Swaragini – Between You and Me (Episode 11)


Ragini woke up holding her head. As her eyes started to focus on her surroundings, flashes of what happened in the morning started to come back to her.
She went out of the room, to the living room and saw Laksh casually sitting on the couch, watching the television and eating something that looked like a sad excuse for noodles. She sat beside him and kept her head on her shoulder

“My head hurts” she whined. Wordlessly, he picked up a glass with some weird green drink and handed the glass to her

“Drink up, this will cure your hangover” he said. She made a face at the smell but drank it anyway and then she belched “I have never had anything that horrible”

“So…I have a few, actually a lot of questions” she said as she turned to face him while he was still watching the television “Are you listening to me?”

“I listen with my ears Ragini, not with my face” he said and then he turned to her, she gave him a sarcastic smile and he turned back to the TV

“So, I recollect flashes of what happened in bits and pieces. I know that everyone was here, but why do I see just you now? And what actually happened here? How did you come here” she asked “And did I really sleep all through the day?”

He switched off the TV and turned to her “So let’s start with how you disappeared from home in the middle of the night, how Sanskar didn’t tell me any of this and Sahaj tracked your phone, then she came over with wine and then you both got drunk even before Sanskar could reach here, oh and also Vidyut is back, they both tried to get you in your senses and in the meantime, Sahaj had messaged me to come here and it is after I arrived that I came to know about this entire story” he said “Then I tried to get you to eat a lime and then you passed out on me”

“You said Vidyut’s name correct for the first time” she said with a shocked expression and then she burst out laughing “So where is everyone now?”

“They’ve gone out to get something to eat. There are no groceries in the house” he said while looking at her

She got up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen “I’m making coffee. You want some?” she asked him, he nodded in response

“Ragini, do you remember anything else?” he asked her
She stopped for a moment and then continued to make the coffee “Not really, I tried to recollect the events but nothing came up” she lied

“Are you sure?” He asked standing behind her
She sensed his presence and could feel his breath on her nape and she had goose bumps. She tried to move aside but he had rounded her so closely that she couldn’t move.
She turned around and his face was inches away from hers. He leaned in until her ear was close to his mouth and whispered “Are you sure, Ragini? Are you sure that nothing else happened?” and with that she could feel the hair on her neck stand.
She pushed him away and said “Laksh, please”

He went to her and held her shoulders “Please what, Ragini? We cannot go through our lives like this. For how long will you deny that we both love each other? For how long will you keep the guilt in your heart, for something that you’re not even responsible for?”
“You think I am enjoying this? Laksh, do you even understand how conflicted I am?” she said while walking back in the living room

“Ragini, the situation is a little complicated for everyone here. But does that mean you will run away from the truth?” he asked her

“This could be fate, you know” he said “If I had known that I would fall in love with you one day, I would have done everything differently. Everything” he said as he held her by the shoulders

She shrunk in her posture visibly and sighed “Laksh, you’re being unfair”
“No I’m being selfish” he said
“It’s the same thing”
“No Ragini, it isn’t. Unfair would be giving you an ultimatum and being selfish is doing something like this” he said and kissed her.
Their lips connected with strength and purpose. He slid his hand into her hair and wrapped around the back of her head.

He kissed her like he’s giving her every kiss he wishes he could have given her in the past and every kiss he could give me in the future. All at once.
They broke the kiss gasping for air and he whispered “Give into your heart Ragini. You know this is right”

“I’ll take whatever you’re willing to give me Ragini, because I know for a fact that if we ignore this feeling now, if we walk away from each other now, then ten years from now…twenty years from now we’ll wish we had listened to our hearts when we think back on tonight”

She sank on the sofa and he sat cross legged on the floor facing her.
“What are you thinking?” he asked her
“I don’t know, Laksh. I don’t what to do. I feel like I have no clarity” she said while holding her face in her hands. Suddenly she sensed that her was near her and lifted her face off her hands and saw him. On one knee. Kneeling before her, with a ring in his hand

“Laksh, what is happening?” she asked with wide eyes as he gave her a smile

“Ragini Gadodia, in the past few days I was falling for you piece by piece, but not anymore. I have fallen in love with the while of you. Just the way you are, every single piece of you.” He said and tears started to form in her eyes.
“I promise to love you forever, even when I can’t. Will you marry me?”


“So you people are telling us that right now Laksh is proposing to Ragini?” Durgaprasad asked as he darted his eyes from Sahaj to Vidyut to Sanskar. “Are you serious?” he then turned to Annapurna and said “Why did we never realise that Laksh was a fool?”

Annapurna laughed and said “Give him a break. At least now he’s doing the right thing”
“No, but seriously. Everyone expected them to fall in love; well Ragini has been in love with this fool for a long time. But then he announced his engagement with Sahaj”

“Bade papa, you knew that Ragini loved him?” Sanskar asked him
“We all knew” Sujata said with a laugh and everyone was surprised when He and Sahaj announced their engagement”
“It’s all destiny, Sujata.” Annapurna said with a smile
“Somebody give a call Shekhar and Sumi, tell them the good news too” Durgaprasad said as he got up and went in search of his phone

“Sanskar, what do you think is happening there?” Sahaj asked
“I don’t know. I hope everything works out positively. Because now they are in a mood yo get the wedding cards printed”
“Dude, I am hungry” Vidyut said
Sahaj hit him lightly on his arm and said “We’re in a stressful situation here and you’re thinking about food”
“I can’t help it. I always feel hungry in stress” he said

“Let go in the kitchen” Sanskar said “At least we won’t have to whisper there”
“The suspense is killing me” Sahaj said as they entered the kitchen
“And I will die if I don’t get food now” Vidyut said
“Vidyut, please shut up” she said
“Both their phones are switched off” Sanskar said

