Swaragini – Between You and Me (Episode 10)


“So do you like white wine or red? Doesn’t matter I got both” Sahaj said as she entered the apartment.
“How did you know where to find me?” Ragini asked as she followed her into the kitchen
“Where are the wine glasses?” Sahaj asked shuffling through the cabinets.
“It’s 8 in the morning, and you want to drink?” Ragini asked while handing her the glasses
“Well, I just broke up with a guy, and I need company. So, yeah, I want to drink at 8 in the morning and I need company” she said while filling the two glasses
Ragini sighed and said “I’ll take the red wine”. Sahaj looked at her and smiled “Good Girl”
They both took their glasses and settled on the couch “So, how did you find me?”
“I never told you what my profession is right?” Sahaj said while sipping her wine “I’m a hacker”. Ragini looked at her with wide eyes
“Dude, don’t look at me like an owl, I’m a certified ethical hacker. But sometimes, I do twist some rules for a friend.” She said “it wasn’t very difficult to track your location”
“Sanskar” Ragini sighed
“Spot on” Sahaj said with a laugh
“Sahaj, I’m really sorry about everything” Ragini said in a low voice “I shouldn’t have come at all”
“And you think that would have helped?” she said “it would have been the worst decision that you would have ever taken in this lifetime”
“Men, Ragini, can’t live with them can’t live without them” she said and reached the bottle to refill her glass
Ragini set her glass on the table and started to drink directly from the bottle “You know Sahaj, I have won awards, when I present cases in court, no one can counter me. And here I am today, unable to react appropriately to the situation”
She laughed and took a sip from her bottle “have you confessed to him?”
Ragini let her hair loose put her legs up and lay upside down on the couch and Sahaj mirrored her “I never got a chance to and I guess I was afraid of rejection. Moreover I didn’t know how he felt about me”
“Oh, that fool, can’t even recognise his own feelings” Sahaj said
They both continued to drink and laugh about the mess that all of them were in.

Sanskar screeched his car to a halt outside a building, got down from the car and as he was about to enter the building he saw a familiar figure approaching.
“Thank god you’re back” Sanskar said to him
“Dude, seriously I would’ve have been happier if a girl has said that to me” Vidyut said “But what are you doing here?”
“Ragini” Sanskar said
“What have you done to my friend, Canada?” he exclaimed dramatically “Man, seriously, she was never this dramatic in India” he said as they walked towards the apartment.
“Do you have a key? Or you gave the entire set to her?” Sanskar asked him
“I have an extra key” Vidyut said
“Sahaj has already reached here, by the way” he informed Vidyut
“How did she know the address?” Vidyut asked
“Long story, first let’s go talk to them” Sanskar said hurrying up the stairs
They reached the apartment and went inside the apartment. They saw the girls where positioned upside down on the couch and were laughing with each other.

“Sanskar, what the hell just happened here?” Vidyut whispered to Sanskar
“I’d really like to know that” he answered
They moved towards the couch and Sahaj noticed them.
“Hey guys, what a surprise” she exclaimed with a clap
Ragini looked at them and said “Why are you both doing a headstand? When did Vidyut come back?”
“Probably because you are looking at us upside down” Vidyut said as he helped her sit straight. He then looked at the two empty bottles of wine and signalled Sanskar who was helping Sahaj sit.
“Ragini, sweetheart, did you empty the entire bottle of wine all by yourself?” Vidyut asked her
She looked at him and then giggled “Maybe a little” and then she pressed his nose “Did I ever tell you that you are the sweetest friend I have ever had”
“Sahaj, I asked you talk to Ragini, I didn’t tell you both to get drunk” Sanskar said
“Hey, I broke up with my fiancé and my now ex fiancé is in love with her. So we both have the license to get drunk” Sahaj said and Ragini laughed as both of them gave each other a hi-five
“Sanskar, let’s get them some lime and you both sit still” Vidyut said
Sanskar and Vidyut were in the kitchen when the doorbell rang “Were you expecting someone?” Sanskar asked
“I just landed in town an hour ago, unless I have a psycho stalker, not expecting anyone” Vidyut said with a shrug
“You get the lime and I’ll go check who that is” Sanskar said

