.
“What’s with the whispering?” Vidyut said appearing behind them
“I was asking her, if you still crack lame jokes or has your sense of humour improved” she said as she hugged Vidyut
“That’s never going to change for him. Lame jokes all the way” Sahaj said

“Laksh, I need a charger for my phone, I need to eat and rush before your wife starts her plan-” Sanskar said while entering the living room and typing into his phone but Laksh cut him off
“Bhai, forget the charger, let me introduce you to our friend here” Laksh said

Sanskar looked up to see a girl standing in a simple jeans and t-shirt with no makeup on, beside Sahaj, and his eyes met with hers. It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen a girl who was more beautiful than her, but never had he seen a girl with eyes that could talk and a smile that was so infectious, he didn’t realise that he was smiling at her like a fool.
“Dude, you’re drooling” Vidyut whispered in his ear
Sanskar composed himself and hit Vidyut with his elbow, and then walked towards the girl
“Hi, I’m Sanskar” he introduced himself and extended his hand
“Swara” she said with a smile and shook his hand

“I willing to bet my life that he is not walking out of here” Laksh whispered to Vidyut
“I’m betting her will walk out, but with her in tow” Vidyut said with a laugh
“I’m with Vidyut” Ragini whispered
“Okay people, let’s have dinner” Sahaj announced

“Sanskar where do you want to sit?” Sahaj teased him and he glared at her as he sat beside Swara.
Vidyut and Sahaj joined them at the dinner table
“Sanskar you want more beer?” Ragini asked
“Yes please” he replied
“And you Swara?” she asked while walking towards the kitchen
“White wine” she said

“So when are we telling them?” Laksh asked Ragini as she poured wine in the glass
“The way Vidyut and Sanskar have been noticing my drinking pattern, we will have to tell them today” she said with a laugh
They all had dinner and reminisced old times, everyone notice how Sanskar and Swara had clicked and were teasing them. After dinner everyone cleaned up and settled in the living room

“Ragini, you haven’t had one drink today. We want to see drunk Ragini” Vidyut said
“Nobody wants to see drunk Ragini Vidyut” Sahaj interrupted
“Why are you siding with her so much?” Sanskar asked her and then saw Laksh laughing and Ragini hit him with her elbow
“What’s going on here?” he asked Vidyut
“I’d like to know the same” Vidyut said and saw Sahaj and Swara laughing at them
“Wait, is it what I think it is?” he said
“Depends on what you’re thinking” Ragini said with a laugh
“You’re pregnant” he announced
“WHAT?” Sanskar exclaimed
“You’re smarter than you seem to be Sharma” Sahaj said
“Really? You’re pregnant?” Vidyut asked again
Ragini nodded and Vidyut and Sanskar leapt forward to hug her
“Congratulations sweetheart” Sanskar said and then moved on to hug Laksh “You too, baby daddy”
“Thanks Bhai” Laksh replied
“Vidyut you’re crushing me” Ragini said with a laugh while hugging him
“I’m going to be the baby’s godfather” he announced
“Dude, I’m the uncle. I’ve got the first right” Sanskar retorted and they both started to argue
“You’re not married, so you are out of the race” Vidyut said

Laksh kissed Ragini on the forehead and said “Can you believe our baby these people as godparents” he said while looking at Sanskar Sahaj and Vidyut bickering
She laughed and said “I’m thinking if it’s a girl, poor child will not have any boyfriend, these two men will beat the shit out of any boy who tries to come within 500 m radius of her”
“Thank you for making this life worthwhile, Ragini.” Laksh said to her
“Thank you for completing me” She said

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Hey guys, this was the last episode of my ff. It was so much fun writing for you guys and no matter how much i thank you guys for the love you have given me,it will never be enough. I hope you like this update too.
And for all you Vidyut lovers, there is a one shot in process about Ragini and Vidyut’s friendship, will inform about it soon.
Miss me 🙂

Lots and Lots of Love

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