Swaragini…..(ff)..Episode 8-2


Hi guys sorry for late update.
Swaragini in room.
Swara : I don’t think relation fine.
Ragini: which
Swara : Mine and rohans .
Rags: why
Swaras: just by my heart.
Rags: bcoz u haven’t given him chance.
Swara: but ragini.
Rags: no but tomorrow mom and whole family is going out u call him here.
Swara: but y
Rags: to give him a chance.
Swara: but ..
Ragini: Swara sleep now .gn
They sleep in morning Swara invites Ronan home .
Ronan: hi shona.

Swara: don’t call me shona otherwise.
Rohan: ok.how r u baby.
Swara: come in.
Rohan: lets go to ur room.
Swara: ok come this side.
In swaras room.
Swara: this is my room.
Rohan : it’s beautiful.
Swara: thank u. U sit I’ll bring water for u.
Rohan: wait Swara.I don’t need anything.come and sit with me.
Swara: but u came here for first time I’ll bring something for u .
Swara leaves and Rohan follows her.
In kitchen .Swara pouring water in glass.Rohan comes and holds Swara from back.
Swara: what r u doing here.
Rohan: loving my baby.
Swara: but …
Rohan turns Swara and opens her hair.
Swara: lets go to my room na.
She goes to her room.
She thinks that why is she getting so uncomfortable.she should now break up with him
Rohan comes in her room.
He picks her up
Swara: keep me down.
Rohan: not today sweetheart.

Swara: I said keep me down.
Rohan keeps her down but pulls her towards himself and is about to kiss her but laksh reach there.
Laksh: what r u doing.
Swara: laksh plz move him away.
Laksh:Rohan move back leave her.
Rohan does not reply and leave her.
Swara: it’s break up.
Rohan leaves her house.
Swara: thank u laksh.and I’m really sorry.
Laksh: Swara it’s ok.
Laksh: Swara lets go to have our favorite ice cream.lucky and Swara leaves.

Precap: ragini proposing laksh.

Guys plz do comment I know u must be angry from me so I’m very sorry.and I promise that on my 10th episode I will reveal pairs

Credit to: shloka

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