Swaragini…..(ff)..Episode 9

Hi guys plz do comment.and don’t worry there will no love triangle.
Sorry I updated wrong precap yesterday.and I’m announcing pairs today only at end of my chapter.
It’s that sanskar proposed someone
Swalak eating ice cream.
Swara: it’s my favourite …..
Laksh : I know.
Swara: u know sometimes u behave like good boy.
Laksh: o
They are eating ice cream . A car stops at front of them.it’s sanskar.
Laksh: Bhai omg someone. U came back.so good to see u.
They hug.
Swara: both brothers met and forgot me.
Sammamish: never.
Three of them hug.
Swara: lets go home.
They reaches swaragini mansion
Everyone at home is surprised to see sanskar.
Rags: wow my partner is back.
Sanskar: yes partner.
He takes everyone’s blessing.
Swara: mom don’t make food for us.

Simi: why.
Swara: today we ‘ll eat out.
Sum: ok.
They 4 go out.
Ragini: how was ur trip .
Sanskar: awesome.
Ragsan are lost looking at each other.
Swara: do u find something strang
laksh: I think there is something going on.
Swara: lets check.
Swara: what’s going on guys.
They came into senses
Ragini= nothing by the way what have u ordered.
Laksh: Bhai plz come here.
Sanlak go aside.
Sant: wat happend
Laksh: Bhai do u like ragini.
Sans: what.
Luckyy: tell the truth.
Sans: yes.
Laksh: so for what r u waiting propose her
Sans: how.
Laksh : Bhai here they have a extra room for couples on date.take her.
Sanska : ok.
Sanskatr take ragini there.
Rag: what’s this.

Sanskar on knees.
Sanskar: i love u .
Ragini surprised.
Ragini: I luv u too.
Sanskar and ragini hug each other.
They come out.
Swarag goes aside.ragini tells everything to Swara and sanskar to laksh.
Swara: o ho . Love shuv.
Ragini: stop teasing me.

Precap: Ragsan movement.

Guys it’s a swalak ragsanff.sorry for short update.hope u like it

Credit to: shloka


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