Sanskar opened the door and saw Laksh standing there “What are you doing here? And whose place is this?” Laksh asked
“How on earth did you come here?” Sanskar exclaimed as he let Laksh into the apartment
“Sahaj sent me a message to come here. I thought she was in some kind of a trouble” he said “Where is she?” he quipped as he entered the apartment
Sanskar led him to the living room and said “Exhibit A” pointing towards Sahaj and Ragini giggling away in their intoxicated state. Vidyut entered the living room and saw Laksh
“I had no idea you were my creepy stalker” he said looking at Laksh
“What is Vikram doing here? And what is a happening here? Are they drunk?” he asked Sanskar
“Because Lakshman, this is Vikram’s apartment” Vidyut said to him with a laugh while Laksh frowned
“Long story, now help us to handle both of them” Sanskar said
Vidyut looked at the girls and held out the lime to both of them and said “Who will handle whom?”
“I’ll handle Ragini, Sanskar you handle Sahaj” Laksh said
“Meanwhile I’ll try and figure out a cure for hangover” Vidyut said

Laksh went to Ragini and sat beside her “Ragini, here, put this in your mouth” he said while trying to get her to taste the lime
“Laksh” she squealed with delight “You’re here too”
“Yes, I am here. Now eat this” he said trying to stabilize hai
“No. I don’t want that.” She said turning her face away “I will not eat it”
“Ragini, please” Laksh said trying to keep her steady, he looked at Sanskar and saw Sahaj was already biting into the lime “See, even Sahaj had the lime. C’mon now, bite into it”
“NO, I will not eat lime. Ewww” she said struggling out of his grip.
Sahaj sat there holding her head, while Vidyut and Sanskar saw Laksh struggle with Ragini and were laughing at him.
“Ragini please. Don’t be so stubborn” Laksh pleaded
She pulled both his cheeks and said “You are so cute. I never noticed that before”
He smiled and said “Thank you, now please have this” he said trying to get her to eat the lime again
She pouted and then pressed his nose and laughed
“I think we should record this” Vidyut whispered to Sanskar “By the way where is Sahaj?”
“I made her sleep in the guest room. Seriously, who gets drunk in the morning” Sanskar said as they kept looking at Laksh trying to control Ragini.

“Ragini, stop it now and bite into this” he said thrusting it in her mouth again
She looked at him gave a smile, put her arms around him and listened to his heartbeat “I Love You, Laksh” she said “Don’t ever leave me”
The moment he heard her say those the words for the first time, time stood still for him and he kept staring into the space.

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hey guys, sorry for the late update, i hope you like this update. Annnnnddd Vidyut is back 😀
Enjoy and keep reading

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    What a funny writing….. Sanskar and vidyut were awesome. Ragini …..awwwwh…cute . finally by this way , she confessed her love to laksh….these people (raglak,sanskat,vidyut and sahaj)have good bonding…keep smiling take care

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thank you for the appreciation Priyashini..really glad you liked it 🙂

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    1. AnvitaSharma

      i really happy that the confession was as impactful as i intended it to be 😀
      Glad you liked it 😀

  6. Fats

    Wonderful update. Aww Ragini finally said I love you. Although it was a simple confession, it still left such a huge impact on Laksh. It goes to show how meaningful those words are to him ❤️❤️. And can I just say I loved drunk RagHaj and their bonding. They are the cutest. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

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    This episode was so amazing. I’m loving Sahaj and Vidyut’s character. They both pottery such a strong and nature character. Well, well, Sahaj is a hacker!! I didn’t imagine that? I so loved the part where Laksh struggled to make her bite the lemon and Ragini’s antics??
    Finally, Ragini confessed!!! Yay!! Hope you can post the next one pretty soon. I’m dam excited and already waiting?

    Loads of love?

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