Suddenly Vidyut’s phone rang; Sanskar and Sahaj looked at him
“Who is it? Is it Ragini?” Sahaj asked
“Relax, woman. Let me look at the name first” he said with a laugh “Not Ragini”
“I guess we’ll just have to wait for them to contact us” Sanskar said
“Ragini, is one stubborn soul” Vidyut said “I’d say it’s going to take a while” and he stuffed chips in his mouth

“It’s already been while” Sanskar said
“Can you please eat like a human” Sahaj said to Vidyut
“You can never expect me to behave like a human when I am eating” he replied

Just then they heard the doorbell ring and they rushed to the living room and saw Laksh
“That was quick” Vidyut exclaimed
“Where is Ragini?” Annapurna asked him “What did she say?”
“Oh man, this is going to be intense” Vidyut whispered to Sahaj and Sanskar while stuffing more chips in his mouth

Hey Guys,
Really sorry for the delay with this update. I got stuck with work. Anyway here is the new update..really hope you like it 😀

Lots of Love
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  1. Aye Haye…my writer queen…such an amazing update ??
    the confrontation and confession was so well balanced and seamless!❤

    PS : Next time please let me proof-read before you update ??

    1. AnvitaSharma

      You know when you say stuff like that..i usually want to kill you?? i had offered you to proof read but you are the epitome of laziness
      and i’m not even going to thank you for that compliment 😛

  2. Amazing yar

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Thank you so much 🙂

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      Thank you so much..will try to upload soon 🙂

  4. Crystal089

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    1. AnvitaSharma

      really glad you liked it 🙂

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Thank you 🙂

  5. Fats

    Fabulous update Anvita. Omg I loved RagLak’s kiss: not only was it romantic but it further had so much meaning and depth to it ❤️. And wow, the proposal was great. It was half sweet and half amusing. On one hand I loved the sincerity of Laksh and on the other hand I loved SanVidHaj’s extreme eagerness ?. Can’t wait to read the next part, especially after this exciting cliffhanger ?

    1. AnvitaSharma

      it was “the first kiss”for them..i had to do justice to it and make it special for them ..so glad you liked the proposal part 😀
      will try to upload soon 🙂

  6. Awesome episode and Raglak kissing scene is so cute and loved Laksh’s proposal

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      Thanks ammu 😀

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  8. Akshata

    you always did that, you always left us in cliffhanger….. amazing update, and aww kiss was really blissful and that proposal was indeed outstanding. the best part is every one in maheshwari family knows ragini is in love with lakshya, except lakshya every one was hoping that one day he will marry her.

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Sorry about the cliffhanger 😀
      i wanted the kiss and that proposal to be special for them..really glad you liked it 🙂

  9. Superb and very interesting but ragu should not accept lucky so soon …let him beg a little more in front of her ?

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      haahaha..let’s see what Ragini’s reply will be 😀

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  11. Ria

    Hey di,
    Finally, I got to read your work. I’d been waiting for it since the next day after your last publishing day. Believe me. When I couldn’t hold on to my excitement and eagerness, I ended up texting you.

    Anyway, the episode was so amazing. It was simply majestic! The kiss was splendid. It was so meaningful and romantic. I’d been living the story, but it’s end is nearing in another post? Well, every good thing needs to come to an end. I’ll be waiting for the one shot and another such FF of yours.

    Loads of love?

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Thank you baby ❤️…the day your message came, i had just submitted my article few minutes prior to that.

      I’m so glad that i could make the kiss and the proposal special for leads as well as you guys..Don’t worry i will try to come up with a new ff soon 🙂

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Thank you 🙂

  12. Bela

    Oh Good God! Is it just me or is Laksh really such a big fool? ???
    This episode had me going AWWWWW at one moment to HAHAHAHA in the other. Vidyut, Sanskaar and Sahaj make a good team, I never thought of it!
    Anyways, Raglak were pure bliss to read in this update. It was a beautiful union and very thoughtfully written. I salute you, seriously!

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Well..it’s not just you..Laksh is a fool ??
      i see you’ve been through a roller-coaster of emotions..glad that you liked the proposal part..thanks alot for the compliment 😀
      will try and update soon

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  14. Shambhavi

    Thanks again Anvita! Apart from the happy realisation on Raglak’s part, I have to thank you once again for your original characters, Vidyut and Sahaj.❤
    My heart was loaned to Vidyut all along (Yes! I am that crazy girl who keeps falling in love with fictional heroes!? ) but Sahaj has turned out to be a brilliant find! Her transformation from a one-dimensional fiancee to a strong person who’s always in-touch with reality is commendable. Her clarity of thought and grace make me like her more. If ever I met a girl like her, I’m sure that we’d be fast friends!?
    So thanks again for creating her!
    All love,

    1. AnvitaSharma

      And thanks to you too..for the absolutely heartwarming comment and the appreciation for my original characters…we need women to portray strong and intelligent characters in our stories/daily soaps instead of showing so much negativity just to justify our leads..and i didn’t want to do the same mistake in my story too. Hence, Sahaj was created 😀
      So glad you you could connect to her 😀

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      Glad you liked the ff..thank you very much for the appreciation 🙂
      to answer your question..Ragini confessed her love to Laksh when she was drunk

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  26. […] http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-episode-11/ ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Hey guys, this was the last episode of my ff. It was so much fun writing for you guys and no matter how much i thank you guys for the love you have given me,it will never be enough. I hope you like this update too. And for all you Vidyut lovers, there is a one shot in process about Ragini and Vidyut’s friendship, will inform about it soon. Miss me ? […]

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