Swaragini…..(ff)..Episode 8


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Swara at home.sitting on her bed.
Swara: i have agred to be rohans gf but i dont feel good with him.
Ragini: what r u thinking shona
Swara: ragini i dont understand ,why am i not able to b comfortable with rohan.
Ragini: bcoz u r not giving him a chance.
Swara: but…
Ragini: swara tomorrow no one will be at home. Ok u call rohan here.
Swara: but ill be alone.
Ragini: no i will be hiding in ur room and helping u to be closer with him.
Swara: r u sure.
Ragini: yes shona now go and sleep .
Swaragini sleeps

In morning rohan at swaras home .
Rohan: hi shona.
Swara: rohan dont call me shona only ragini laksh and sanskar can do so.
Rohn : dont get angry baby.im sorry.
Meanwhile laksh calls swara her phone is keptnear rohan he cuts the call.
Rohan : baby u’ll not show me ur room .
Swara- come its there.
They enter the room.
Rohan closes the gate.and pull swara closer.
Swara: what r u doing.
Rohan : loving my baby.

Swara tries to move but ragini tells her not to go.
Swara- ill bring water for u
Swara goes downstairs to get water and rohan follows her.
He tries to kiss swara butlaksh arrives.
Laksh: r u fine shona.
Swara hides behind him
Swara- plz laksh tell rohan to go from here.
Swara- rohan its over plz leave.
Rohan tries to come closer to swara but laksh stops him
Laksh: will u leave or.
Lksh throws him out.
Swara cries.

Laksh: shona dont cry.
Laksh consoles her.
Swara: im sorry i didnt heard u.u wrned me.
Laksh: its fine.come will goto cfe.

Precap: sanskar proposing ragini

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